Feel the moment

I can really actually move 😮 I can start bringing over things 😮

So why am I frozen this morning? 😮 As in still that laid back whatever attitude omg … my body is like nope… you stay in these covers lol … and my mind is screaming get up… move it!! Lol


I’m just?? Maybe because doesn’t seem totally true or I worry? Lol – is gonna be ok? Lol

So I can not get my body to listen lol … and then another part of brain says – ok 5 more minutes then you get up lol

Which is not 5 more minutes because I have been awake since 5am lol … but then work called at 7… I slept with laptop last night incase of death … so I didn’t have to get out of bed … I just worked from my bed lol … I had to make some calls and things

Yeah – I do not want to move lol … I am slugging lol…

Meh whatever – see there is that attitude again

But yeah… I have all these things to do this weekend omg 😳 it HAS to slow down after all this!!

Someone just asked me this morning … you gonna take some time off … someone else mentioned same thing few days ago

😄 I can not… possibly maybe one day ??

But even then I will have laptop and they will call lol

Unless the world decides they wanna do this one week in March thing 🙏🙏🙏🙏 please!!!!! One week!!!!!!! Technically 7 days, but I will settle for 5 lol whatever – but yes!

One week of do nothing and isolate to remember 🙏 just do nothing

My phone oddly lately been throwing old photos at me and one of them was last year, when I got the new blue car 🚙 lol ❤️…

Now I have a blue house 😄😄😄✌️ it just happens to be blue lol – it’s like a blueish gray… but one year later after the blue car comes a blue house 😄💙 just happened that way lol


Ok well… so that’s my song lol

Ok… so get out of the covers and do this? See my body is still saying no lol – my mind is not happy with that – I need motivation totally – I am spent

I keep thinking – ok fine I will – but then I don’t lol


Remember … 1 WEEK in March!! 🙏🙏🙏


Please!! Do it for the world 🙌 and just one whole week of peace because everything stopped for a moment 2 years ago lol … isn’t that funny that’s it’s been 2 years 😮 damn we strong lol ❤️ – people don’t always listen … but we all strong little fighters 🙌❤️ all around the world ❤️


Ok so just remember 1 week in March – just shut down everything – one week!! 🙏🙏🙏

We have done longer lol – one week is nothing … just world peace for one week to remember Covid 🙌 and how many time people want world peace? I’m asking for one week – we didn’t have anything to fight over or anything else – we all had a common fear lol … it brought the world together for a moment

So just one week to remember – that’s nothing – we can all do that? Right? Or do we need diseases and things for that to happen?

One week, every year… we should do that lol – to commemorate and do nothing lol – but we should 🙏

You all suddenly understood how much you miss people and worry about them… many things went through your head and many changes occurred

So maybe we all just need one week every year for adjustments ?

It has to be a week because that will help to distress and breathe

You are lucky I am not asking for more lol … but I also have to work and also survive so … one week is fine … it should be March because that’s when everything halted 😮

That was kinda cool for a minute

But yeah can we just do that one week!! 🙏🙏

It is also in remembrance of all those lives lost across the world due to this… a week of silence

Remember all the confusion and all these world leaders who just have no clue ?!

And remember us? Just like dumbfounded because what the hell was going on? Unprecedented to degree and magnitude

Well anyway… we should do one week. But ya know can’t be just me lol


But stay a whole week – not just one day 🙏🙏🙏

1 week ☝️ keep it in your mind lol 💋

Ok fine – I guess I have to get out of bed. Otherwise I’ll just fall back to sleep – is so warm and cuddly – I have heated blanket so … why I wanna leave?? Lol

It’s a battle lol ✌️😘 trying to peel myself up and out!! Will happen at some point – it’s just very hard – I just need a day (or a week in March lol)

But you also know that saying “work hard first – then play” so bleh

I just have very low motivation this morning 😮😮 I just wanna be in bed for no reason lol … other than comfy and warm and also safe from whatever else

Once I am in house then I can MAYBE have lazy days ?? But I don’t know because that yard is huge 😮 I am not a yard person – nor do I have lots of time 😳 and hiring someone will be a no until I stabilize after this purchase lol

So… I will be learning many things all by myself 😮 ahhh!!

