Guess what…

Ok so ya know… 2022 is like a fricken Yo-Yo 🪀

One minute it’s one way… and the the next is 360


So … guess who wanna come to me?

Well she still trying to figure out if she can go see mom, but she is not in a condition or financial standing to do so, and I don’t have that kind of money.

I just told her the distances and the cost. Lady… you come to me first, have respite and then work.

She will have roof over head and food, and clothes. Ahhh and then my family back together and mom can have all 3 children!! Omg she would just go nuts – I’m sure of it ❤️❤️ she would know us all together 🙏 maybe?? But would be quite awesome!!

I could help her get strong and stand up.

I know won’t be easy. I know gonna have parts that suck because “life” … I don’t expect perfect… mostly lol (I’m kidding I don’t )

But I want to see her be strong.

If she wanna see mom, then she has to get stronger – she would flip the f out to see mom the way she is… is not what she remember – has been long time. She would not function … hello – this is MY sister lol

So… alright flights then.

Ok – and it begins 😳

Ok so… I will have my sister back ❤️🙏🙏🙏 please let go well 🙏🙏🙏❤️ dear lord please 🙏🙏🙏

Ok so there is that…

Also… if THAT change actually does happen… then an emotional support animal would probably surely be needed 🙌 … but we see slowly … just building my case lol ✌️

Ok and then… the builder tell me we do a picnic lol … so ok lol 🤷‍♀️ that’s not this week but maybe next week.

He is sweet in texts.

I say …cool – be fun, am excited

And he say… I am excited to see your smiling face again.. lol

So… picnic 🧺. Alright. Picnics are cool lol … nice and chill and quiet you can talk …

Must look around for ants before picking a spot.

I can bring some stuff too. Be fun. We see if still click… could have just been a moment ?? We see ?

Lol … so yeah – we see

He seems decent and also funny so… we see

So just gonna enjoy the picnic and see what happens

It does make me slightly nervous because what if it goes really well? Then what I do??? 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️

We see. Let’s not count chickens yet ✌️ 🐣

But if it does … am I ok to have a person come in my life 😮😮😮 … I do not know yet 😳

But how will I know if I don’t see so I guess is fine. We see

I have wild life lol … it may not seem it – but is pretty wild!

Ok life… bring it … maybe … but go slow … and don’t hurt me!!’ 🙏🙏🙏 be EASY!!

Can you imagine what my 2030 will look like 😮😮 -gasp!

See … gonna be crazy … I am way too old for this!!

7 thoughts on “Guess what…

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      1. Yeah – I keep telling everyone to do one week in March but no one listens lol ✌️ could totally use another awesome shut down 🙏

        We should do that to commemorate and then also draw attention to things that can throw life off as well as mental health and handling these things…

        One week in March “could be” productive and unifying ?? 🙏 but no one listens lol ✌️

        But yes… busy busy busy – every time I turn around

        It is only NOT this way when I ran away to middle of no where and went radio silent lol ✌️ a reason I did that – I was trying to heal from cancer – and could not handle so much stuff and people.

        Sorta miss the middle of no where ✌️😘

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