From last night

I am wiped! It is my end of month and someone is out so lots of activity… and of course daily life drama … and emotions (it’s a place of mourning so many emotions)

Sometimes your heart breaks with a particular situation … sometimes either you can relate OR when a person has sheer devastation…

You know that lump you get when you wanna cry but you are trying to hold it back because if you let go omg !! Just no. Because that would be weird … But your eyes tear up with them. 💔 your heart breaks for them and you wish you could find the right words but there are none. 😢💔 is best to just comfort… help through strong but gentle

So ya know … all the emotion and also paperwork and being on the phone. Numbers, contractors, bills.. I pushing caskets and all sorts of stuff

I work early before the sun until late after sun goes down lol … then I come home and have to go to bed because I have to be up early to do again.

Please let tmrw be chill 🙏🙏🙏

Tmrw is Thursday … I want to say Friday eve however … to apply “Friday” to any other day just seems odd? Also kinda makes me ache for Friday to be faster because …

Totally probably one of my favorite songs ❤️ yup

Anyway… have you noticed that no one talks about Covid anymore or very very little

Suddenly all that is a memory 😮

I forgot to call the bra place today… work was too busy – I will

Tmrw will be busy too, but Friday should be better… let’s just all wish for that?

Well not really much is new … work work work sleep for a minute work lol

Sooooooo …. Before my house was small – and out in middle of no where … just so much peace

Now the house is bigger … and when I am by myself – I still look around and see how far have come … how worked so hard … so I still look around – maybe little in disbelief?

I didn’t really notice it at all in a smaller house – but by myself in big house – I notice

Well anyway – I can not speak of the war and things because it’s too much

Ok I have to go to bed 😫

Gnite before I just fall asleep which is happening!!!

Well I wrote last night but I keep falling asleep writing and then I don’t wanna post lol but whatever – this is from last night ✌️

I’m off to work 😉😘✌️

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      1. What is your thoughts on that? Cause that was really painful at the pump this morning!

        I don’t know that I can handle such high gas ⛽️ … that might make me leave 😮 … for something closer

        But I just love my job – life pushes things

        Do you have any closer to where you are?


      2. It cost me a LOT more yesterday. At the current price I can make it to work. Too much more will have a pretty big impact on our bills.

        In 2008 or 2009, I almost considered quitting due to distance. Carpooling helped us get through. 🤠🔥

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      3. Working on the carpool concept, are there not communities whereupon you can ask this question? they may not be working with you per se, but they might be working close to your pocket in so far as within a radius of your workplace?

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      4. Lol … yeah right like corporation would do that

        They do less and less for employees

        I am the only one who lives far – so would just be for me lol – they are not gonna do that lol

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      5. I am just lucky to have a job… they do not do perks.

        Is my choice to work this job

        I am only one who is far from work – they don’t spend money like that

        The CEO makes a lot … but that does not trickle down.

        This is 2022

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      6. Beautiful thought though … I live in United States which is worst among developed nations for worker benefits.

        You lucky you have a good job here.

        They don’t do perks at my corporation. They used to but haven’t in years.

        Even for director/arranger/mortician appreciation the other day … all they did for them is send them an email saying “hey we appreciate you – thank you for your hard work”

        No lunch nothing

        They are front lines and they do amazing work with the families we serve … I stay because my group is phenomenal ❤️ we a tag team

        I make sure I appreciate them ❤️✌️ – better than just an email and daily – just little thoughtful things daily and then once in awhile I get them lunch myself

        It’s not a lot because I am not raking it in – but I make sure to make them feel special and WANT to be there – like me ❤️😘

        But yeah – I live in the United States – we don’t have much worker benefits

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      7. I would just prefer to be solo

        I don’t wanna be on anyone else’s time or schedule

        And I prefer not to be around so many people or boxed in with people I don’t know for a long ride everyday – nope

        I do not want to be in certain positions with too many people and that leaves me approachable – not good

        I just like peace ✌️

        And I would have to take both busses and trains and leave at like 2am nope

        I do my own thing – more peaceful that way … I don’t depend on anyone 😘 I don’t trust stuff – I don’t owe anyone … not obligated … and again on no one else’s time but my own – well and also death lol

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    1. Lol took me minute to figure out who was lol

      I try to go to site to add but won’t let me so I don’t know how to do that

      Haha and … Covid is now like “remember when”

      Just wait til New Years 2029/2030 and see the decade wrap up 😄😄

      That’ll be something

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      1. Hey 🙂

        The site is being constructed so it’s in private mode. It’s set to be ‘live’ in May.

        Oh yes l can imagine 29/30 what a decade, one that will not so much be dominated by fashion, culture and music but mostly politics and unstable leaderships l should imagine.

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      2. Ohhh how cool! Like a build up for grand opening lol

        Well nope it will start off with life threatening virus 🦠 how we dealt with that…

        And then all the politics and unstable leaders lol

        We don’t know what’s next yet 😮 … the 2020’s like to top it off

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    2. It’s little bit like the world has ADD? 😮 so many issues all over the world!!! We go from one issue to another

      But I suppose you do not dwell on the previous bad thing lol – you don’t have time – that’s how my deaths were

      This will end and there will be something else,🤨 I do not like this pattern

      How are we not a better world?? How do we not work together more – I don’t think it’s enough

      And as it is – the world already will never be the same after 2020. So yeah … it’s gonna be the decade 😮 oh boy

      Just gonna change it ALL up!

      The world as you have never known it 😮 …like a plot for a Hollywood movie – how the world changed in 10 years 😮

      What will we learn ?? 😮😮 .. will we learn? Lol

      🤷‍♀️ we see

      Ok so bracing for crazy. See what happens when you let it be 2022… the 80’s sooo much better ❤️ kinda more peaceful

      Although I did recently watch a documentary on the 80’s and was also bad stuff – but nothing like the 2020’s 😮

      But I mean without internet or technology or cameras ready to record 😮

      I have one friend who literally records everything and when I laugh – he says document document document lol

      But I like the peace and privacy had in 80’s

      The 2020’s are like insanity all the time 😮

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