Things on Tuesday lol

Do want you want to hear something funny 😮😮 there are other people like me out there lol 😮😮😮

Ok so… I like to be prepared. My objective is to not panic lol … summer is coming – with triple digits

Ok so it’s cold (it goes hot and cold 🙄) .. and it’s April … I am already late preparing lol

So I was looking through certain things and one thing I look at – I went to read the reviews … and they were all recent. I needed to read one in the middle of heat lol … but all of them are from February March & April of 2022 … in anticipation for heat they all say lol

Hmm now that I write that – does that seem fishy?

At first I think is funny because everyone preparing like me lol … I am not alone lol

… but then I telling you and ??? It just seems weird

Ok so daughter going to concert tmrw 😳 ok

She’s a good smart girl. Life experiences … 😮 my baby is having her own life experiences 😮😮… as a person and not my baby lol … she’s my last

So… that’s weird – she’s my baby girl … ok so she’s more of a woman now – ugh 😑 … it all just goes sooooo fast!!

I made homemade pizza 🍕 from scratch last night and it came out amazing ❤️🙌 …

I made 2 HUGE pizzas … I just wanted extra … I didn’t know my oldest would stop by… so I had enough to feed him too ❤️ …

We ate one, and had the other giant pizza left over… I put in a giant baggy and in fridge…

Daughter had some for lunch evidentially lol … because when I came home she just talked about how much she loved that pizza 🍕 lol … so alright then ❤️

Tonight I am making a surprise lol … she will love it lol … it involves ramen 🍜 lol

This weeks menu is umm fun lol 🙌❤️

My week mostly is pretty peaceful, except with my friend ☹️

But my week is going ok. I just have a lot of thoughts.

My mind is so far away from me 😮

I dunno? I just think of a lot? Lol

Well anyway – I have to finish cooking 🥘

I be back for little bit – little later – I think?

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    1. Lol was good, she liked it … was ramen, eggs, vegetables, seasonings🍜 very healthy

      I just did little different to it – to see lol – I experiment sometimes lol

      She be my taste tester lol

      It was yummy – but I think the pizza still wins out lol

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      1. Well what is family sized? i mean a big pizza over here in so far as a commercial restaurant size is about 14″. That big or bigger?

        I loved pizza, l miss pizza, l can no longer eat pizza. I haven’t had a pizza since 2017 😦

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      2. Maybe 14”? and there were 2

        How come you can’t have pizza ? The gluten?

        Well you know they have pretty yummy crusts that are gluten free? And taste pretty good… cauliflower crust is pretty good

        Or is it the dairy? 🥛? If is dairy – they also have dairy free cheese and the sauce is easy to make however you want or can have

        Why can you no longer have?

        I love pizza too!

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      3. My diet is so restrictive now, l can’t digest anything to with pizza. Most of the ingredients are off the menu. These days l can only have a total of around 15 food items completely in my diet.

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      4. 15 Items is all the digestion can handle these days. It’s basically this.

        Small oranges, bananas.

        Eggs, non-oily fish, lean white meat [chicken], a small number of vegetables [carrot, cauliflower/Broc, peas and occasionally green beans]


        I eat a cracker, and l shouldn’t because of the wheat and maize content, but if l didn’t have this cracker, l would have nothing to replace it with because l can’t have bread or any bready type ingredients.

        Coffee, Lacto-free milk

        I just reintroduced g/f pasta, l can have sweet potato, but l have to be careful and not have it too often.

        Apple Cider Vinegar and occasionally rock salt.

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      5. You would have more food options here … and California is very health oriented state.

        We have many gluten and dairy free ways to make things – everyone has intestinal issues it seems lol

        I have one friend that the slightest gluten will kill him, he almost died because of that once so he has to be really careful!!

        Plus you can work creatively with those things

        You should see the things we have!!! It’s all about health and wellness. 🙌

        We have so many options for people here!! Many have food issues

        California is a progressive state… very liberal

        They always looking how to improve health. Is also agriculture state.

        I think you would have more food options here lol

        That is a normal thing here for people to have food issues

        We have some crazy bad for you foods also … but again is California and very much into health, fitness, and knowing own body/mind.

