I’m trying to hire people… I have both full time and part time positions… I have at least 2 Full Time and tons of part time help needed. Why is this not easy???

I put out some ads… the part time is entry level… so we will train and support someone new

Background and drug testing is required. I also asked for cover letters – I state quite clearly “if you do not include cover letter, you will get no response.

So far …no one is reading 🤨

We need people who are smart, compassionate, empathetic… if you can’t follow instructions that’s gonna be issue. Right off the bat – no one is following directions 🤨

I bet they don’t even read the entire ad 🤨 they just click apply 🤨

So far – ZERO Hall of Fame’ers 🤨

What is wrong with this work force?? C’mon – someone read & follow directions please!!! It could be incredible career for them!!

We are going to need them to follow directions – don’t fail right out the gate with an easy A!! Just include a cover letter!! That’s all! Why are you a good fit? So far no one is!!

If one person sends me a cover letter omg – I’m gonna be so thrilled and excited!!! That’s gonna be my Hall of Fame’er 🙌🙏

So whatever – I am frustrated with that …and few other things, also involving work. Bleh!

Are you in or near Sacramento area? Do you want a job?? Reply in comments and I’ll send you my email. 😉 lol … just wanted to see just incase ✌️

Well anyway…

There has to be someone who is conscientious and detail oriented ?

If you speak another language I also want you … bilingual is huge bonus … we have many populations here … But I am mostly after Spanish … we are California … Huge population Spanish … I would love to have someone who spoke fluent Spanish!! ¡Ven y sé parte de mi equipo!

I wish was easy as just saying that! ☹️

Ugh 😑

Yeah – I am frustrated with a couple things … that a little bit … but there is other stuff too. I am tired

I keep checking the ads to see if people read … nope they don’t 🤨

Whatever …

How are people living? There are jobs but the quality of worker is really hard!! Yup I calling all angels lol 🙏🙏🙏

I swear I will find one!!

And then Saturday my friends are bringing me that set of chairs … I said tell me an idea of a good meal you like… I’m not vegan lol – they are … so that’s not typically my thing lol

But I cook and bake really well – I am sure I could do some vegan dish pretty well??

I dunno we see lol

But then he say is little pub or anything around?

Umm lol … well I live within walking distance from entire downtown (which is not huge – this is small-ish old cowboy type city – lots of Yuppies moving in 🙄

But is a dive bar lol – they have pool tables lol

I have a funny story about pool tables … soooo growing up, we always had a pool table in the family room – I played against my father all the time… I was always really really really lucky with my shots lol or when I had to call a pocket … I used to be able to hit behind my back, but probably not anymore.

Anyway… I used to have a girls night with my friends every so often … one night we went to play pool – just chill and play pool

I am not a pool shark – but it just so happened some guys challenged us lol

You really should take the time to know what you up against lol but whatever … Learn the hard way

It’s was kinda funny and priceless to see their faces when we won!! Lol … we still laugh about that!

We did not play for money – only fun… – but point is never underestimate and know who you deal with! 😉

There is also some other nice restaurants downtown here – all of which you can walk to from my house 🙌

I like being close – and I don’t … I do miss my wide open space with no one around… that was so much respite ❤️ you could breathe soooo deep ❤️

❤️ Look how peaceful ❤️

But here at new house, I have convenience … everything is right here… before I would have to drive 20 minutes to get to whatever store … now it’s all right here 😮

There are trade offs and differences

Anyway… I’m so excited and little nervous – I’ve been so quite and silent … I can be social… but I don’t usually have people over … just because I’m private and just keep to self with my personal life.

So it’s the first time that anyone from work will see my personal world 😮😮 lol

When I went silent … I also removed myself from life so… it’s been few years … and I’m so quiet personally and also keep to self mostly… they are all close in my life, but I haven’t really let anyone into my personal world… will be first time someone comes into my world really.

I haven’t had anyone over actually 😮 I have been busy.

Just neighbors – but they don’t know me… these people know me, and now for the first time – see my world.

So yes – welcome to my house 🙌❤️ I am excited

This is someone I respect and enjoy so I am excited – is 2 people … I know the other one but I don’t work with them – they are amazing though – always kind.

Whew! A lot of change with things… there is still more to come 😳😮

😘✌️ good night 🌙

Ps… don’t forget the cover letter!!! 😬

6 thoughts on “Change

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    1. Yes well internal jumps are hard especially within the government.

      I also have written LOTS of cover letters, which I customize for whatever job I am applying so they know I am serious.

      I also still send thank you notes after the interview

      But in todays world no one wants to work or have responsibility 🤨

      So I do agree – good workers are hard to find …

      And also… a company has to make an employee want to come and be there

      The pay has to be good as well as the job and the environment.

      So both sides have to be smart!

      But is very hard!

      Before I was posting and not asking for cover letter and all I got was people who just really not into working or just using for unemployment 🤨

      So now – no cover letter, like I ask for … if they can’t be bothered for a job – then I can’t be bothered to reply. Why waste my time. These are for funerals not Taco Bell

      So whatever


      1. Oh yes yes yes there is!! If it’s a good fit they can go very high …

        If they want my shoes and go into admin – is all manager steps

        They can also become a director or arranger and have a career of making a difference and helping people through losses

        Absolutely room for advancement!! I even put that on the ad – one of the ads is a entry level to funeral industry – to get feet wet… see if is for them because is not an easy job and you have to be serious about funerals – plus are they ok handling the things we have to do?

        So I have many jobs from entry level to higher

        If they good we gonna help them to a better opportunity absolutely!!!


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