What to do?

Ok – so… I am still in processing mode. That is not good words to say to me 2 weeks in.

Now I am all weird 🤦‍♀️

I am silent 😑

So he text me earlier (usually he was doing early morning and at night) – but last night he said that… and I just went silent – because I couldn’t – I just could not.

Ok so … I was silent last night and this morning and he text me about 11am to say Happy Tuesday.

I just left it there because I can’t … what do I do? I have to say something. Ok … be an adult. So ok I will.

So finally just little bit ago – I just said “I have been busy, but we should talk – I should have some time to call you after work tmrw”

To which INSTANTLY I received a text back

He says “you can call me whenever you want trisha. You are always welcome, call me whenever you want and are ready, as I embrace you”

Yes … yes he said that – just like that

It is way too much. I understand he is kind hearted and a good person – he is very kind and thoughtful and caring… he’s a really good person

I just need time. For me is too much. I don’t give my time… I am tired from things…

Also I can’t do pressure. I can not do a personal life with massive pressure things… there can be no pressure of anything personally lol … I have that at work so for personal life… I want to enjoy life and have peace … easy… approach slowly … no sudden movements!!

Ok so… I have to talk to him

I am too tired to write anymore – I keep dozing off

I need to sleep soooo bad 💤 I’m too tired for any songs 😮😮😮☹️

Gnite ❤️😘

Ps I miss the heat!

2 thoughts on “What to do?

Add yours

    “we should talk” is universal for “there’s a problem” so I am double-annoyed with that response.

    I’m sure it’s okay for some people, even endearing, or thought of as innocent flowery language. But it’s not appropriate with you and not after “we should talk”!!

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    1. Haha well yes… because I have a problem with him not knowing anything and just jumping right away into saying love you… no no!! 🤨

      Either way – I am gonna say when I have a problem – cause I don’t trust at all and that right there was too fast.

      I just want to make sure everyone is on same page

      I do not want stalkers or someone to be crushed.

      He is sappy romantic type?

      He is sort of a nerd… he likes same nerd things I do.

      We have alot of parallel things.

      So as a person – I like him – I do not think he is bad… I do not mind being friend.

      There are just some things that are too much for me. Reasons why I go slow.

      He asked if it made me uncomfortable – I said yes. He apologized

      So I THINK is ok? Just friends? 😳

      Not totally sure?? But THINK I handled

      We see 🤨

      There is so much to say / I have to do post but I am sooooooo tired!!! Omg it’s every fricken night I am completely exhausted lately 🥱 😴


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