Fricken Monday

😳😮😮😮 it’s gonna kill me

I am sitting at desk on phone and I hear a huge BOOM – sometimes we hear big trucks go by – but this was huge BOOM!!

So I take phone with me … and then I say I have to go… I have to call 911!! 😮😮😮😳

The car hit that pole and car was smoking and guy trapped inside

We had to smash that windshield and pull him out!! 😮😳 while car was smoking

Fricken windshields are hard AF to break!!! Damn!!!

Now I am completely all hot and sweaty.

That was right outside my work door 😮


He was ok and awake – few scratches and extremely stunned. He is ok and went to hosp – brand new 2021 Camero

That is only start of Monday!!

And someone say to me – you always have so much excitement in your life 🤨

I seriously try REALLY HARD to avoid everything… but obviously I fail miserably at avoiding things!! Life makes things come in my life whether I want or not!!!!

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    1. He was going high rate of speed and misjudged corner there! He was up on his side and he was thrown from drivers side into passenger side. Air bag deployed … he is very lucky!! And we located right next to a school… so he is also lucky to not have hit anyone or any kids!!!

      And now I have more work 🤨 cause now I have to deal with insurance companies – it never ends … just when I think I am unburying myself … nope something else 🤨

      A coworker teased me and asked if I ran out to give him my card “just in case”

      I did not lol

      He was very lucky kid – young kid!!

      That boy is hurting tonight – both probably himself, cause that was a hard hit and then he just totaled a brand new Camero! 😮 so bye bye vehicle 😮

      I’m just glad he was ok and I didn’t have to see anyone die!!! Thank god!!!

      It was crazy morning though – that got my blood pumping 🤨 I was definitely awake after that!!!

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      1. Oh no, witnesses say he was going 80 mph down that strip … but I am sure they exaggerate … you really can’t get that high speed too many lights, pedestrians and things …

        50/60 mph sure

        Yeah that car is completely totaled!

        I think front end got smashed because it went into my concrete!! 😮

        We busted out the front window

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      2. In mornings not so bad. Which why he could have been going really fast… and kids are walking to school around that time! He is seriously lucky! Hope he played Powerball yesterday – survived a crash and didn’t kill anyone

        Just going too fast and overshot that turn

        Lol Starsky & Hutch … never saw that. I know of it though and understand the reference

        I was more Dukes of Hazzard ❤️

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      3. Loved Dukes of Hazzard ❤️

        It was on Friday nights when I was young and we would have sleep overs and watch Dukes of Hazzard

        We were in love with Bo lol

        I was really young lol

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    1. No he was too stunned… completely stunned. He just sat there stunned, even when we pull him out.

      Was a young kid. Probably about early 20’s.

      One person had a wrench 🔧 then someone else gave us a hammer 🔨 we used the hammer and the some pulled back the window as it broke – those windshields are soooooo fricken strong – we were whacking the shit out of the windshield and at first wasn’t doing crap!! Until we got the hammer 🔨

      No way kid could have done that – he was wedged down bottom of passenger side – the side that was on ground. And he was way to stunned by everything.

      Plus we didn’t know if he was hurt or what but that car was smoking and things were leaking everywhere – we didn’t have time to wait and see what he could do.


      1. Ooohhh gotcha … is that all vehicles? I do not think I would be strong enough to do that anyway – I can’t lift my arms well and I have to be very careful with any stress in that upper body area.

        I was actually quite impressed by people today ❤️ just for a minute ❤️

        In moments of need or tragedy – I had so many people stop and come help ❤️ and they were amazing ❤️


    1. Lol … there were MANY people who jumped into help – people actually pulled over in their cars and ran over to help!!

      Before police and fire came I had a whole team of people helping ❤️❤️❤️

      Was not just me ❤️❤️❤️

      But I was trying to avoid things today – that was gonna be my plan for Monday – stay away from ALL bad things 🙌

      That was not in my cards today lol

      But kid wasn’t hurt, was speaking and walked over to stoop to sit, when we pull him out.

      So that ended good, he was ok and went to hosp for further examination

      And then there was another incident of another kind later and that went fine too.

      I made it through Monday alive 🙌❤️ whew! Fricken Monday!! 🤨


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