Life explained lol

I feel quiet. Really quiet. Maybe this will help?

We have some staff issue things going on…

And then that one guy who thinks is challenge 🤨🙄… but isn’t and doesn’t hear what I say. 🤷‍♀️ it’s not gonna be a challenge ..but whatever knock yourself out lol – not happening

There is one other 🙄😑 …none of these people are close enough to even know who I am!!!!! They literally know nothing about my life or who I am!!

This other one is a little spooky to me sometimes ?? Is because he is only infatuated … but he thinks he is completely in love

He is not. He doesn’t know me, I do not know him … he just thinks I’m really beautiful and then he builds me up in his own mind to be this amazing love of his entire life 🙄🤨

Is not true. Is only surface, shallow and imagination

He should not even be interested in me at all… he needs to not be!!

He tells me constantly that when he hears this song :

He says when he hears that song he thinks of me 😮

No no!!! 😑

I don’t want something being all about sex… if that’s all that’s offered then no and I don’t trust it either

However 😮… there is another one who I CAN NOT have, and is untouchable, not my type and not avail … and not even an option …

But the way he is though – he’s amazing … 🙌❤️

You have zero anxiety when with, you know you can trust his word and his words are solid. He dots his i’s and crosses his t’s

I don’t worry about anything at all with him… we keep it all business and is great like teamwork!! We have same perfection ocd quirks lol … we both work very hard and it’s just a pleasure to work for him

I like that a lot! Would totally fall for that 😮 very lucky is off limits lol

I find maturity and emotional intelligence REALLY HOT 😮

And yes I know sex is important … I don’t have problem with it… as long as I trust you… but yeah you gotta make it that close first …

I do not see worth in that without connection so whatever ✌️💋 they don’t know their target

And why is it always sexual? Lol … if you want stimulation you must not forget all of the aspects – if you forget the mind – you are NOT getting the body lol 😘✌️🙌

I watch the motive and the demeanor. Behavior

I love when I have no worry – I want to be at ease and relaxed… and that’s pretty hot – cause it’s a peace to me …

That makes me want that lol… so ya know – people just do it wrong lol 😘✌️

But anyway lol … no with the playboy one 🤨… whatever 🙄 … not happening lol

And then this other one who swears I am his love of life?? No

He is just …I don’t even know??? Blinded by what he perceives to be beauty so he just constantly professes he in love with me?? 🤨

Ok. No. 🖐

He doesn’t know who I am, I do not know him… he just only has fantasy in own head. That’s it

So hell yeah I keep a distance

I handle ✌️ I keep massive distance – totally avoid.

So anyway – “reasons I am apprehensive” 😘✌️

Just saying

So yes I like to hide away from all of that 🙌

I usually just be quiet – maybe that will pass – but nope

So whatever

I like just having peace

And I do not even know when I be ready 😮😮😮 because that gives me slight heart attack feeling lol

And I’m just not ready ..until I’m at ease with someone and it lines up well, and is good match?

I’m not into the way they are coming at me – I don’t like that

And then I am silent and pull back. Have major caution ⚠️

I think best way to have a chance… is to go through the mind first

You don’t get the heart or anything lower… if you don’t have the mind lol 🙌

Ahhh see … start your way at the top and then work your way down lol 😄😘✌️

“Life Explained” 😄 lol

Anyway. Whatever – like I said … “No” 😘

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