Beliefs lol

Ok so let me see where to start because so much goes on – I need a notepad to just continuously write notes, so I remember everything!!

Ok let me rewind to Friday so I can retrace everything …

Work was good… we had a huge traditional service – went extremely well. ❤️

Remember my favorite guy?? Ok well – I really really really enjoy who he is as a person … but??? Work wise he just can not stop doing things … I have his back, but I can only do that so long with little stuff

He is about my age – few years younger …so I always tease to respect elder lol 😄✌️

But first the issue he had at own funeral home … now he is with all of us – my group…

He can’t control his tongue … he does not think of what he says before he says it … and I understand we all wanna be free – but there is a time where you have to think “is this a good thing to say right now?”

He only makes things more difficult for himself!!! Omg everyone gets mad at him and then I tell him how to fix and how to handle… he tells me “I know I know” and then it’s in one ear and out the other 🤨🙄

I absolutely respect his thoughts and opinions… and even if I do not agree – appreciate to know.

But sometimes he doesn’t leave things alone – some people do not like that.

I am fine being teased mostly and if I am being teased by him – I know him well enough that I can tease him back… so he teases me only gentle 😄😄

But others don’t know him or don’t like that.

There was a big deal about some restaurant 🙄 and he made one of my staff upset – so I handled that sorta (I am still in process because I am being sensitive to the person he upset, but also situating that with him)

He has a good heart… he really does… and he’s just so excited to be apart of our “family-like” team…

I talked with him recently on a more personal level… and he definitely needs self confidence which this job gives him … and we could make him flourish completely!!

But he has to learn tact and maybe mature little bit … but he has a charm to him? He just doesn’t think and could learn better respect

Which is funny because he wants respect soooo badly… we are willing to give that TO him!! We respect who he is … but he sometimes lacks the respect of others.

So yesterday I get a text from my girl and she say “weird question, but did you eat some of my ice cream?” (The one from the other day was too big to finish so we had saved them)

🤦‍♀️ ugh … it was not me. but anyone else there only one person just does things without thinking or asking

But now the issue I have with that is – that ice cream could have been for a service or from a service. You can not just be going in and helping yourself.

Simply ask and you shall know.

Ugh 🤦‍♀️ he is a work in progress … I really want the best for him – he gives a great persona… just only sometimes has that immaturity

But again – if he listens … that’s the key 🔑… IF he LISTENS… he will do amazing… he does have a supportive team behind him

Be kind, be respectful, fine to say opinion – but do not beat anyone up with it, also ask about things first, don’t just go doing whatever you want, when is not yours.

So whatever… he does really good and then he has his moments and if he want to go higher in the company – he has to understand maturity and also responsibility – sometimes he’s on point … and sometimes he just messes up. 🤦‍♀️

So anyway whatever

Then kids came over and they telling me this information … something about aliens 👽??

So ok whatever ?? I don’t really understand ?? They telling me the government quietly admitted to aliens or something??

Ugh 🤦‍♀️ and then they showing me something else of a person all upset because of this and the public doesn’t care lol

Yeah … I don’t care … sorry aliens from outer space 🪐 are just not currently on my major thing list. I just don’t care currently what the government thinks about it, admits about it or whatever – so what???

I also do not trust crap, or care what the government says about things like this.

But they found it crazy lol

They couldn’t understand why there is not more of public outcry … it’s because who cares lol 🤷‍♀️ and plus how much do you even believe the government with things? And who is wasting time with this?? Unless there is a threat or I can learn something new – then you let me know.

They funny though, evidently it’s a thing?

It’s always funny when the world is like “ the end of the world is coming!!” 😄😄 … do you know how many times in my lifetime they said that 😄😄

Y2K, December 21, 2012 (Mayan Apocalypse) lol, when Haley’s Comet came by, anytime we have too many fires, tornados, hurricanes and earthquakes lol … Nostradamus (but he is intriguing lol – but still)

Whatever. The kids are always like “😱😱😱” … and I’m like “eh they do that”

Sure maybe one day… but I don’t follow these things like that anymore. Too many cried wolf ✌️

So whatever just funny convos from Friday lol

Then we played Pokemon snap or I played because these people were like “here play, but we already beat the game”

What?? Lol so then while I play they tell me “get this secret”

But they don’t tell me until I’m right on it so I don’t catch it … is like when you driving with someone and they are giving you directions … when you come to a turn you are supposed to take they do not tell you til last possible minute lol “oh turn here” 🤨🤨🤨

