Tahoe 🆘

This is Lake Tahoe ❤️❤️❤️

Inspiration Point
South Lake Tahoe

And then this is what threatening my beloved Lake Tahoe right now 😮😮😮…


I live in mountains going up towards Lake Tahoe -We have the firefighters coming into town from Southern California to head up the mountain. One truck said Tulare Fire Department … and another said some other town, I did not recognize. They are pretty far from this area ❤️ thank you for coming to help ❤️

My home is smoky to breathe but not terrible. We are west of the fire – the wind blows east. 😉 … we can smell it but the smoke blows other way. It still hurts your eyes and throat!

😳😳😮😮😮 I love Lake Tahoe 😳that is my peace place ❤️ it is threatened. 😮

And those homes are MILLIONS of dollars 😮😮😮

The Dixie fire STILL burns near me too!!

And this Caldor Fire is moving really fast – aimed right at Lake Tahoe 😮😱😱😱



That was filmed in Lake Tahoe ❤️ I wish I could just hold on to it right now!!


Please don’t take Lake Tahoe 🙏

I still want it! It’s so close to me – is easy peace place ❤️❤️❤️☹️

It’s gonna take everything away from me, so I want to leave lol 😮 what is life doing???

Lake Tahoe is sincerely breathtaking – you have no idea until you are there and when you see… you realize “just how” tiny in the world we are 😮 – hard to explain – but like that. It completely takes your breath away and makes you understand how to feel the earth? ❤️

The actual beauty of the landscape is omg – no photo does justice!! It’s just beautiful ❤️ I love it there – it’s so peaceful ❤️ or was 😳 … not really peaceful right now 😮

It’s the type of area that makes you think of John Denver lol or maybe that’s me lol ✌️ ❤️💋


The United States has these amazing places that take your breath away simply ❤️


Lake Tahoe is like that… it truly takes your breath away … well if you know how to see it 😘✌️

☹️💔 I hope 🤞 it’s ok 🙏🙏

Imagine the fear of that 😳😮 a fire coming right at you 😮

And some won’t leave.


Lake Tahoe straddles the California/Nevada state border… so one area of Lake Tahoe is in California … and the other is in Nevada. Lol ❤️❤️❤️

There is a Lake Tahoe, California… and a Lake Tahoe, Nevada ❤️

Well anyway – more fires ☹️

If you Google “Caldor Fire” –

It’s got a “SOS Alert” 🆘… and gives map of fire and all the fire information etc


Ok well. You can’t do anything but watch and hope be ok 🙏🙏☹️

The power of nature is incredible!! If you have not experienced, it can be quite fierce!


😩😩💔💔💔 that broke my heart – I know is nature but still 💔 they’ve got to be terrified also!


I have something else serious to talk about, unrelated … but I will be back. ✌️

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    1. I know!!!! Me too!!! 💔

      Lake Tahoe I am close to. I can go whenever. ❤️ is right there. Maybe hour and a half-ish? Have gone and also stayed, or just day trip, many times ❤️


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