Alright well tmrw school starts 😮

They do not have to be at school until 8fricken30! Wtf is that??

8fricken30?! Hello working parent!! Also – real world does not generally start at 8:30… ahhh and this is what enters the work force omg – killing me!!

She will be at school at 730… maybe 745… but I gotta be at work Omg

8fricken30 – wtf ever 🤨 slackers

I had to be at school by 730 – wake your ass up, the real world does not cut you slack – oh sure go ahead sleeeeeeeppp 🤨

Omg waking up a fricken teenager tmrw 😮

Ahhh omg tmrw is going to suck hard

I have to be at city hall tmrw morning… for work…

ugh ok making generation of BIGGER slackers omg please stop doing that!!!! There are enough already please stop!!!

Please teach children the reality of the world they gonna walk into … please stop making them slackers!! Omg

8:30 start times and early releases – tons of days off omg …all kinds of perks – in what world or region is this how life is? Omg and then we expect them to be ok and look

Ugh and they don’t even revamp the education system to teach them how to survive in world 🌎

Is still same education as always – never ever advancements … only worsening

Only once in awhile I see young people who have strong work ethic and maturity!!

Omg I am old

Well whatever – they creating bad again. They gonna have rude awakening in real world. Good luck



Oh boy – please don’t let tmrw kill me 🙏🙏🙏

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    1. Ugh yeah – well those days are over typically …

      Nope nothing early like that – they just gonna have to deal with me dropping early tough shit.

      Working mom…

      Rude that they do that … and every single Monday is early release

      Oh and that’s another thing omg .. her school is one way in and one way out…

      I left late on purpose cause I know gonna be mad house … and omg I underestimated insanity!!!!

      I really hate parent traffic!!! Omg none of them can drive!!! Move I have to get back to work!! Omg

      Her school is 10 min away and it took me hour and a half to get her today even going late – that is insane

      They had one police car and he just sat in vehicle not doing anything while everything jigsawed … cars all over with what ever rhyme or reason!! Was insane! Omg I will have nightmares tonight about tmrw!!

      Not to mention is 105!! And I’m all in black – omg worst after school experience EVER

      They gonna have to figure something out cause if that is how is omg gonna kill me – next year be even worse omg

      Can they please stagger upper and lower class??? Make lower class come in earlier… 8am… and upper class can be 8:30 or vice versa

      Omg I will die if I gotta do this all year – that’s ridiculous!!

      My mind going a thousand miles a minute to figure out how to avoid all of that – I tell her I wait even longer to come tmrw and she say no – not in this heat! 🙄 ok well let’s get your permit and you drive ✌️ I need a bumper sticker that says “student driver”

      And believe this the drivers in Sacramento are WAY better than little country town people omg – I don’t know where they get their licenses 🪪

      Sacramento people know where going and how to drive

      These people do not!! Not at all!

      Sacramento drivers would eat these drivers for dinner

      Ugh bad drivers and heat and insanity … awesome 👏

      And totally not a day for that cause I am putting out fires constantly at work

      I learn new things everyday at new location!! Omg 😳


      So yeah that not go so well today – I hope they get better plan because that – is INSANE!!!


      1. I know a new ruke went into effect about school start times – but I don’t recall whether is’s a state or county thing.

        Early release is STUPID!!! Parents have jobs!!

        I agree about the parent drivers – they’re lunatics here… clearly willing to risk running over other kids in order to drop off their own or to rush home after school. We get a 2nd round at 6pm when the afterschool care program closes.

        Any chance your daughter can walk a couple blocks to an easier pickup spot?

        Geezz.. remember when it was safe for us to walk a mile+ to/from school? I even did it solo after dark on swim practice days. Now, neighborkid wasn’t even allowed to walk ONE HOUSE LENGTH (mine) alone. She’s now, 11yrs old, allowed to play a little further. I don’t know what their plan is for middle school this year – she’s already faked being sick to get out of day camp and I’m sure she’ll try it at her new school too.

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      2. Yes later school start times and early releases make it REALLY hard!!

        Yes they are crazy drivers and they don’t wanna wait in line so they go all sorts of ways causing massive jam – was ridiculous

        Like when they around the school they suddenly forget everything about driving!!!

        We trying to figure if there is way to do that but is off a highway in middle of no where

        The school is ginormous and is brand new school as of last year her freshman year …

        They will not have a graduating class until 2024… she is class of 2025

        They started with ONLY freshman and sophomores … this year they have freshman, sophomores and juniors – there are no seniors … so next year will be even MORE insane!!

        But we trying to think of where she can go or maybe get ride with friends?

        I would let her walk if we can find a safe spot for pick up


    1. Wow! Malaysia … I dunno how that would go over – that be early crazy morning but I get to work on time lol ✌️

      9am is insane I would be beside myself!! I have meetings everyday at 9am! That would be awful!! Boo on UK… noted

      It used to be 8am – until this year! I can do 8am… but 8:30 I can’t get to work on time

      Sometimes they out at 3:30 … but on Mondays… every Monday! They get out early!!

      Of course they do that on Monday!! Omg

      California and their early release – dumbest thing ever!!! Not at all working parent friendly – nor is it real world.

      This is what gonna enter work force and have rude awakening. This is partly reason why we send them off in the world and they can’t handle .

      We not training them for real world at all!!!

      But whatever just sucks trying to juggle these times while working in funerals … that happen in the real world 🤨

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      1. I can imagine how hard it is going to be to juggle this. In Malaysia, it was because of the heat, plus back in the sixties we as kids were ferried to and fro voa busses and there were amahs at home to greet us when we got back in.

