Winter is coming

So I slept in until 8am this morning!!! 😮 so weird to wake so much later now! Like I missed a big chunk of “day” lol

But whatever – I am being slow and lazy – it’s a beautiful day ❤️ kind cold and freezing lol but beautiful 🙌

Windy, the wind chimes are clanging lol … the sun is just beaming 😁 ☀️🌴 … our high today is only 78 😮😳

When you coming of of 100’s and 90’s … 78 is freezing 🥶

I want to turn the heat on – but no … I just added clothing 🤨🙄 …ugh and here we go with layers 🥶

Can I have a GRADUAL descend? Lol

Ok. Here comes winter 🥶😳 how much longer til spring? Lol kidding I won’t start that yet – I am just joking – but only slightly …because I know I can’t start that yet lol ✌️ … but I do sorta already want that. Or just year round perfect temp – I would also like that lol ✌️

Ok so … who’s got the heat?? Lol kidding but if you tell me you do – I’m gonna want that

I wish I could grab the sun like that ❤️ I would really love that ❤️☀️❤️

But in winter…

I am not at my best when I am purple 🤨 because yes I do turn purple and blotchy … I am not a cold weather person… really at all 😮

Which is funny because I am also Irish … so I burn extremely easy and when the sun sits on my skin – I literally sizzle and burn, in seriously, only a few minutes!!! 🤨 YES… I said minutes 🤨

I also turn red really easy 🤨 I have 3 colors to me lol … my base color is white… with brown dots all over lol – so kinda I am speckled with all colors 🙌 lol

Then in warm sunny times – I can turn red – and that red can also be partially purple, depending on how bad it happens 😮 …let’s just not talk about that 😉✌️ (I still learn lessons, because I really want to believe – one day I can handle it!!) lol … every year I think that lol … I’m sure by now, my skin can take little extra – but no… I am swiftly reminded 🤨🤦‍♀️ (but just incase one day 🙏 I still wanna try lol) maybe one day life will be like… “fine just let her have it” lol (I have false hopes lol but just incase and I love to try anyway)

And then 🤦‍♀️ … winter 🥶…ugh it’s the worst!!!

I am white with brown spots but also weirdly red and blotchy with purple because I freeze!! So you must turn up the heat lol

I kinda see slight humor… only to “me” in odd way … when people use skin color for prejudice?? Because then I think to myself ?? Why would you think a certain skin better than another??? … because mine kinda sucks 🤨 skin is stupid and not even deep – we literally all bleed the same … and you really can’t totally change what you are given … well I want to say that… but I also live in California – so I dunno? The things they can change now 🤷‍♀️ – so in that case I guess – get whatever you want

Hmm… what color would I like if I could chose ?? Hmm 🤔

Well I don’t know the bad of the other types – I just know I burn … and peel and things 🤨 … so I would like to not do that. Or get the C word.

I would like to frolic in the sun ☀️ for longer than FEW MINUTES before burning … to NOT sizzle like a steak on a grill!!! 🤨

I need the vitamin D!! And milk doesn’t like me now! I also don’t like taking things. No supplements

So I would like to have a skin that makes me NOT burn!! I am soooooo jealous!!!

I would like to be sun kissed in different color than completely fire engine 🚒 red ✌️

You instantly know I have been outside 🤨 even for a few minutes… I really hate that

It’s not that I don’t love what I look like or who I am – I do 😊🥰 it’s what I got. Like everyone else you grow into it lol

But… just the burning thing is really annoying!! And I happen to live where fires are a thing, and I love the sun and heat 😮 California sun is intense!

🤦‍♀️ burn baby burn

So anyway… winter is coming 😳🥶 now I turn red blotchy purple 🤨

Just keep the heat up 😉✌️

Since I can’t change my skin at all 🤨 …or even teach or train it 🤨 …

I would like to live on an island in the sun with lots of SPF 🙌

Also would like to add having freedom, equality and no stupid political parties messing up my island – they can just stay on the mainland!!! Keep out!

Ahhh day dreams whatever – got lost there for a minute 😉 … it’s just the coldness is setting in and I am not done with the heat yet!! I also prefer to be eased into things not just plopped or all crazy! Slow and steady wins the race lol ❤️🙌 I am the turtle lol 🐢 …not the hare 🐇

So yeah I just like the transition a little slower and more gradual

But you don’t get to chose certain things in life – that’s just how it is. So just keep trying for what you want 😘✌️

Little side note story… when my oldest was a baby … and I first introduced him to carrots 🥕 … I accidentally turned him orange because I fed him too many carrots 😮 I did not know that happened until “that happened” 😮😮😮 I didn’t know you could turn someone orange lol you live, you learn lol

I’m just saying nothing is ever totally perfect but is still amazing and beautiful.

Except the cold and winter 🥶… ok I just find dread there!!!

Ugh 😑 yes

Ok so we gonna have cold weather, I’ll be freezing … there’s gonna be so much death (please hurry! Do your shot!)… ugh and inside because of cold and possibly maybe rain? 🙏

But my rain is usually boring – just boring rain – no excitement to it usually – just maybe floods or something.

That’s weird?? I just realized something … I find Northern California rain boring… and the floods build up gradually

I like gradual because is moments of time leading up to something…

But not with Mother Nature – with storms I love the fierceness 😮 the power 😮🙌 not the destruction – I am just in awe of the power

I do not like tornados 🌪 – I am afraid of those. Too powerful!

