Difficult Day

I am little uneasy with today. It will be fine, and the decision is correct.

I will be with my boss and we gonna handle something.

I don’t know how will go, but I suspect gonna be difficult.

It’s gonna break my heart, but has to be done.

It only breaks my heart because I had hoped – I believed in.

So anyway. That probably won’t go well.

But again the decision is correct so there is no choice.

Ok well I have to go.

What day is it? Wednesday? Ok midweek. Whew 😥

That’s what I was gonna write about last night but I didn’t know what to say cryptically and I was too tired.

Ok so Wednesday begins 😳

12 thoughts on “Difficult Day

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    1. I had to fire someone today. So ya know. Went fine. I’ll post soon ✌️

      Lol… on your PS – I’ll have that right out to you – might take awhile with snail mail lol – keep checking lol 😄

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