Happy, freaky & Impact

I have 2 sides lately??

First of all – so many things swirl about!! I am signing all papers and turning over deposit tmrw and then is completely mine😮

So we are thrilled and excited!! Daughter wants her room a dark purple lol … ok whatever … but then in same breath she says … but I don’t wanna mess it up because that’s gonna be my color, so white is nice too 🙄😄 whatever

Then she starts talking about all the things she wants for her room lol… I said “hey wait, I just spend a lot of money so slow your roll” lol … she can get a job in June/July with a permit… she will be 15 & 1/2… little darling if you want stuff, earn it 😘✌️ know that value of a dollar 💵

We sooo excited for that ❤️ I move in completely maybe this weekend ❤️❤️❤️ 😮😮 omg

I also met other neighbors – is a family… they seem very nice. Young family. 2 young young kids

Is so peaceful and just awesome – can’t wait ❤️ I did it ❤️

So happy and excited with that…

But at work there was this devastating case that kinda tore our hearts out for a family… they all do but this one was the most emotional and heart wrenching I have ever experienced being there!! 😮

It just hit us hard with the loss and circumstances… so that makes me remember every detail and then I think – could I handle that?? I do not think so?? 😮 that would be my kryptonite – would take me down for sure

But then I think – when you experience these things in life – you really do not have a choice to be strong or not – because you just have to.

And then also – I believe things happen for reasons … I want to say what could the reason for this be?? But then you really can’t say that either. You won’t get answer … and what is to be, will be

It was just a very heart wrenching thing 💔 broke our hearts 💔 … so a little solemn there because just in thought processing that.

Normally I can come home and be off work… but I can’t stop thinking of that. ☹️💔

…and… check this out – so my people keep telling me to do online dating but eh… I dunno … it’s a little creepy and also they no different… same shit just online… and I’m really not the type to be doing the soooo where ya from? 50 thousand times lol – ugh 😑

Not to mention – I really don’t have the time and who’s gonna understand that?? Lol … also I just wanna enjoy my own self for little while ❤️ I just wanna soak in the peace just by myself and nice and easy… maybe later

But anyway… they constantly tell me – do online… I just make faces 🤪… because I just really don’t like it. I’m just not an online person. I like my 1985 😘✌️

One of the guys at work says that’s how he met his wife … on something called Bumble

Well anyway … I watched some news this morning and there was this news report:


So that’s gonna be a hard no lol… nope… no thank you!!!

Not a chance!! They all just got shut down with that online dating crap… yeah I would like to stay alive…

I’m supposed to trust police or courts … HA!

I love my own police but still they all human… and I look at cases like Gabby Petito which they handled completely inappropriately!! A blind man could see but whatever

And in this case ?? 😮😮 was that racial? Why did the police not take better care and control of that situation – wtf is that?? And where is the massive coverage on this case???

Gabby Petito had massive coverage and then that crapped out because everyone was dead 🤨 and the police allowed the deaths in both instances … gonna blame the victim and couldn’t recognize domestic violence … and then to not have surveillance on the last person to see her – real nice!!

So yeah – I am good – I am not trusting anything to courts, police or government. I do not trust the way things are handled because people can not have integrity. So nope

Integrity – there’s a word for you…

…the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles; moral uprightness. To do the right thing – even when no one is watching.

So yeah – I do not trust people to be that way. So I protect own self – no one gonna do that for you. Don’t put self in situations that could go horribly wrong 😮

I would like to NOT be a customer of my job… not for quite awhile if possible 🙏🙏

So you have killers, Satans, abusive, crazy, obsessive, sex driven … so umm does that sounds appealing to people?

And then… I was thinking about something??

So… even while married I always took care of self, never let go – no matter how hard was … I still make sure ate right and exercised and took care of skin etc… I still do… mostly 😘✌️

And then for work I dress all up professionally … I do like curves so I accentuate that… I like that, I don’t care what anyone else likes – is how I am comfortable … I like when is form fitting. A really nice form fitting suit with skirt … or even pants suits – but I still like the curves … when I do not show curves I feel frumpy?? I like definition? Curves so whatever – I have long legs too… I think I am average height? 5’7” … I don’t think I am short… and as long as I do not wear heels 👠 I am normal size lol … there is a point to me mentioning this…

So … a man jokingly said something to me 😮 … ugh whatever … you a woman this gonna happen 🙄🤨 just does… but he was sorta teasing (I really hope) but he said to me “I bet you’re a freaky one huh”??!

