Friday was good. Lots of little tiny drama things but manageable sorta – hopefully 🙏

Kids came over and we talked about things and one of the things we talked about was corporations lol …

My son works for a corporation also (different one and kind)

Just similarities in how all corporations do and where they fail ✌️

We had fun though – we all had some funny stories

And they show me this:


Also… I have this guy who is REALLY flirty with me …

I keep him at a distance and also I am extremely careful with all that!! 😮

I am a playful flirty person sorta … but also very straight lined? I am very careful with things and I like peace lol ✌️😘

And he is extremely confident and must think girls fall all over him – because he’s pretty sure of himself there 🤨

He acts all nice… but I don’t like the way he looks at me – like I am dinner 🤨 … he comes in real close to talk to me too 😮

And every single text message is a flirt 😮

I am fine with flirting as long as that’s all it is…

But he thinks I am challenge to him 🤨😑

Problem is … in order to have a challenge, you must also have the possibility of winning, which he does not

But he thinks is challenge 🤨🙄

I tell him no and he tells me I wouldn’t regret it, HA! Yeah ok

So that tells me that I will absolutely regret!! Nope 👎

Whatever 🙄

He’s a playboy 🙄 there is no way. He doesn’t have a prayer

I’m good right there … when you can step to me as a person then we can talk … when you act like I am meat, you don’t stand a chance ✌️ lol

He is like a wolf when around me… and then ya know the texts

That is still a no.

Anyway I have to run

Yeah that’s a no lol

I just don’t want that like that. So no … I am not a challenge because that’s a hard no!!

I just keep saying no all the time lol 🤦‍♀️

5 thoughts on “No

Add yours

    1. Ah well … I’m just careful and cautious.

      I’ll have a post because there is someone who is off limits – but really perfect 😮😮😮 … just off limits, not avail and not type… but they perfect omg 😮 I would want them 😮 but I don’t, because it’s not a thing lol

      Yeah I will post about what I like lol

      I’m just tired always being approached like wanna just eat me up 🤨🙄 … no … because I know they do to every woman and see who falls for it – no thank you – I will pass

      When can be mature and intelligent then ok – maybe? I’m squeamish so we see lol ✌️ it depends on the person!!

      It’s just a thing I am extremely careful with.


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