Busy Monday!

Funny things from today…

So just now, a phone number rang through and it said “telemarketer” … I figure was that one trying to sell me car warranty lol … but was a different one…

The guy says is “Patrick” there? 🤨

Right away, I said …nope you have wrong number *click* before he could say another word lol 🙌

Yeah you don’t get my time, if you can’t even get name or sex right – eh- fail! Done with you


But that was an easy out for me so that was humorous lol ✌️ … I wasn’t gonna wait around for him to figure out lol … if you can’t get it right the first time – forget it 😘

Assume was a man 🤨 … on forms and things in life “ALWAYS”… it cuts my name off at the “c” and leaves off the “ia” at end 🤨 … so that is not unusual for people to ASSume “Patrick” 😠 … but bonus for me, since that is not my name 🙌 therefor I don’t listen or deal with lol ✌️😘 … not my problem it cuts my name off … if can’t figure it out, then don’t bother me ✌️

And at work today 😮😳… ok so last Thursday I was informed corp would be sending out people who be redo’ing our phones and internet

So I book electrician to come and install outlet – FIRST THING this morning – boom they on it

But then corp comes early and then everyone is there and I have no internet or phones – I sent my staff to another location…

In meantime, I needed locksmith and I was accept stuff – so I taking out hearse and putting back hearse lol … all by myself

And I leave with a coworker to go grab lunch and come back and 😮😮 OMG

I come back and there is my other office manager talking to hmm … how do I say?? Possibly the hottest guy on the planet 😮😮😮

He is the engineer for the phones and internet – HE works for my corporation 😄😄😄 …

He’s a former New Yorker living in Miami but flown everywhere to rewire or whatever the locations.

Damn! Welcome to Miami lol ✌️😘


His biceps were soooo rock hard and huge 😮 dang

I did not expect cause usually just normal every day person …not this Adonis lol

🤫 is just funny, he’s there again tmrw.

Didn’t really get my things done much – other than handle … electrician, locksmith (lol I had to get into a door that had no key 🤨) , and the corporation … had couple families

Tmrw is the appraisal 🙏❤️

Oh so much stuff 😮 and then Wednesday I am out of another location … not within my group…

I am covering 3 others in another county while they have a Christmas for little while.

Thursday is Xmas party and then it’s Christmas Eve 😮😮😮 omg 😳 😱


I really love quiet peaceful Christmas ❤️ … is so nice when it slows down and relaxes ❤️

Almost over all the holidays – almost done …

And guess what tmrw is 🙌 … December 21st ❤️ the shortest day of year – and then it’s on towards spring 🙌❤️ woo hoo!!!


Just wanted to add that because that makes me happy ❤️ we are over the winter hump, as of tmrw 🙌 spring is coming ❤️ (yes I’m reaching lol – just let me) 😘✌️

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    1. Yeah I suppose. It was crazy week but then it fits in with all the other crazy weeks lol … no idea corp gonna just converge on our city like that 😮

      And then the whole Adonis thing 😮

      That didn’t really unwind me. Is cool to meet people so whatever … but that was whirlwind week

      That makes me think about if I leave death… so… I’m not sure I want to??

      I like the peace 😮❤️

      But was nice. Enjoyed the convo

      I’m not the best person to be dating lol … I am not good dater person – people are over my head

      Did take my mind away from work which usually doesn’t happen – also made me think

      Has been interesting week, that’s for sure

      I have already begun unwinding for holidays – we had our Christmas party tonight… was fun… my daughter came as my plus one… and she got all dressed up – had me put make up on her … and then after the party she said to me… umm when you said party, I thought was a party. 😳

      I said… ?? That WAS a party

      She said “no, that was people sitting around at a table having dinner – I wouldn’t have worn make up if I know that was the party” lol

      I told her it was “funeral people” 😄😄✌️

      …and I have Christmas Eve and Christmas OFF ❤️

      Last year had to work and be on call. 😮

      This year I enjoy my moments with those I love ❤️

      Hope you unwinding and enjoying holiday! Hope you have a wonderful holiday season 🙌 ❄️

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      1. Yes, there is a saying about “may you live in interesting times” but, like most things, that can be a double-edged sword! 😉

        Haha, that’s funny. that she thought it was going to be a “party” party rather than a dinner party 😉 Give her another four years and she will not want her mum at a party hehe but give it another ten years and she will be inviting you to every party going haha

        Thank you for your good wishes – much appreciated! Enjoy the time with the children and laugh a lot! 🙂


    1. Yes it is March 20th

      But currently the darkness will be slipping away and back into spring and summer ❤️

      … that’s taking it way way back lol

      Funny how memories flood back ❤️


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