Not the type, & falling asleep 😘✌️

Ok so… I do not think I am dating type at all?

I do not do well with it… I am not there.

Mostly because I can’t breathe and also my job and being a mom is crazy…

My job is different than what think – it’s not just a job. You have to have deep compassion for HUMAN BEINGS.

You do not know the world until you live it… so takes a strong person to be ok with and chill with and not be jackass or smother – one extreme or the other omg

So… I dunno. I’m not the type. I do not know why I try… I know how it goes already… but then I’ll start to think ok maybe I am ready – it would be nice to find – let me see

Lol … eh wrong!!! Still same – what make me think be normal ? Ugh ok whatever – I’m out, it’s too much – I can not take anymore!!!

First of all… do not be like you wait for me… please give me space and don’t make me immediately jump in – omg I do not do that!!

Ok… let’s go over few things …

I am quiet… Yes I will text and things but please let me have moments that I think of you… do not overwhelm with texts and please do not use the person emoji in text – I just can’t

I can do the normal ones – but not those and they are weird like being on a moon blowing kiss – those are things he sends me – constantly!

The one good thing I do I make sure there is distance and they far from me – ahhh … you can come close when I am at ease, but no one does that usually so whatever – I keep distance

This is too much – texts and calls omg – ok I don’t do that- you need to come in easy – holy shit do not come barreling in!!! That is worst way to do!! Ugh please do not do that!!

You can’t just think you got the shit so no – not that girl – I watching so fricken move slow!

Have some thought about my work maybe? And then also I am a mother – he knows Friday for my kids only and he call anyway / that is your kiss of death right there buddy.

I did not answer / nope is Friday

Ugh – not the one

This ok … this:

If you can not handle that then ok. Omg I just like chill

Why it gotta be you speak or enjoy time with someone and then boom you together

Ok so – I can not handle that – I do not want that … and I will not do that … so correct yourself

Check yo self before you wreck yo self lol ❤️ I so always wanted to say that ❤️🙌

Yeah I don’t go well like that – I need time. So you will have to accept my job and understand – you will have to just be chill – let me know you … and I have children. You are NOT allowed in their world “at all” until I at ease – that is non negotiable – absolutely not – watch your step in that area – careful

Also – if not really respect boundaries ? Is not careful – is only thinking of his own companionship and taking anything else into consideration

Ok well – I have other considerations… look my life is busy and I tired so … I’m sorry – I not ready

I can’t

It too much – not my world so whatever

Work / massive always

Let’s just not discuss that

So the week has ended … I will be house and pet sitting this next week starting tmrw … I be in Sacramento – so I be working out of Sacramento next week – with my peeps ❤️

And where no one knows my name ❤️ not really … only if I have helped them they know me

I will be pet sitting

There are 2 cats – a black one who doesn’t normally like people but always comes to me ❤️

And this massively elderly cat – I think he is blind ? The black one cares for him – she will stay with him… she been with him since kitten – he loves her too ❤️ they peaceful ❤️

I gonna be ping ponging all over Sacramento next week 😮 but I excited to be with my peeps!!

** ok I wrote this and fell asleep lol – sorry – I turned old this year lol … half a century now – you gotta cut me some slack sometimes lol ✌️😘

Another post coming but be in little while – now I really have stuff to say lol 😘✌️

12 thoughts on “Not the type, & falling asleep 😘✌️

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  1. Is it wrong for me to say l am glad Moneybags is not the one for you .. and that l am relieved? Yeah probably, so l best not do that … oh wait a mo … oops!

    Life is busy for you Trisha, l totally get that, but also, M/bags just isn’t the one to be in your life – when the one comes along today or tomorrow or whenever – then – you ‘ll know, dang that sounds corny! Next l’ll be writing about turning pumpkins into carriages and you wearing long flowly ballgowns hahaha 🙂

    Off to read second post or third 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You always make me laugh 😄❤️

      Yeah does not fit right – way to fast

      I can not do relationship yet – I not ready.

      Hahaha well hopefully I don’t lose my glass slipper lol 😘

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh yes you have to be mindful of glass slippers. I mean the reality of a glass slipper in today’s harsh world. Wouldn’t last long here in Sandwich, the small roads are all uneven – first a chip, then a splinter – nope, not happening – just go barefoot and be carefree 🙂

        Yep, Moneybags way too fast, l don’t even quite understand these human emoji things but that would freak me out! Like “NO what is wrong with you!? Who does that??!”

        Like glass slippers the one has to be just right, mm, is that glass slipper or porridge, anyway – it has to be right 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Currently would be sandals 🩴… so I don’t step on any glass or who knows what else – it’s also very HOT 🥵 – still!!

        That pavement is on fire lol 👣 … I am not a fire 🔥 walker lol

        Lol … yeah it was a lot constantly omg

        Yes. It will fall into place with what’s meant to be. I not worried – I am ok

        I like peace ✌️ ❤️

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Peace is good, quiet and calm is great. When you have a busy life, calm and serenity in your bubble is the best when you can just chill out.

        Hot paves are very unpleasant, l feel for dogs over here when people walk them in the middle of the day, makes me so angry, don’t walk your dog when the sun is melting the road!

        Liked by 1 person

      4. Yes yes exactly!! ❤️

        I know!! …people should know better.

        I do enjoy dogs in shoes though lol ❤️ but I still wouldn’t take out in that heat

        But dog shoes do delight me lol ❤️ they so funny in shoes lol

        The sun does melt road sometimes 😮

        Liked by 1 person

      5. Yes dogs in shoes are funny, but at least it helps them.

        They were frying eggs on the pavements here a couple of weeks ago to prove a point to dog walkers. The message was if you want to walk your dog walk early morning, they have a coat you can’t take off!

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      6. I always wanted to try cooking cookies on a pan sitting on dash… it gets to oven temps right?

        Come out to car after work and have fresh cookies lol ❤️

        Ahhh dreams – but maybe – bucket list

        I hope people listen and don’t burn their pets paws 🐾 🙏 … or over heat them

        Liked by 1 person

      7. I have found that many so called loving dog owners are in truth clueless and might be better served seeing if they can look after a cuddly toy first before taking on a living breathing animal.

        “Cookies on the Dough for Cookies on the Go!”

        Liked by 1 person

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