Take it easy

So… what day is it – oh yeah Monday!!! 🤨

Have I mentioned how bad Monday sucks and how great Friday is?

Ugh Monday is brutal for me. Ugh Monday – yes I am whining ✌️😘 because is still Monday!!


My woman better be ready when I get off work tmrw – we have to back to school shop… ugh Tuesday lol

Ok – every day can not be Friday lol 😘

Ugh ok – and school starts on Thursday – who starts school on a Thursday?! – that is little dumb – quick 2 days and then weekend … what sense that make?

Whatever 🙄 so gonna be crazy week – omg

It will be fine 😳 🙏 as I pray …god please!

Be easy this time from here … pretty sure be good. Just here we go with crazy stuff


Ahhh sophomore in high school – those were the days 😊❤️

Well anyway… and then guy. I think is over my head. It feel too hovering ? And he doesn’t know me.

I know he interested VERY much … and then probably has the time to think of me…

That’s just it… when I can give you time I will… but my life crazy and I so tired and he does not give me moment to miss.

So I feeling little hovered ? Is new… I don’t date – he doesn’t know me… and I don’t want to deal with anyones bullshit – do not bring shit to my table lol ✌️

If can handle a woman then fine, be secure – if you not secure you should probably know her more

But chill… go slow and not all crazy!! Relax!!! Please do not suffocate and please give mercy for job and being mom… so ya know

And we in different places – that age difference is very apparent here … he want to fit as much fun as he can into as much time as he can – he know his days numbered 😳

And while mine are numbered too – I not as high up as he is… but again – you are never promised tmrw

But I am not in rush… I can not operate on fast and furious! Not here – because feel like he not want me to think and just have fun 🤨

Omg I sound ridiculous but I have responsibilities and things and also… I want it to be amazing – I want to be at ease – I am not at ease

So there we go.

You can NOT go that fast with me!! Please chill


If meant to be will be so relax. My goodness

Yeah I am fish out of water here with these things – is better if I just stay to self – more peace

I want it just to be organic does anyone understand this? Just relaxed chill


Yeah – you should know who the person you want is – if I not at ease – that’s a thing.

He doesn’t understand or know

He just want companion to enjoy life but I can’t the way he want – I can’t always be taking trips and things omg ! I do actually have a life I am living

I not gonna be at anyones mercy – just so you know

So I dunno ?? I don’t wanna feel smothered or owned or obligated or whatever … careful that’s your tightrope


You have to make me want you … so should probably know me for that


So … yeah I don’t think he playing my music ?

Ok well – here comes rest of week 😳

Good night 😘💤 🌙 ❤️

11 thoughts on “Take it easy

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      1. Too bad some chillax guy hasn’t wandered into your life.

        I always thought “I’m going to do what I enjoy and I’ll meet someone thtough those shared interests.” Well, ua can see how that worked out! 🙃

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Well I’m generally fine just diving in to work and not even dealing with that kinda drama 🎭…

        No guy is chillax 😄what universe would that be?

        Actually country boy is chillax with it – but we just on different pages – I need something he can’t give so nope – I’m ok with him being sorta in my life by general friendly texts but otherwise no- I need a distance – but he is chill – he is not chasing after me saying I love you and then texting me constantly. He just chill. But again still on different page

        I am just skittish – I just can’t handle another satan with things and I can’t have massive pressure in personal life – I just need peace

        Work can be as crazy as it would like…

        But I need peace in personal life – if someone can handle that – then ok. Show me that

        But I believe it when I see it – we see ✌️😘


      3. Agreed. I needed someone who still enjoyed concerts and clubs but most guys over 30 had kids and/or wanted to stay home all the time. I don’t want a partner to veg.. I wanted one to explore life!

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