        Of course there are yummy food temptations everywhere but health has really become a huge industry here

        Like the gas you put in a car … the higher the octane the better the performance

        The food you put into your body determines your bodies performance lol – the higher the health benefit the better the performance

        Also that goes in hand with genetics too…

        So yeah – California would have a lot of options.

        Older cultures had some things correct – knowing their bodies and the earth… knowing what helps and what does not .

        Well anyway… I’m sure you have become talented in creating dishes lol

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      6. To a degree, l am a qualified chef, but when working with limited food choices, it doesn’t matter how creative you are – there are still only so many ways to cook an egg as they say.

        I think my problem is that Britain can’t diagnose the problem and because there is no label there is no diet to follow, so it’s like Russian Roulette.

        I have my health, l am slim, not overweight, pretty fit and health and exercise a lot, sleep well, don’t smoke or drink, don’t eat fatty foods haha so l am doing everything l should do. But my stomach hates life and me in turn so that is the biggest flaw to me.

        I have to laugh 🙂

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      7. Have you ever had one of those food allergy tests done? The ones done by dna?

        Soooo many have problems here with those same issues

        I can not really have dairy – but I will risk it for pizza and things lol

        I usually do non dairy things

        There is always that lactose pill anyway

        I never really liked dairy anyway. I would force because of the calcium. But I never liked milk much and I am not a cheese 🧀 person lol only mozzarella and cheddar – pizza 🍕 and tacos 🌮

        And for coffee creamer I’ve only ever liked non dairy

        I do like ice cream lol – that one is a no no unless non dairy lol

        Well life just wants you to be really creative and appreciate that you still at least have some foods

        Didn’t you once say to me on a different topic … some food better than no food lol

        Lol I remember words (mostly) – am woman – choose your words wisely lol 😄😘

        Well laughter helps you survive life that’s for sure!!

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      8. Well l do agree and still say the same. But that doesn’t mean l enjoy having a limited choice. What l mean is that l no longer eat for any enjoyment, l purely eat for energy.

        When you are eating food for enjoyment, food is great, but when you are only eating for substance, it doesn’t need to be enjoyable.

        I used to enjoy pizza so much l could have eaten every day for the rest of my life …. now l eat to replace lost energies. So yes sure, food is better than no food, that still stands.

        When you live alone as l do, and you are eating for energy return only, you don’t need to be creative. You make food in the quickest time, in the easiest fashion, because you are not looking to impress anyone.

        When l said that to you last year, at that point l had 28 ingredient on my diet. In the last year alone my diet list has shrunk down by 13. a year alone, l was still deriving some enjoyment from food, a year later, not so much.

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      9. Well what about impressing yourself with culinary skills? That would even be cool on a blog cause so many have these issues!

        I’m sorry you don’t enjoy food anymore – but you still have life to enjoy – that’s just a small detail, at least you keep your energy up and do have SOME food to sustain you.

        I know must be hard because I can’t imagine giving up the foods I love – I might be defiant if that happens lol 🤷‍♀️

        I don’t like when life makes me do stuff that I don’t want to lol ✌️

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      10. I have learned to not be defiant and pain will do that to a person. There is no food on the planet worth being in agony for.

        Life’s too short 🙂


      11. I have had this problem since 1994 and in those nearly 30 years my diet has gotten worse. I have had non-stop tests ranging from simple bloods to full on MRI’s and all sorts of tests that end with ‘scopy’ , l have received 15 different diagnosis from 23 different doctors and consultants.

        I have an unofficial diagnosis which is Chronic Candida Yeast Overgrowth. But because l am not dying of AIDS the doctors over here will not award me any assistance with it because it has not been officially medically diagnosed by the NHS over here because it is only recognised as official with those who have AIDS.

        In the last twenty years more and more people have become iller with digestive issues because of all the chemicals that they are pumping unnecessarily into foods due to increased demands, foods out of season and so on not forgetting climate control issues.

        That is why in the last eight years alone, more and more Americans, Britains, Australians and Europeans have stomach problems. Chemicals in our foods that we have no control over.

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