Alright – ready?? 💋

So… let me walk you through humanity and give you mirror in case this is you …

I posted something on a community website offering job – I give general details but I did not say what company, industry or location out of safety and respect…

If anyone was interested – they could simply reach out to me and I provide necessary info and contact info.

Many inquired and many still …

But mixed in with that …was people who belittled me and told everyone I was a scammer.. whatever – if not interested then don’t read or answer me… if you can’t handle compassion asking for just info – there is NO WAY you can help a family through grief – so next…

Those negative people call me hard – but they were ones who come at ME hard.. I work for a hard business – is serious business … if you gonna be combative right off top, and not show any respect – then yeah you are not what I want. I be point blank and honest

I looking for mature, hard working, dedicated people who want to earn a living and make a difference …

Also I do not deal with bullshit – once again – do not bring bullshit to my table 😘✌️

Our job is to serve humanity one last time – if you can’t handle being kind and respectful – then I don’t need to deal with you – I not kidding… I want best for families who come to us

So… I’m gonna pass on all the negative people – holy shit some are really bad!! I hold my own…

One woman who interested – she stick up for me ❤️😊 one voice out of humanity – would you look at that… see you can find humanity still ❤️ there are still some ❤️

She watched me interact with the negative – because bitch… meet me … I not scamming – grow up and catch a clue … I definitely will stand my ground politely. 😘

She stuck up for me and told me she was impressed with my composure and handling, saying I was level headed and she impressed… she went on to say people should be ashamed of themselves for their bad behavior before hearing what I have to say… she said people need to seriously see themselves

Omg do you!! Holy moly – crucified … see you judge quick – you ready to pounce – and you don’t understand … I’m sad for them… what sad life to be so mean. No respect just brutal meanness

So I don’t do that, but I gonna tell you how is. If can’t handle me – don’t come work for me.

Do not worry – I will stay away … I need people with heart and compassion – not jackasses ✌️

That woman caught my attention – I think I found someone with her… I liked that she have back – I looking for that!! See how you find a diamond 💎 ❤️

I need compassion empathy and teamwork… I am impressed ❤️

Thank you kind woman – appreciate the humanity ❤️💋✌️ thank you for your kindness and also words ❤️

I am sorry the world so negative – omg – chill – wtf!

So whatever – that between you and your maker – god bless your soul – good luck ✌️

And if can not handle strong woman – then just don’t – if you wanna be there “great” – if not…

My grandfather used to say… don’t let the door hit ya – where the good lord split ya lol ❤️😘✌️ I fricken love my grandfather ❤️

So yeah whatever – you either want or you don’t – maybe not be rude?? Omg so rude!

I don’t want rude people – not the business for rude – sorry 😘✌️ but really shows you who humanity is … wow brutal – very sad for their soul – their loss

Just sad for humanity to see that… I’m sorry for you if that is way are …

Thank you to the kind hearted amazing human beings – I appreciate you 😘❤️✌️

– world is not different that medieval times… people brutal in new ways – yeah sorry for their souls. May peace be with you ✌️

Byeee 😘❤️✌️

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  1. If l lived closer than 6000 plus miles l would have been interested in that role, years ago l applied to the CoOP over here to work in a funeral parlour, my parents went ape! But it was something l wanted to do because l wanted to help others on that final leg of their life. I didn’t do it in the end, it was sad as l was offered an apprenriceship, but the hassle from my parents wasn’t worth the headaches and so l became a chef ….

    Then life stepped in and burned me to the core in many ways, but l get death and respect death, l have the right level of empathy and compassion.

    BUT yes l totally get what you are saying with regards people and their medieval ways with thinking and burn with burn attitude before they look at who they think they are burning! People have become so pompous these days sadly, the world sucks.