        But dad was RAAF so that meant we were typical army brats and so it was military school precisioning.

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      2. Ok wait …

        Yes back in day we used to have buses – they take those away – we no longer have that. Have never had with my own kids – but was there when I grew up.

        What is an amah? I was greeted by my mother because that was during the moments when you had a stay at home parent.

        RAAF must be UK military then? Ahhh Australia’s Air Force – I love the United States Air Force ❤️

        I am not military brat but I am lumped in with you there – because first thing anyone says or judges …with how many times I have moved and seen the United States – the first thing they ask me is if I a military brat… rude but whatever

        I used to beg my parents for all catholic girl school because I did not want to be distracted by anything and that was always problem for me – I would beg and beg – but the private catholic girls schools were expensive and my brother and sister were little and they busy so they always say no. But I wanted that.

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      3. In the 60’s, RAAF officers quarters – my father was an NCO MP – [Non Commissioned Officer for the Military Police] but because he was ranked, it meant that the quarters came with three servants – they were at the time called Amah’s – well the ones in the houses were, the third was usually a communual gardener that would tend to around 10 gardens.

        But our two amahs were Choy elder and her daughter sharon.

        They used to greet me from school, because my mother being the wife of a ranked had to be socially elsewhere.

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      4. I grew up a decade later in 70’s and 80’s (mostly 80’s)

        My dad was an executive for a HUGE well known company in United States (electrical company) he was electrical engineer

        Made a ton of money – my mother never worked – she doted on us.

        Loved us very much, was always safe with mom ❤️

        But also rude awakening into real world – we sheltered from bad things and people

        We move so much we only knew family always

        We never have servants or anyone – my mother did all – my father worked

        Your way totally foreign to me.

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      5. I moved many times because of dad’s service in the airforce, but also we moved because he was ambitious and career oriented. He worked for Mobil Oil in UK and General Motors Holden in Australia and RAAF in Malaysia, so we always moved from a – b.

        My parents didn’t shelter either me or my sister from anything, we were in the front line with it all.

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      6. My dad work for the original Westinghouse – founded by George Westinghouse in 1886

        Not the bought out name companies that make appliances

        The actual electric company – making panel boards and switch boards for schools, malls, hospitals,
        Restaurants etc

        He was always the boss.

        We were highly sheltered from the world – extremely

        I was not allowed to speak to boys or anything … nada … even if they were friends …

        In elementary was fine but by junior high was not

        And sometimes when we move to new places – my dad would go out ahead of us – and he would pick a house and go around neighborhood and introduce himself and show our pictures lol

        Those with teenage boys would literally ask me out the moment we moved in!!! Omg my father lol

        We moved and he do that and we literally just got in – and the boy calls and this was back in day where you had to call the home phone (no cell phones directly to person – you HAD to speak to parents lol)

        Boy ask me to movies – I was 14 he was 17 – obviously my dad say no lol

        So do not show my photo then!! Lol … he learn lesson lol

        That was kinda funny lol

        But yes we sheltered …. Between Catholic Church and my family – oh yes very much

        We were not allowed all tv… there was no MTV for us – that was too sexual

        News was too bad

        We had wholesome shows only and Norman Rockwell upbringing

        Was textbook family of old

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      7. this is one of the problems when parents shield their children from so much they are sadly not always prepared for the real world.

        I am all for parents protecting their children, but finding the balance is hard, making choices about what should be seen and what shouldn’t will be difficult.

        In today’s world especially, children can’t afford to be kept in the dark on so much as there is way more they need to be aware of than back in the 70’s.

        Whilst l didn’t always agree with my parent’s parenting for their behaviours towards their children, l grew up from a young age to be more savvy.

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      8. Oh yes – I am well aware lol … was different time then – but still a disservice.

        I had lots of love and my mother is amazing ❤️ but was not prepared for real world.

        But I had incredible safe loving childhood so that was awesome 👏❤️

        Just coulda been little more informed of the people of world and how world was and what to watch out for.

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      9. It’s great that you had a loving environment that makes a great difference to you as a person, l think it makes it easier for people to love others.

        But yes, your parents were so protective they didn’t help you with the pitfalls of people – l can see why they did it, but then didn’t balance it. My parents loved me [basic ways], but were not protective of me with the world, so l found out badly when young which made me savvier when older, but they lacked balance.

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      10. Yes – was not balanced – just sheltered so whatever – not anymore lol ✌️😘

        Yes – had very loving environment ❤️ was able to be a kid 😊 – was safe and stable even though we move a lot

        But I dunno about easier for people to love others ?? Yes have empathy and compassion. But I also do not trust

        Know world now 😘✌️ I take time for that

        I can be very empathetic and compassionate right away – but love requires trust

        So we see

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      11. But the trust l think is two fold, no?

        Mostly that will be because of Satan’s behaviour maybe. People are always people, l used to be very trusting, then l had Madam Satan for a wife and another Madam Satan for a girlfriend! That burns a whole different perspective on truth for a person.

        The other thing l guess is the trust we have on life itself – it’s so precarious.

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      12. Well – I can trust – but people must give time for me to know them for that.

        But yes – I careful because of Satan – never doing that again – nor ever give my time to someone like that.

        Meh – sigh … life things I can mostly handle… I have heart side and also realist side so I force myself through it – no choice but to move forward

        I don’t particularly trust life cause is crazy, you are right

        We see

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