So I have something scary… it’s October right? Of course 😮


Here comes Halloween 🎃

I currently feel like I am living in a horror movie or something ? Maybe little bit? Just currently, in real life – just with some stuff

I am nervous. I have really bad gut feeling and vibe on something pretty serious. Always trust your gut right??


Let’s just do the Halloween light show for tonight because anything else is going to be too scary lol ✌️

See the lights are way better ❤️


Yeah… let’s just do lights and music 🎶🙌❤️


Monday will be scary enough – I don’t need to speak it 😮😳


Does your area of the world do this for Halloween?



And because I love the haunted mansion always…



Totally way better than my scary things lol 😘

8 thoughts on “October

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  1. Some of these are very good! Alas, nothing like that at all here. Maybe – rarely – a plastic pumpkin in a store window. Perhaps you could change the filter of you jazzy car lights to orange for the month? 😉


  2. The ahole guy around the corner has all his inflatables up. I got some decor, which is unusual for me – but the 99cent store had a lot of black cat stuff. Neighborfam put up a couple strings of lights but that’s about it around here. I’ll buy full size candy bars closer to the holiday.

    Re you txt msg: Is it to the point of getting a restraining order? It sounds like you should at least alert someone with authority of your concern!

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      1. I rarely buy holiday items. I used to get one fancy xmas ornament every year, despite never having an xmas tree, but I stopped that long ago.

        I was having shopping antsies and the cheap halloween black cat stuff was tooo tempting.

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      2. I also always do one special Christmas Ornament … but it can not be just any ornament… it has to have meaning or represent a part of the year. So when I look over my tree, I can see my life 🙌❤️ I have some heirloom ornaments I also love ❤️

        I still do that. 😊❤️

        Lol black cat is perfect theme for your house on Halloween 🐈‍⬛

        I have one of those pictures that will look at you when you walk by (hologram)… I fricken love it… but my daughter will not allow me to put up lol … it creeps her out too much!! Lol

        Instead I have cute ghosts and a few ugly witches lol – maybe some spiderwebs 🕷 🕸 I just put those out lol – she has not seen that yet lol – that might not stay up lol … maybe our last holiday here? Maybe?


      3. You’d love Rogers Gardens in Newport. They have thousands & thousands of beautiful/unique ornaments for purchase every Christmas season. They’re probably already starting the setup. Plus they decorate the gardens. It’s really beautiful. Maybe I’ll detour down there on one of my Fri afternoons.

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      4. It sounds amazing 🙌

        Back east we had the Christmas Tree Shop … that was name of story and was everything holiday all the time ❤️❤️❤️

        I don’t know that you have them out here? Nope I just checked only east coast thing

        I haven’t yet found anything comparable.


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