Slow your roll!!

Just a little reminder ✌️

On my way to work this morning…

I was about 10 minutes away from work…

I was coming up to a red light – I was the only one coming up to the intersection (normally is busy but was so early) the other direction, crossing me – was busy.

As I slowed to stop for the red light … I was still pretty far back…

But at the intersection … I see a little car completely FLY around the corner to take the turn 😮😮😮

She hit the median and tried to correct herself – but her rate of speed was insane and she bounced off the median – turned the wheel sharply… and went flying into someone’s fence 😮😮😮

So I pulled over and made sure she was ok… she was really shaken and upset… we called police and I gave them and her my info because I saw the accident

Whoa 😳😮

It was like watching a movie in slow mo… but again her rate of speed for that turn was not ok or proper 😮😮 she was flying, literally 😮 she is soooo lucky!!!

I have never watched an accident happen right in front of me 😮😮😮

The whole front end of her vehicle is smashed 😮😮

She is very lucky!!! Thank god she was not hurt!!! I don’t want to see that!!

So …. Friday 😳😳

Alright then – so it begins – hopefully everyone makes it through Friday!! 🙏🙏🙏

Oh and one more thing…

I love speed yes … but … you can’t just speed around like a race car driver like that 😮 trust me … I would love too… one day I gonna go to Germany lol ❤️ ✌️ ~dreams~ lol


Don’t go dying on Friday 😮

Ok I was early but I have to get to work, we open soon

6 thoughts on “Slow your roll!!

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    1. Yes I sat with her, she was shaking!! Young girl.

      And of course!! I was scared she was hurt / but she said no – she was more scared and ya know it’s traumatic


      1. She’s lucky you were there!

        I stayed with a young guy who caused a 7-car very minor crash (rear ended a car in stopped traffic, I was the 7th car, and only one that had left proper distance when I stopped). No one was hurt and he was intensely scared about facing his parents. I told him to emphasis “7 cars” and pray they’d focus on being relieved he was not hurt.

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      2. That is my total first thought because I see these kinds of accidents come to work. We have one now.

        So my first thought was please let her be ok!!! 😮😮


      3. Oh, gawd… I didn’t even consider your extra connection!

        I worked at a job where a loved coworker (I didn’t know him) failed to arrive for work. It turned out that many people had driven past the scene of his fatal crash near the office.

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