Lost in time

A forgotten literary piece by Tennessee Williams was found at a Harvard library: Harvard’s Houghton Library 😮

It’s called “The Summer Woman” ❤️


“The Summer Woman” appears this week in the fall issue of the literary quarterly The Strand Magazine.

“The Summer Woman” was written in 1952. It tells of an American academic who frequently visits Rome and hopes to reunite with an Italian prostitute whom he had met and had financially supported in hopes of keeping her “off the street.”

“He could encompass five or six very important themes in a 3,000-word short story. And, in this case, the themes are love, betrayal, foreign policy, human relationships,” Gulli said.

The story parallels Williams’ opinion that the United States was not doing enough to assist the Italians following World War II.

“In in a letter that Williams said, theater critic, he was saying that unless we do more for these people, they’ll fall prey to communists or to extremists,” Gulli said.

I just copy pasted from that article from Boston. But that’s exciting – I can’t wait to read 😊

Weird how things get lost to time like that??

“The themes are love, betrayal, foreign policy, human relationships” … HA! Things just never actually change 🙄

Anyway just interesting – I love finding things like that ❤️

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