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    1. Yeah well originally I wanted to be actress but my dad say “dime a dozen” so kinda true

      Also- I like my privacy and ability to be person

      Then I want archeology lol 😘 … but they say no…

      Then I be a mom ❤️

      Life happened …

      And here I am now lol

      I think you would do well – you have a seriousness but also funniness and you quirky and also… I still so impressed by your planning organizing skills … definitely too bad you so far! You definitely have a kindness and are compassionate towards others 😊❤️✌️

      They are kinda pompous 🤷‍♀️

      Whatever – they either what I am looking for or not…

      And also – they can speak to me or not… I not twisting anyones arm to contact me- I offer job – if interested, message me

      If not interested then no need to comment – very easy.

      But people gotta be negative so whatever 🙄

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      1. Hahaha l wanted to be an actor and my mother was the one who said ‘dime a dozen!’, my dad said ‘what makes you think you can act kid?’ I amnswered, ‘Because l have to act around you two all the time and be someone l am not, so l thought why not get paid for it?’

        Then l wanted to be a vet and dad said nope, he wanted me to be a policeman and l said no. Then l wanted to work with bugs, in the end l became a chef .

        People have become so testing in the last five years, l feel tested all the time with society.

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      2. Hahaha how hilarious!! Yeah mine say same things – but it was my father not my mother lol

        But you have funny response to them 😄❤️

        Being a vet would have been hard when have to put down or can’t save?

        Policeman 👮‍♂️… not the safest

        What kinda chef? So you cook… did you love?

        Yeah usually I stay away but since was work related and I would really love to hire someone local… would be good career and step into industry … I though might be good idea to see if anyone interested …

        I did have many kind people –

        But a lot of rude and unkind people too.

        Very sad – sorry for the world

        I usually work in death so not alot of drama coming from society … just grief and loss – so I help

        Drama is for living 🎭

        Sad to see loss of kindness and manners ? Huh 🤔

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      3. Yes l qualified as a chef then specialised in chef garde manger sometimes known as salad chef or pantry chef.

        I used to adore cooking and experimenting, but now that my diet is so restrictive not anymore. Today’s hospital appointment and endescopy is to hopefully clear a few things up, 1 – hopefully not have oesophageal cancer which they are worried about, but 2 to start a treatment plan for a potential oesophageal ulcer and 3] advise me on my sliding hiatus hernia and GORD which l recently found out l was diagnosed with in 2008 and yet no one told me, now l have 14 years worth of complications to deal with not knowing those two.

        I think my days of thoroughly enjoying food and having the joys to cook it are now over even with the treatment plan, but we will see, never say never eh 🙂

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      4. Well I hope you be ok 🙏 let know if need anything 😊😘

        Well maybe you can develop food for condition that tastes amazing?

        Sucks getting old – for sure!

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  2. Earlier today I was wondering how much of my ability to keep opinions, and even critical info, to myself (a kinda new thing for me) is due to seeing the amount of crap comments on social media.

    Glad yoy saw a diamond in there!

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      1. I hold my own 😊

        I’m about ready to take it down anyway.

        I have what I need.

        The other bullshit I don’t care about. Shows me quality of person I DO NOT want in this position.

        If they wanna be miserable horrible people – that’s on them whatever

        I’ve been kind, and responded even on days off to find someone

        I have way too much faith that people be good ☹️

        Lesson learned – gotcha

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      2. Eh… I mostly have thick skin ish

        But I do hold my own. I do not care to be crucified but whatever – sad for their soul.

        They giving me TONS of attention!! I have so much interest ❤️ yes come to me lol

        So I just have to keep stable and calm… I don’t really react too much – I just say …you do you ✌️

        But they ruthless.

        It’s very sad to see. 😔 and be target 🎯 of … whatever – I believe in what I’m doing so let me do it ✌️

        They don’t stop me – I don’t mind their words much – but is sad humanity for sure 😔

        So yeah – I thick skin because they bring me attention – thank you 💋 better than I thought I would get so kinda bonus for me… I just have to be crucified for that – whatever

        Is this how Jesus felt? Where is he when I have a question lol 😘✌️

        I should order some food lol ❤️

        Ok sorry – I just needed couple extra laughs ✌️ those were for me 😘✌️ balance 💋

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