Monday moans ✌️

Whew! Exhausted!! Omg

Got home at 8pm 😮😮 … that’s because I stayed late … I have to take Wednesday and Thursday off so … I have tons to do… I do not want it to swallow me on Friday 😮😮

So check this out … last week was scorching 🥵 hot!! Like oven heat 😝 too hot!

But this week is completely different 😮😮 …

Someone is fricken answering my prayers 😮😄✌️❤️❤️❤️

But last week “we cooked”… and this week – we got put in the fridge lol ✌️is on the chilly side but whatever – I will take it!!

You know what happened right?? That heat was so much – that I bought a nice pair of sandals 👡 for work ❤️ … and some cute summery work clothes …

Because the very next day, it gets cold or chillier … I shouldn’t say cold ✌️ but makes me cold with goosebumps – and the wind is whipping

What kind of weather is this ??? In California in June??? I am confused lol – whatever – totally love it, so keep doing that – although we supposed to heat up again ugh … yo-yo this year!!

Ugh … remember favorite guy?? Ok well… he sorta apologized for things but then turned it around and said he has a belief in forgiveness over permission 😮😮😮

That is AWFUL!!! 😮😮😮

Forgiveness over permission 😮😮😮 I am shocked he even say such a thing!!!

That makes me view a different light and keep guarded – because now I know he does without asking permission – thinking he will get forgiveness after 😮😮😮 uuggghh no!!

There are so many circumstances where that is extremely BAD!!!!

There is a time to take initiative and there is a time to know your fricken place ✌️ be respectful.

And that’s the thing – he want respect… but you have to give that to get that…

And that’s just soooo appalling to me… forgiveness over permission – oh boy nope

I like him but he will not be close in my life after that statement – now I am careful and on guard –

Dude 🤨 like hell I’ll give forgiveness if you just disrespect and do whatever you want – that is not how things work. 😮

That is the stuff I do not want in my life at all!!! I can’t believe he said that – but whatever – ugh 😑 somewhat handled

He is on thin ice?? I don’t know what his deal is?? Careful – don’t break that ice 🧊


Well anyway there is that.

I’m just shocked with that perspective 😮😮 I can’t even digest it!! Do you make it through life like that? 😮😮

What is going on with people 😮🤨

Whatever … moving on…

Sooo … you know my gas station dilemma… so I just keep my eye open for new peaceful one… the guy was very sweet … I am just very careful.

Anyway… I thought maybe I found one?? Sorta??

I have zero idea what that song says … but it talks about gasoline I think lol … and the video is hot so whatever ✌️ I like the song ❤️

Last week I went there and it is all women ❤️ … ahhh 🙌 no issues there ❤️ women that’s your key!

I really don’t know why women don’t rule the world but whatever – tomato tomáto

✌️ women would be better at it – you should try us lol ✌️😘

Anyway… so I was excited with that!! Yay!!! Peace ❤️❤️❤️

… I got gas and went in to get a coffee…

I wasn’t sure if they have coffee or not – but they did so bonus!

While I was getting coffee this charming young man being funny and talking to me – if you are funny I don’t mind… he wasn’t trying to ask me out – he was just charming and funny.

So whatever – I didn’t think anything else of it … until today…

I stopped at that gas station again… and after getting my coffee I was walking out and who comes walking in ?? Same exact guy from last week and he smiled and said “hey beautiful, I remember you”

He caught me off guard but I recognized him… I just smiled through the mask and kept leaving … I don’t know if it’s that word “beautiful” that immediately puts me on guard? Or what?? I know supposed to be flattering but puts me on guard … I do not go up to men and be like “hey handsome” lol

Ok so… I am not sure if I want this gas station or not? I like that it has all women because then I am free from worry… but then just little cautious with these things – that’s both last week and this week that I run into that man… so…

I do have urge to flee lol … just so there is no issues. I like peace.

I will try it few more times before deciding.

Ugh it’s so hard to find good gasoline lol 😄✌️ why does that always have to be a thing???

Anyway … I am little silent in real life… just kinda taking things in… digesting many things… I am not quiet with my girls at work, but personally I just stay quiet.

The blog helps me not go silent into myself 😊✌️ cause I do have urges to just be silent and I find it easier if I come here… I can still be silent … but also be careful with it? I know it’s dangerous slippery slope so I use the blog to help me with that. ❤️✌️ it helps ❤️

One more day of work before graduation activities 😮

Oh yeah I for you to tell you…

Only 2 family members are allowed at graduation 😮 I have to be around him – that makes me feel REALLY sick!! Probably why the silence – because it is severe

So… that will be Thursday. 😳 I hope I can handle but I don’t know – he panics me really bad – I don’t know – we see

I am little scared because I do not want to see at all!! But whatever life goes on.

And also one of my girls goes to Las Vegas every so often because she has family there… she went during covid and they were strictly enforcing masks last year.

She said “NOW” there are no masks 😮😮😮

My area is still masked… in all stores there are masks – masks are still an everyday thing!!

Just will depend on where in the United States you are …or perhaps where in the world you are??

What makes one place ok without a mask – and another one not ??

In MY area … we going slow… because we little nervous still – after what we just had. So we still do the masks 😷

Ok off to try to read some 😘❤️✌️

Gnite ❤️💋

3 thoughts on “Monday moans ✌️

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  1. Oh no, again!!!! What is it with you and gas stations haha? Is there a bat-signal that invisibly beams from your car haha.
    On a more serious note, good luck at the graduation! It will be great! Hopefully, you can site wherever you want!! Stay safe!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hahaha it does seem like some kind of radar 😮😄

      Thank you ❤️ Excited for her graduation ❤️ is my last baby 😮 then she starts high school in fall 😮😮😱

      Yeah do not want to be anywhere near him. That’s gonna be little tough even not sitting with. Should be fine hopefully 🙏

      I’ll be back tonight to read ✌️❤️ have a great day!! 🙌


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