It’s 1:30 in the morning here… but for me is only 11:30pm

I mask whole way… but not many people masking at all btw … is like Covid never happened ??

Ugh I can not fly Southwest … except for the people who work there I liked them, they were professional and kind… but the way the airline itself “herds” you on board 🤨 and then plane so small and everyone on top of you and ugh … it was just painful! No more Southwest, thank god one way! I am in pain and hurt now – that was stressful. And 2 legs!!! I had to change planes in San Diego which looked beautiful!!

I thought I get stuck in San Diego because we had delay from Dallas saying bad weather?? What??

So I text my brother & sister-in-law, and I say – hey! What bad weather you have?

And my sister-in-law says “it’s really fricken hot” lol

What??? They delay for heat?

But I look and it was thunderstorms or something – they say they got nothin but lightening … but ok lightening is fine for delay … but still do flight please don’t cancel cause I do not know anyone in San Diego 😮

Plus I already on late flight … I supposed to arrive at 11:06pm Sunday night Texas time… actual time arrived was maybe 12:06am Texas time on Monday morning.

But when we landed, there was a plane at our gate 🤨 so we sat on runway for 15 min 🤨… and then I’m way in the back so omg … yeah no Southwest – I just can’t

My favorite is Jet Blue, but they don’t have enough hubs… I do American usually – sometimes United

I think I could even do Spirit? I do not know anything about Spirit?

Could NOT be like Southwest. I just do not like to be herded ✌️ I also do not like the craziness OF that.

And no assigned seats 😮 … BUT 2 free bags ✌️ – only that I like that part ( and their employees )

This last minute and cheap. But I can not do Southwest… That was way way way too much. I just can’t … sardined cattle… kinda. I don’t like that, I can’t have it all like that when I am emotional

I just want chill and peaceful during this – that was not. I do different maybe to come home 🙏🙏

Is surreal and weird to be back. I have never been to visit during summer – I always wait for fall or holidays… always when cold.

I have never been here in summer … omg they have my heat …PLUS HUMIDITY!!! 😵

Oh is uncomfortable wet hot 😝 yuck! Wet hot!!

Friday gonna be 102… Saturday be 103… and it’s wet heat 😮

Whew ok.

They have my mom stable enough to go through the heart procedure today… Monday. We don’t know time yet. Whew.

So far I am still functioning and breathing. I will see her later.

I don’t know how I react? I cry so much – first with Chico … and then boom this… but then, what is to cry gonna do? It totally just exhausts me.

So… I have stopped crying for moment. I am not sure my reaction to my mom yet?

I’m just sensitive and protective – I just want her ok. So I am not sure how this will hit? It’s my mom so I am scared losing her 💔

But then I also don’t want her to be scared or feel that she has to make it better because I am sad… she is that way ❤️ she is a sweet loving woman… very caring of others …even with Alzheimer’s she is that way!! With complete strangers she is still that way ❤️ my mom ❤️

So I just want her to stay pleasantly happy ❤️ so her heart have peace and love … not know sadness

And my sadness is ok… I am losing my mom 💔😭 I cry there when I say that!! 💔

But I know is life and I have no choice, I have to accept and be happy to be blessed by someone so amazing as my mother ❤️

Still makes me sad … so I have to not think of that? But I will and I will want to soak every single moment 😮

So I am not sure how I am going to react ? Whew. It be fine… I be strong 🙏🙏🙏 I think ?? Maybe? Not sure? 🙏🙏🙏

Ok well been long day. I’m already into tmrw so… or today whatever lol ….’is Monday … and now would be 12:30am California time… is 2:30am Texas time

We gonna be at hosp – I be around when able – I will need to distract and or vent. 😳

Thank you everyone ❤️ thank you for thoughts and support ❤️🙏❤️ 💋

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    1. Thank you so much for all your thoughts and prayers 🙏❤️

      Everyone has been so gracious helping me through this – thank you. ❤️

      I’m so grateful to be here with her ❤️ thank god I in position to and was able

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      1. Yeah they let us up to see her but masks and sanitizer required

        And yes 2 years ago I would not be able to be with her and would have been awful!

        But also I was not in a position where I could have been with her 😮

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      2. Well yes – it definitely has.

        But people also direct the way things gonna go…

        Life can take swift turns and give punches…

        With Covid it make everyone have anxiety – mishandled across the world…

        And then I dunno about other places – but here in America … it make people have zero work ethic and think the world owes them… they wanna come in have easy paycheck and not do work! They don’t want responsibility or anything difficult.

        We literally fight about everything – and still – what is done? Nada 👎 again mishandling

        Everything mishandled. And then gas rising and inflation – but the paycheck not rise with it…

        People are slaves to social media severely!! Mind controlled!

        And then also they lose the ability to actually be social, between social media and isolation or working from home

        Life has moved in complex ways … it allowed me to stand up, if not for that – I don’t know where I be? But I work really hard to survive… I still have social skills but I don’t trust people and motives so I am careful. I watch who are.

        Covid shine light on what we need to fix – yet what is done? Nada 👎

        We still have war right? We still have Covid right? They do vaccines but do they work? And new strains they just constantly push for more vaccines – I am tired of that

        People forget life – life tries to remind but people don’t listen.

        For one minute during initial Covid shut down – we all together as one… there was no color, no religion, no race, no gender … we just all scared and confused together… as one – humankind

        Instead of working like that – together – we all fight over everything and never think to work together for humankind AND the earth.

        So… life will keep just giving lessons until we learn

        But ya know – do we?!

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