So alright – I don’t leave death – I love my team too much… but we in middle of explosion of everything

Happens … just does. I’ve seen many. A lot of death but other things too… so ya know juggling everything!! 😮 holy moly – I gotta buckle up!

But I got it… am used to. Happens … just does.

So… daughter sick with Covid & has symptoms … the school has exploded with cases …

Today I get a call from the school because “kids” are going to protest having to wear masks in the classroom and threatening to go unmasked

Listen you little punks lol … totally kidding 😘✌️… but seriously – don’t be stupid.

It’s already off like a wildfire – do not do that… do not protest – they just trying to get the school shut down again – little punks lol … sorry totally kidding but kinda – c’mon… this is not a protest issue in the middle of pandemic

What won’t kill you because you have vaccine, could kill someone who does not have that. For whatever reason – could be medical – you don’t know someone’s life…

Don’t be selfish little punks.

Ahhh the youth

Omg I got old … but seriously – don’t do that ☹️💔

Very sad if they do

What what? Gonna call out the youth – let’s see how smart you are… ready? 😮😮😮

I am a teaser but with a serious edge – so yeah – let’s see. What are we raising?

Anyway whatever – just saying

My daughter is not in school currently because of Covid. But is still very bad idea.

She would be in so much trouble if she joined that… omg … my woman knows better!! I would own her! Not the fight to join!!

My woman is strong little woman – but guess the strength of the woman who made her strong? Lol … I gave you life lady lol – not the fight to join.

But anyway… I’m sure there is more – but I am forgetting because omg … I have way too much things

And then see that’s a huge point – how I gonna have time for someone other than my kids? That is also hard.

And I don’t wanna just jump into stuff – slllloooowwww lol

Let me repeat:

Lol … I have spirit tonight – cause of so much constant stuff lol

Ok so are we doing this week off in March or what??!! I’m so game!! Sign me up!!

C’mon – one week in March – you can prepare and we all need break from BS right – let’s do this!!

See how good I make it sound??!!

The world will be as ONE ☝️ again ❤️ c’mon one week!! Push for it!! 🙏🙏🙏

I have to run – I should be back later ✌️😘

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