Ninja 20, home & patience

Ok so… we had amazing party last night 🎈🎈 we ate his favorite dinner and we played a game I got for him

20 years ago – I give him life lol 🙌 created a human ❤️❤️❤️

He was about 5 there ❤️ that was right before the stage where he wanted to constantly be a ninja 🥷 lol

They all say they wanna live in house next to me when they grew up, and that I could always hold their hand and walk them to school – and then they grew up lol

He was my largest, they miscalculated him – he was 9lbs 13oz … I am small … so was like alien – all baby. They had to induce or he would still be in there!!

He is tall and skinny now lol …he got my skinny genes 🧬 … both boys are taller than me.

Anyway, we just celebrate being together and his birthday ❤️❤️ we had fun laughing and playing

And other things going on – I did not get condo… the HOA would not accept the loan I have FHA.

But that just means wasn’t meant to be… was excited but not sure was for me?? I don’t like being sooo close to people like that? So maybe normal house instead.

We see

So that is bad but not really – I only want what is meant to be and works… so whatever … something better fitting come along eventually

I’m going to be there for while

I want to love everything 😉😘✌️❤️🙌

The good news is I have a new hire – almost … just needs to meet with MY boss … would be a transfer 🙌 so will be fast … another new hire starts on 28th – I am finding them 🙌

My team will be BRILLIANT ❤️🙌

I find amazing people 🙌 yay!!!

And then brings me to this man… 😮

So … I think it scares me because I have always done alone?

Growing up I was new all the time “alone” …so I had to make friends really quick.

In marriage was isolated so was alone, except for kids.

And I just keep to self so I have experienced not answering to anyone and not being at anyones mercy …

I actually don’t think about it… I just work

I keep distance – with work I have directive and people to care for… and also do not get hurt… also creating spectacular team currently 🙌 I have little family

Today on group text they say this:


See why I love them ❤️ they are all amazing people (most)

So I don’t really think about dating or anything… until someone tries to come close.

Ok so what are my concerns …

Well his age… let’s start there …

I’m sooo much older… he is right in between me and my kids… he’s just at that boarder line where I say no lol

I do not really think of age when with him …

He’s interesting and makes me laugh – there is no drama. I don’t even realize he is young ..but then he is lol

His morals are really awesome and he’s so respectful of everything. He does not demand my time 🙌

Although he is making plans ?? 🤷‍♀️

For when does see again…

So see … he’s the type to really love you 😮 omg

How did this happen??

Also he’s very gentlemanly and proper …

And he makes me feel like this with way he speaks to me…

We have not kissed or anything – nothing. Which is good… I am cautious. I am not ready for that stuff – I need time.

There was that picture thing when I said let’s take pictures lol … I meant of nature… but we took some of us too lol … it didn’t even dawn on me he would want a photo of us lol

I don’t normally give time.

But then his humanity, maturity and kindness gets me, and his personality is similar

He’s so respectful of my work and time… and who I am etc

He is also funny in just right way lol … knows exactly when to make me laugh 😮

I give him time because of the level of his humanity and kindness 😮


So we see – I need slow though.

Once you over that hurdle then it’s on lol … but is big hurdle lol

I just don’t know him enough, to know if I am totally ok. 🤷‍♀️

And that is only the first thing!!!!

That’s just the initial “am I ok with this?” lol …

I am not sure I am ready for someone to come close yet.

Because let’s think about that for a second…

He will want to know where I live… I’m probably gonna be weird with that

I’m definitely not ready for that!!

He will come close… so that too.

So not sure what I am ready for… but I will see who he is.

I don’t want to hurt him and I do not want to be hurt and also I hope he has patience. I do not just let people enter my inner world – nope 👎 … am extremely careful who comes in close

I’m severely private

So hope he is patient

So far it’s ok… but I’m just saying ✌️😘

I haven’t seen him since the winery – just texting. He thinking of what to do next time I see him lol … he is planning he said lol 😮

He texts me good morning and good night 💤 says thoughtful things … fine so we see

One ☝️ chance – we see

I just need to also see where I am with this, because I do not know that yet. 😳

I really did not see this coming at all

I never do.


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  1. Glad you all had a good evening! Wow, he was a BIG baby!
    Sorry to hear about the condo but I think you are right to be stoic about it. Same with your guy, if it is meant to be then, in time, you will know it. You seem to have a knack for moving forward at your own pace and that is good as you can follow your groove! 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lol yes… he was too huge!! I was in wheelchair last 2 months 😮 I couldn’t support the weight

      Oh yes totally… with the condo – I am patient and gives me time to save more – something better will come ❤️

      And with the man – well he is falling too fast for me so that seems to be issue I just noticed today – so I will have to deal with that.

      But yes – I am careful with my actions and words. I prefer to be clear – is better that way

      I’m still working – working from home but still working- having 🥗 lunch 🙌 back shortly for rest

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yup… exactly … it was not meant to be for whatever reason… which is fine… I prefer things to actually be meant to be, and slide into place.

        I’m not in rush… gives me time to save more for larger down payment.

        I just like taking my time anyway. I want to be happy with everything ❤️


    1. There was some new super Mario game he wanted … with fury? So whatever lol – we played that … it was fun

      We also played Minecraft Dungeons because we all love Minecraft – I just watched that one

      Ha! The man … just wait til I post lol


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