Cult of Personality

I had to take a personality test today for a work thing I am training on.

It’s to pin point my communication style and teaches me how to recognize things in others 😮

So my style is largely “analytical” 😮 (I never would have thought that!) lol … but I am very precise and take note and make sure I have things handled … I am very logical and clear with structure, procedures and rules … I just never would have pinned myself as analytical lol 🤷‍♀️ I am extremely accurate though lol … oh and there’s the planning thing too lol – ok fine maybe am analytical lol … it’s not bad – I just didn’t stop to think about it lol

Ahh the things you learn about yourself 😮 lol

My secondary side of style is:


Ok well yes on that one lol

They got that one lol

I am mostly those 2…

I am also slightly expressive … not as much as other 2 ranked but is there. I am more careful with my expressions.

And there was one other category that I did not fit very much at all… it was called “driver”

I am not a “driver” type lol 😄

Drivers are driven hard – get results and steamroll over anything or anyone in their way.

I am definitely not like that.

It told me about all the personalities and how they react when backed in corner, and how to interact with each for positive result lol

So that would be why I work so well with that man lol … I am analytical so I am all about precise and correct information – assess the situation

He would be a driver – with a secondary of analytical

And then my amiable brings laughter and brightness to the table lol 🙌😄

But ok I see now…

Now I’m gonna be walking around analyzing everyone lol 😄😄😄 – sorry in advance lol – just checking out the new skill lol ✌️💋

My favorite guy would be expressive and amiable lol

Oh no …see now I am analyzing everyone lol 😮

Maybe you shouldn’t teach me these things lol

My boss is driver with secondary expressive 😮

Yeah see now I am thinking of everyone’s personality lol 😮

Now that’s in my mind lol

Very interesting course though – I did not expect to be analyzed but that was cool 😎

And that’s how that works lol


Ahhh I love new skills ❤️ yes teach me – but careful because I try them out lol ✌️

4 thoughts on “Cult of Personality

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    1. Lol … it’s kinda interesting … they just all have different things which is little funny … this one calls it this or that… names you something… tells you a type or style lol

      You don’t want a label? Lol I’m only teasing 😘

      They cool – I like to see what says I am lol … see if it’s right lol 😉✌️

      I am still up because people won’t stop dying tonight 😳😮 omg it’s call after call!! Holy moly

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