So I made them help me out lol ✌️ it’s no fun when they have already beaten the entire game but technically they haven’t because they did not complete everything across the board … but they opened all worlds, found all pokemon and got the credits … but they have not taken all the photos, but they don’t care about that lol 🤷‍♀️ 😄

We had fun though ❤️ always 🙌❤️

Saturday… well let me think… so 2 weekends ago… when we tried to go to Dunkin- the line was just insane and I said “nope don’t care how much we love them – nope”

So yesterday I decided to try again because I got up so early … she was still asleep so I snuck out to go grab Dunkin’ at 6am lol (that’s some serious love right there lol) ❤️✌️

And it was perfect!! I was 2nd in line and was quick and I was happy … as I was leaving that drive thru was backing up already !!!

Why are these California people clogging up MY dunkin??? They have Starbucks!!!

And if you going to clog up my Dunkin… THEN OPEN MORE DUNKIN’s!!! Omg!!!

Ugh 🤦‍♀️ so… in order to get Dunkin’ you must go at 6 fricken AM!!

What happened to their Starbucks – they have that!! 😝😝😝

Then you discover how awesome Dunkin is and then they all clog Dunkin 🤨

These California people have BoTH Starbucks and Dutch Bros … they have to take everything!! Stop clogging my coffee place!! Keep it in business …but stop clogging it!!

We need more of them!!!!!!! So there is my gripe for the weekend lol – because it deals with my coffee lol ✌️

Then when I got home my landlord was out so I stop and say hello… she ask me about condo… would be something I could afford and in 4 years I could sell .. and also takes me out from having fear?

Little by little I make so he can’t make me fear? I have been saving and things – “preparing”

So we see. 🙏 she gonna help me with it ❤️ see why I love her ❤️ … she just fell into my lap one day when I really needed “her” ❤️ and ever since she has become like family ❤️

I always add a lot of hearts if I love something ❤️❤️❤️

So that’s really exciting ❤️

I will cry… not badly but just because of what walked through and where I have climbed to? There is many emotions on that – so it will make me cry. And every step I take – gets me away from him more and more ❤️❤️

He still does everything he can to I don’t even know? He’s just an asshole with vengeance – he is a sadist? So whatever – I work my ass off and I get the fuck away.

So this thing she help me with – get me away more and more ❤️

Then he won’t be able to do anything anymore ❤️ I’ll be safe ❤️✌️

So that is why I will cry (shhh) just all the emotions to come up ✌️

Alright so that is happy though… and then… later on in the day…

My landlord called … was the first time that I could do something for her that she needed ❤️❤️❤️❤️…

Is because of my job ❤️… for a preneed … so I set her up with my preneed girl.

I don’t know if they can give any discounts or anything? But I mentioned how much she means to me.

It just was nice because she’s always been amazing to ME… and I was able to help her with something ❤️

It kinda reminds me of the story about the Lion and the Mouse… do you know it?

I will roughly tell the story really quick…

One day the lion gonna eat the mouse … mouse said no no, one day I help you… lion humored the mouse because it made him laugh… what could a mouse possibly do for a lion? Until one day the lion got a thorn in his foot – he cried and cried … the mouse came along and pulled it out for him – and they were friends for life 🙌❤️😄

That’s my quickie version ✌️

But you connect and network and then you able to help others – you can pull resources and things ❤️ I was finally able to help HeR this time ❤️

I also love that aspect about my job… if I need help with something or I am looking for something… I can call ANY location ANY where and they just help ❤️ I love that is team oriented in that way! I have reach (little bit) 😊

So was really amazing day… had Dunkin ❤️ – possible condo ❤️ and helped someone I love very much ❤️ (who has done so much for me ❤️) so yes very good weekend

Batter Up Sunday – your turn lol 😘✌️❤️

Oh btw… this week is going to be insane because this is graduation week and my daughter is graduating from the 8th grade

It’s a big thing – we have practices and things – so I am going to be juggling hard this week – sorry – then is summer and it be calm hopefully 🙏 😳

Ok have to run 😘❤️✌️

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  1. Congrats to your daughter! Congrats on the condo!!

    The govt didn’t say there are aliens, they confirmed there are UFOs… could be anything from anywhere. I din’t get the people who are freaking out. What’s the point when there’s nothing we can do, regardless of whether they’re from another country or outer space.

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