Yeah see – bed sounds way better right now

The week treated me like rag doll – little burn out from that … and then all these other huge massive things 😮😮

Why would I want to leave this warmth and security ? Just for the moment I want it ❤️

I will pay for that later somehow – because I have time NOW!!! So I should do that NOW…

But I’m not really concerned with later right now – whatever I’ll deal … I just want couple moments

I need recharge – so it’s fine – I’ll get up soon 🙏

If I just get up I will move – but I just don’t want to 😮 I know once I do – that’s it – I be moving lol

I also have a huge smile – but then at same time – I leave my respite place I’ve had so ?? I dunno – bittersweet

Soaking in my last moments 😮😮



19 thoughts on “Feel the moment

Add yours

    1. Hahaha… I would like to say yes I did… but I did not and fell back to sleep and slept entire day 😮 now I am up lol

      I will do some packing and do that tmrw lol – I needed today ✌️ I took today for me lol … my body just refused – and that warmth and awesomeness yeah … nope did not get up

      Needed to recharge after that week – just needed one day. 😄


      1. Yeah recharged at 7pm lol – so whatever – I be up for awhile

        And yes must have needed. Whew – that was a week. And then moving this weekend 😮 just crazy so much stuff

        I was not ready to do any moving today. Or getting up 😮

        I never ever ever ever – do that!! Was nice – did totally need that!!

        Plus I was on call last night … I will say all your prayers have helped because no one died 🙌 woo hoo!!

        Sometimes people call us and say is urgent but is regarding photos or things we can not do at home 😐

        At like 1am 😐

        So ya know – totally needed the sleep too lol

        To think how hard bedtime is with a child… with older overworked people is not a problem 😄✌️

        Oh what we took for granted huh? – never wanting to miss anything lol


      2. 🙏🙏🙏 me too!!

        Move going well. I don’t have to rush.. so leisurely doing as able 🙌❤️

        So far so good 😊🙏🙏 😮 it’s still hard to believe though 😮


      3. Oh yes – going ok… I am leisurely moving in lol …

        I have most amazing landlord … she always takes good care of me

        She knows situation and she in no rush – I am waiting on one thing and then is done ❤️

        Ok so one and done almost lol 🙏

        I like it this way – I bring when able little by little … because all the other shit popping off so time is hard

        I am not under pressure there – so I would say “going well” ✌️ … knock on wood!!!


    1. Me either 😄😄 😮 I never do that!!! Ever!! Usually I force myself but today that was not happening

      Yeah I just needed a day to come down off that week we just had – it was exhausting in all ways.

      I am probably burnt out everyday lol – but I have amazing team we build – so I don’t mind – we make good memories and we are strong support together – so that makes it ok- we all have that.

      Yes … 1 week… the whole world… for Covid memorial or WCW – World Covid Week

      One week for entire world to do nothing, say nothing, and no fighting – like how for one minute the world was all scared together … we just do a memorial one week observance lol

      And then that is also like a mental health week for some

      So I really think is great idea lol ✌️😘

      “Idea” being key word – because I have to convince people to want that


      1. Hahaha I know ☹️

        I just always hope lol … and maybe if I just say every so often … it will just come true 🙌 maybe people will just want that? But yeah I know.

        You have to shock the world with something before it grabs people. Did not learn anything

        So yeah I just hope but also know reality lol … I still throw it out there just in case 🙏


      2. Ok … Omaha steaks has a cat shelter?? I do not know if I like that?? Sounds shady

        And then there would be many cats ?

        Not really sure I understood this correctly ??


      3. Lol… I sent you a msg a few weeks ago. I got a styrofoam slicer and turned the containers into cat shelters for cold nights.


        fyi: You said the order would come with coupons. Neither did. Well… no Omaha Steaks coupons (wine club, etc).

        I still have appetizers, sweet potatoes, and the cheesecakes!

        Ohhh… timely on the cat shelter info… it just started heavy sprinkling again.

        Liked by 1 person

      4. Oooohhh I did not see that 😄😄

        That’s way better than what my mind was imagining lol


        I will check and see, I forgot all about that


      5. No worries… just fyi-ing so you know they didn’t provide any “heeeyyy, here’s incentive to buy more food from us!” I GREATLY appreciate your thoughtfulness. And, yeah… they owe you more food!! Bit, honestly, the cat shelters are now my fav part of the whole thing!

        Liked by 1 person

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