Ok so… that little post looking for people to fill 2 jobs avail …

I just thought I offer a job – if you interested you contact me…

I get many many kinds of responses lol – omg I draw so much attention lol

I always stay level headed and people can say or judge however wish… whatever

I not looking for the faint of heart – bring me your A game. Is death – I gonna tell like is

If I not your kind of people – ok 👍 not a problemo

I want serious with drive and dedication – it is not for weak hearted so I be honest – I also don’t do negativity or judgements so – go ahead, does not pertain to me unless you serious and want a job.

I gonna be with this person daily so… I like balances – not crazy – I will not do crazy and dramatic nope – I’m sorry no

And many ask for details ❤️ and stick up for me or give me compliments for handling

Many impressed with how I handle negativity

And you may think I hard in some areas – yes I am…

Is peoples funerals – so I don’t play … if was for someone you love you would appreciate what I looking for.

I give info – if can’t handle not a problem

Need strength and maturity in this job

And the way people act totally weeds out the ones who not right and unprofessional

So… I have applicants – tons 😮 locals 😮

And I have attention – I have the attention of the people … but I also get attention for funeral home – now they really know me omg

I did not mean to make such huge waves 🌊

I just simply want to offer job and see who interested

Instead is this huge attention thing

But ok whatever

Did not know my own power lol 😮 whoa 😳

So huh… 🤔

We see … I not sure about attention

I do want it – I need workers – and also draw attention to my funeral home – I’m a little excited and proud about that ❤️✌️ know they know I’m here 😳😮

It’s just I like to be private but in small little town I do stick out and I trained in crazy Sacramento … this is how big city runs the shit

I need empathy and compassion – if make people feel bad or put down – not what I looking for – remember what I do.

So whatever – I speak honestly and say my mind – few just very grumpy and mean – but whatever – I won’t be hiring them. ✌️

Alright … so… attention … I try to avoid

But I draw attention always … always always always

Sometimes I do to self? Depends

I teased my daughter and say I gonna pick her up with hearse one day lol ❤️ – can you imagine that attention ? I have not done that – but it is a twinkle so 🤷‍♀️ – I can make you know me

Is good for business yes – know I am here 👋

I can hide away more in city – not so much in country lol … forgot about that

I way more noticed in tiny little town 😮

So there is that … I have attention now

What I do!?? 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️

Huh 🤔

Is good, but a lot of attention Omg 😳

So – we see

I am iffy with attention lol – I do not like too much … I am used to but … I just like quiet 🤫

But I speak … so 🤷‍♀️

Alright – we gonna see how I handle this 😮😳

I was not totally ready for attention!!

Yeah I was not quite ready for attention yet – I wanted to command later once I handle things

So ok. Attention

Ok 😳 let’s see how I do.

Oh boy 🙏

4 thoughts on “Attention

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    1. Lol

      Yeah I don’t like it. People are mean and rude without manners – very attack mode and extremely harsh

      I have some who keep sticking up for me so that is nice

      I also speak very calm. I don’t do negative, if not want – no problem end of story – but not when are on attack – Jeez

      They pick me apart over everything! Even person I am when do not even know me or meet me… how I speak and say things – ok whatever … they just mean

      So little hard cause you have to take good and evil

      I dunno – I like away from this stuff – do not need the drama

      I like peace

      This is why I like being in middle of no where – I miss so much ☹️

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      1. It’ll be frustrating l get that. I have found [, and it’s always been in the world, but] since the pandemic, people carry around so much anger, hatred and resentment, but aside from that, apathy and a general lack of care for anyone aside from them. Not everyone, of course, but way more than average numbers – the bitterness is at times seriously concerning 😦

        Liked by 1 person

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