Sooo hmm… how I gonna answer that? How you want me to answer? Lol … you want me to tell you “ahh yeah freaky af” lol c’mon now, I am not gonna say anything. Where you think you gonna take that? 🤨

See … always sex driven … always always always!! Which is fine, once you HAVE a relationship… but hello – slow your roll!!!

I’m not gonna tell you one way or another lol … if wanna know maybe be a gentleman first 😘✌️ have some manners and respect

And then he’s like … you got Snapchat or I dunno what else you internet people have ?? He mentioned others – but I can’t remember what they were … he spouted off many?? Lol … Whatever … nope, I have none of that – I don’t even know what they are lol

Sorry dude, no nudes lol 😄😄🙄


Funny how he thinks I gonna give him any answers or information… and before you even get there … you gotta catch my attention so whatever.

Shock value doesn’t really work, I’m not really shocked by peoples behavior 🙄 whatever – guys are like this … pretty much all the time – no one is chill with that…

You can’t just come out with that!! 😮 damn!

I don’t go out anywhere or do anything, maybe once in blue moon. I’m too exhausted from everything else to give my time or give off any freaky vibe lol … if freaky means exhausted, then yes 😄 I have that vibe all day long lol

What am I doing that gives off these looks???

So what is that?? Both were men… both making judgments based on what?? How you think you know me??? because of what I look like?? 🤔

Are you profiling me?? 😮 state your proof before your judgement lol … how you just gonna judge? How you come to these conclusions?

Regarding outdoor yard Maintenence … just because I look ?? How?? How you know I not roll up sleeves and get all dirty ?? You don’t know that!! I totally could… so why you judge?? Just because I look girly ?? I don’t mind dirty nails 💅 sweat 😓 or hard work – bring it – just don’t kill me lol 😄✌️ or have anything bite or sting me lol … I just have to add that!! I would prefer no biting or stinging or killing lol

And then speaking of dirty… bets I’m a little freaky?? Hmm

You should make sure you know the woman you are approaching lol … see this is why they teach you to do homework in school – know your shit!! 😘✌️ … I see many failed that lesson… but seriously – if you gonna say that then you better know who I am and if I am ok with that.

Do you think is ok to say that to a woman? Even when joking? So I dunno?

Are you freaky? 🤨 …see that’s not a very nice question … what if someone asked you that?right away? lol… what would you say?? Oh yes here let me tell you everything? Lol …no!!!


Lol … sorry now is little humorous since I think of that song – but still not nice … so then that’s your agenda? Got it … see …be careful how early you go for that bone – take your time … that gonna make ME form an opinion real quick so careful on that… I’m not your type if you can’t handle that. Just let me know you.

But no … just don’t ask me those things… just be a human being for little bit – with sincerity

Also this lol…


So whatever – I’ll wait for that. I’m good.

Yes… I am aware I will be waiting a long time if not forever lol whatever 🙄 I’m cool with that for right now.

Also… No one better invade anyone else either, btw… I know about this too!!! Don’t do it!! Please 🙏 …don’t be an asshole. But we see – cause again “people”

Wtf world?? Drama much?? Omg – see we got Covid because the world can’t even take one moment and not have drama or fighting … the universe was fed up

And still we don’t learn shit – but whatever

See… one week in March“World Covid Week” … no nothing… just like initial Covid days – you go no where… you do nothing lol … we all be together sorta … an no fighting… no religion… no nothing

Just a week of silence and remembrance… one moment in time – the world was one and there was a slight confusion and fear the first time – but now we should cherish the week? Because we all experience same … and because we actually lost many people because of Covid – not just in the United States but all around the world …

So… a week because is so many souls … and a pretty huge moment in our lives …

AND… couldn’t we all use a one week break from the bullshit of the world?? Omg

So ya know – I just throw out how magical it could be … to not only remember and commemorate so that NO death would be in vain and the entire world must do nothing for one week … ok so I see no flaws ??? 🤷‍♀️

Kinda sounds like heaven? So I dunno?? Have I convinced you yet?? 🙏🙏


But whatever … I super mega happy … but oddly calm??? 😮😮 normally I bubble over lol … but I dunno?? I’m just kinda 🤷‍♀️ I dunno… I’m really happy … but I dunno? Maybe my balance is off? Cause work and home been crazy?!


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