First time

So… I slept my very first night in my house 😮😮

We had Friday night here ❤️

I’ll be back to tell you more … but I have to run back to my other place that has all my stuff lol … and then get loads of stuff to bring here – I gonna be doing that this weekend.

I also have someone coming at 1pm (from work) 😮 because he has a landscaping business so he gonna come look at the yard and maybe do that for the first time – and then I can keep up after that… but the first time I’m gonna need help 😮

I have never had anyone from work come see where I live – EVER 😮 that’s a little weird having someone from work come over. But whatever – I need the help … I’m just very very very private with my home life

I will have to pay him to do the yard lol … I tell him “listen, I’m poor now so don’t kill me with the quote” lol

If he is too much, then I will have to try myself … yard is large and hasn’t been tended to in little while 😮

But even though I do not look like the type (lol) I will BE the type if I have too!! I just be slower and it be harder… I don’t have much upper chest strength… and I’m not allowed to do any heavy lifting or stuff like that … I won’t … but that makes it harder… I just need help maybe first time 😑

I don’t like that I can’t do everything 😮 I don’t like that I have limitations because of things!! That drives me insane because I would like to do everything! Myself!!!

But I must digress 🤨🙄

Ok I have to go. Maybe I be back tonight? 🙏

Ugh I can’t wait til moving is done… I work and I like to have one day for errands and one day to catch up on ALL the sleep!! but … for now – nope… I have too much to do.

Oh how I wanna be lazy and sleep for one day!! 💤 … work hard now – play later

Ok let me do this before I get in the mode where I am slow lol 👋

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    1. Well a section of fence is down and another is falling – so that might be priority

      I gonna check with neighbor and see if he will go half with me to fix fence 🙏

      Thank you❤️ almost done – sorta lol – I am pushing it lol

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