I will never live in Tornado Alley – sorry I can not!! Off my list – I would constantly worry with every storm. Although your storms are incredible and beautiful – definitely a lure 😮

I do love hurricanes 🌀❤️ I love everything about a hurricane 😮 … except the death and destruction … I am not speaking on that – obviously I do not want that.

But I separate that from what the storm is – it’s an incredible weather event that I really love 😮 … yeah I don’t know what’s wrong with me…

I find everything about them incredible and beautiful 😮 the wind speeds 😮 it’s exciting to watch them grow – picking up speed over the warm water 😮

I’m sure my feelings are way different than most people on this.

I love the feeling when it’s coming towards you and you rush to board up Windows or hunker down anything you can – I love preparing for!

I love the little transistor radio giving the knots and conditions ❤️ repeating date time and conditions over and over for you lol … I love having candles and things for when the lights go out

The first part hits and sometimes really hard – you are just at total mercy of that power 😮

You can see and feel the fierceness! 😳😮

And then the eye 👁… is beautiful and calm … like the storm has passed and you can relax. The smell of the air, the silence, and the beauty of the sky … omg ❤️🙌 you step out and that air smells so amazing … and it’s just so calm as you look around and see what it’s done

But it’s not done, has a big finale as the rest passes over – back with the wind speeds and rain for a second hard hit – maybe harder than the first because already weakened and smacked 😮

I dunno? I just find that beautiful …but again only the storm – not the death or destruction – I am just in awe with that power and thrill

But I do kinda love the way people come together to rebuild or support one another afterwards… I love to see human kindness ❤️

I wish that was always and not just if you are sick or there is an event. But the comradery is also very beautiful ❤️ I do like when we be together with each other, rather than fight

Nor’Easters can be pretty thrilling also. (massive blizzards or snow storms) – I am just not a cold person, but I know those well.

Those are also thrilling if done right lol … don’t get me all excited and then don’t deliver lol … ❤️

I like severe weather (not tornadoes 🌪) and if you gonna make me be cold and have snow – I better be able to play in it! I want forts and tunnels and things – so I would like couple feet – make it worth it

(I wanted the “give it to me baby” part of that song – but then I got sucked in remembering the song – that song makes me smile ❤️ ok actually laugh – I forgot all about that song!) ❤️

Not sure why I love those things like that.

But I do also love boring normal regular awesome sun ☀️ – that’s probably my favorite – but then there is my skin issue 🤨 so ya know – you can’t totally win

Earthquakes are a whole other issue – I do not like those – I do not like that power lol

It’s too mysterious and unpredictable.

BUT … I DO find a beauty to it – in a certain way?? 🤨🙄 I can’t help it…

I am scared of it… because of the unpredictable power and possible strength …

But then I think about it’s process and what the ground is doing and why/how 🤦‍♀️ that’s where I find the beauty – omg in the science 😮

Ok so… there are things – like history and science that I love and bleeds into the way I view something

Heart things do that too but I am WAY WAY WAY more cautious there

I’ll take a risk on a storm, before I will do that with my heart 😮😮😮 whoa – I fear a storm less 😮😮😮

I can take any size storm (not tornadoes 😉) … but I do not like when the heart bleeds. So don’t do that! I have highest level caution ⚠️

I can read a storm easily 😮😮😮… people are iffy – I know the fierce I get with a storm, but you don’t always truly know people

Huh see how writing helps?

Interesting to think that.

What would I choose ?? Unpredictable earthquake or heartache? Hmm 😮 that’s more of a decision I have to think about. I might chose heart on this one? Maybe then I choose heart, when up against earthquake

Definitely choose heart over tornadoes lol ✌️🌪

Ok well I should go do stuff 🙄 I am behind on my own happenings and chores – bleh

I guess I am fall cleaning and preparing car and house for winter 😑 ugh dread – it’s cold today – very dramatic kinda dip there

11 thoughts on “Winter is coming

Add yours

    1. Hahaha well initially in morning it is …when you are used to the 100’s and 90’s lol – that is quite the drop all fast like that!

      Was still beautiful day – I’m just saying cold is setting in – it’s a comin lol

      Winter is coming lol 😉😘✌️

      Although I will say my winter is tame compared to others – mine is just rain – boring rain lol

      The coldness is not overly bad either actually – I just prefer summer lol 😉😘

      We normally in maybe 40’s/50’s? But can drop into 20’s on occasion.

      Not overly bad.

      It’s just was not very gradual – was cold this morning … I do not want to get out of the covers lol 🙌 but that is not a bad thing ❤️

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes so far been a nice easy weekend and I’m getting all my own things situated. 🙌

        Lol … I’m trying to hurry it along to Spring – fast forward lol … but you are right – ok fine – fall first 😉✌️

        Liked by 1 person

    1. They are on a tree maybe a few yards away lol … they awesome with nice soft breezes 🙌 ahhh So serene sounding

      But when it’s fricken blowing – omg 😳… they go nuts so I have them NOT right on top of me lol

      But it is beautiful to hear from the distance ❤️✌️

      Liked by 1 person

      1. It really is. It gives off vibes of the natural universe, almost. I don’t know how to explain it, but it is a very satisfying, very real sound.

        Liked by 1 person

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