Too many things

Ok well … several things …

Today was rollercoaster 🎢 … I am so exhausted all around

Every part of me is sooo tired

Omg – my body, my mind and my spirit – just tired – but it’s fine – just cause is crazy at moment.

But my whole body aches 😝 ahhh oldness

And tmrw will be even more!! Omg

As I’m leaving I said… ok well see you in few hours lol – cause is like that

I sleep and go back to them lol … and the pile grows 😮 oh dear lord lol … ok well it will be ok. Whew. I do have strong core team… we are very strong… it’s just a lot with stuff going on also all around. There is just many things

And then just constantly running around and a million things happening at once.

So… is that crazy explosion time 🤦‍♀️🤨 a lot of things flying at me.

So… I am teetering burn out? Just feels that way … but is fine. It’s not… just a lot of work… many things … We pull together strong

It will be fine

We see how goes lol … don’t worry I am fine.

I have pulled back from a couple people because it is way too much right now… I am sooo buried in things that I need more than 24 hours in a day!! And can time slow down??

But yeah… a few people didn’t believe me, and kinda did hurtful things … so I don’t really want to have them very close right now

Just being quiet and watching that situation. just little guarded.

Otherwise I am buried in work Omg 😱 and that’s also having explosions all over the place

And … other things happening really fast – like this house 😮😮 omg

Life can go fast … I can hang on – but I am getting way too old for this

Can we space things out ? Not have all at once Omg

Ok I can’t keep my eyes open anymore at all

I need sleep so bad – so Gnite 😞

4 thoughts on “Too many things

Add yours

    1. Lol … no time off with this caseload 😮😱😳 no way!!

      I will enjoy the spring because in next few days 😳 house is mine 😮 😮😮

      Yeah unless the world does this WCW in March 😘🙏
      … one week!!! 🙏🙏🙏

      Yeah no time off for me lol … and that’s if the caseload is chill -death takes no holidays or vacations – doesn’t care what day is!! 😮

      Nature of the beast lol

      But I enjoy life always anyway… also have pretty incredible people around me ❤️

      But would really love that week in March if the world would just do that lol 💋✌️🙏

      Hope you enjoy your life also 🙌

      Ps… I don’t really need me time because if I want that… I do self care when able … but I’m gonna love being in house ❤️ will have a peace?🙌❤️

      Then I won’t need self care because that will be everyday lol ❤️😘✌️ excited ❤️ but also nervous 😮 just because …is huge!! ❤️ not the house – but house is good size… but I mean huge in meaning ❤️ so yeah smiling pretty big lol ❤️ but also nervous 😮 it’s going really fast now and that turns my stomach little bit lol

      So whatever – rollercoasters are ok as long as they don’t throw me for a loop, have insane huge drops, or go warp speed lol – then maybe ?

      Maybe for my birthday I can have time off somewhere in July 🙌❤️

      🙏🙏🙏 it’s also really difficult to take time off – but we do if we need to.

      I just like owning July 😘✌️ is my month ❤️🙏

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