Can you imagine??

Can you imagine almost being 110 😮😮 whoa

Imagine the life you would have seen … how many pandemics? How many wars? 😮😮 the styles, fashions, society 😮😮😮

You remember life around age 5!! 😮… sometimes before that!!

Doesn’t that just blow your mind – what a lifetime 😮😮

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      1. Yes l realised that when l wrote 1922, l had meant to write 1912, but hey ho there’s a lot going on in my head at present.. :0

        1915 is still a very good age

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      2. We get older people over 100 sometimes

        But typically is 1920’s and 30’s and on

        So when you see someone from close to turn of century – it’s really quite incredible

        What was their secret? Obviously good genes 🧬

        But they must not have had much health issues ever. Must have ate right and exercised lol

        I wonder what quality of life was at that age? Did still have mind & body?

        So yeah incredible ❤️

        I would want to live long to just live long… but then I look at things – ugh to lose your loved ones and continue to survive and to see so much heartache happen in the world and all the things … is that a blessing or a curse? 😮

        To living a long life 🥂

        I have to make it to 2072 to be 100 😮 … I dunno lol

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      3. Maybe the secret to living long is to simply not being afraid to live.

        Genetics plays a role in many things and not just humans but animals too.

        There isn’t a lot of research and study on this subject.

        The Greeks say it is the magical propertties of Olive Oil.

        Others say it is not being involved in ageing technology, like the digital age, social media, smart and intelligent systems.

        They might have had a very strong constitution to begin with .

        When we lead healthy lives which involves balance, good friendship, loving relationships, good diet and so on, these already are factors which boosts our immunity.

        Does a peaceful life mean a long life, probably not, define what is a peaceful life in the first place which might be different to the next person along from the one asked.

        Some of the aged people are not particularly health conscious and may not have led terribly healthy lifestyles … so maybe it comes down to wearing good denim!

        Nothing beats a great pair of genes 🙂

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      4. lol yes … but my dad was only 67 when he died … his parents died after him in their late 80’s

        He had many health issues – they did not have health issues like he did.

        So you just never know 😮

        They say the Mediterranean diet is best diet to eat … but that’s a lot of fish 😝 I can’t bring myself to do that lol

        Yes just enjoy life because you really don’t know when your time up – so best to enjoy the time you do have ❤️

        We see everything from infants and in utero … to over 100

        There is no rhyme or reason

        It’s a lottery 😉 when it’s your time, it’s your time.. I also believe there are reasons and lessons with death (not all bad, just view of life most people miss because of grief)

        But yes, lol – nothing beats amazing pair of jeans 👖 or genes 🧬

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      5. Hahaha Fish, or feeesh as a friend once said to me ‘”Nothing beats a good piece of feesh with the oil!” It’s a lot of fish and a lot of oil and olives too … need a hard constitution indeed to magic that daily 🙂

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      6. Lol to magic that at all lol … I only like tuna fish sandwiches with mayonnaise lol

        Otherwise no ✌️

        All I here about is that Mediterranean diet and how supposed to be best possible healthy foods

        😝 the yucky ones

        No feeeeesh for me lol

        The olive oil is very good!! It’s also “suspected” of lowering your risk of both Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s – I joked once with my sister-in-law about ordering a glass on the rocks lol

        Yes – an olive oil on the rocks lol

        I did not order that but was funny – I should!

        Olive oil also suspected of lowering risk of cancer and respiratory diseases

        Not by a lot but every little bit counts ✌️❤️

        And again be aware I used the word “suspected”

        Just gimme the jug lol ✌️

        I wonder what country has the most longest living people?? Cause I wanna know what THEY eat!!

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      7. Yes but that article doesn’t tell me which countries those are lol … it just tells me there are 29 countries lol

        Ok??? What are they? Lol

        Who is number one?

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      8. Well, they are countries all around the world. The point’s truly making is it’s not that much about the country of the longevity of people’s ageing but more along the process of how they live their lives.

        There is no elixir to a longer life; l guess it comes down to our choices regarding our lifestyles – how we choose to live in the first place.

        Diets, stress management, genetics, luck, good health, a chemical-free life, peace, exercise, sleeping, good weather, being able to relax, living life and enjoying it,

        29 was Barbados in the Caribbean, and 1 was Japan with an ‘Average national life expectancy: 85.3 years.

        There are ways we can help ourselves, eating a balanced diet with very little red meat, balanced vegetables, reduced stress – but none of those amount to rocket science – l guess ultimately it always just comes down to you either living longer, or you don’t.

        As they say – that’s life 🙂

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