The crazy week

So… pray for me one more time… for now lol – probably more later

Pray for no deaths tonight – I am on call… oh yeah and has been crazy for many reasons… we acquired a new location …so we have 4 now 😮 so pray for no deaths anywhere!!!

We had to take over because they had massive problems… so here we are.

When I tell you insane – it is!! You would totally think “funeral home” so peaceful and chill – nope not behind the scenes lol – lots of things going on

Just a lot of things – I am both sides … I help directors when they need assistance – and then I am also finances and staffing… and bosses support core

Well anyway – been an insane week 😮😳 yeah lol like that!!

Mic drop 🎤 – I’m telling you – we the team ❤️

But it’s about to get really real – come next week. Oh boy lol … currently many explosions of things going on … it’s gonna get worse. So bracing – I know what’s coming

It will be fine and we will handle – I’m just saying Crunch time 😮 damn 😳😮

In other news – I can start moving in 😮 I will be signing papers next week and is mine ❤️ yay!!

I had to send a lot of information – I have been talking to my loan guy for a very long time 😄😄 … but he has never met me and only knows me over phone … I had to give him many things including just recently my drivers license lol

I just photo copied it at work and scanned it in for him…

So… he is talking to another guy from city who DOES know me lol … but he knows me more like a friend or little sister type?

And my loan guy says to my city guy… you didn’t tell me she was hot lol … my city guy did not know what to say to that 😄😄

I just recently sent that to him lol … all this time he has never seen me or a photo lol .. until that

So. Now he knows what I look like.

He has always worked really hard for me – even before knowing what I look like – so whatever – not a big deal

… it was my driver license photo lol … how do you be hot in that?? I found that kinda funny – I promise you is not hot lol – is drivers license photo lol

So whatever …

I did like being invisible lol… weird now he knows – I do not know what he looks like … I will have to sign papers with him next week. 😮

I think we have been phone talking for maybe a year or year and half? Can’t remember … it’s been long time lol … I know him but not lol

Funny what men speak of… lol … I love when one tells me … no bro code dude lol – it’s just funny

I kinda like being invisible cause then I can take time 😊 I liked that all this time he just help me normal – not think of appearance – or anything

I like only knowing my voice lol

That was fun while lasted

I still don’t know what he looks like but he is married with kids lol … but was fun to be invisible from stuff

I actually like invisible ❤️ because then you kinda see true first.

Usually I am not seen – unless I greet a family or seat them… but normally they know me over phone – they always ask to meet me though so I will eventually lol

But … whatever … I like invisible a lot ❤️ is weird to now NOT be invisible 😮


So – moving 😮😮 oh wow 😯 I gonna leave

Ok so it’s all a whirlwind 😮 I have a house ❤️

I have to sleep because I am oncall for 4 locations tonight – do NOT die tonight!! It’s a Friday

I did not get to have Friday night tonight, because she still sick and isolating so I will get her for 2 weeks coming up ❤️ I get to surprise her by being in house 😮😮❤️

Ok so again – please no one die this evening – that would be wonderful 🙏🙌❤️

😮 omg so much things

So wow 😮 … my life 😮

Absorbing 😮

😮❤️ yeah it’s all just hitting 😮😮

I just go along like ok whatever – whenever lol … I am busy… so just let me know lol

And it’s always something – so whatever I wait until the kinks are out lol … but I sit back because life makes huge changes anyway. You just never know…

But now all that is really happening 😮😮 so makes my heart pound little bit 😮

So… just wow 😮

I have crazy life right now 😳😮 work – crazy… home – going crazy but in good way… just crazy

Good crazy and bad crazy 😮 … is ok for right now but better be ok

Alright Gnite before I get any calls – don’t die!!!! 🙏🙏🙏🙏 no dying!!!

4 thoughts on “The crazy week

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    1. No I actually have to go in, sometime next week ? It has been all phone and e-mail – but they want me to come in to sign

      Lol well …did not have any deaths ❤️ so prayers worked – but I still have until 8am 😮 2 more hours 🙏

      Thank you 🥰❤️ 🙏
      Is moving soooo fast!!


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