Hot Sunday whew!!

Alright so done with the running around – omg is sweltering out there!! Holy moly!!

I saw an old lady in a car that was packed with things – she had 2 small dogs with her.

She was there when I went in, and there when I got out and it is insane hot!! She was all red!! 😮

I went over and asked if she was on hard times? And she said yes… she told me little of her story, so I gave her a little money. Get something to drink and cool down. She was very thankful … I wish I could do more – I hate to see that.

I feel so bad that people out there like that in this heat. She was elderly lady ☹️

Anyway… got all my things like that done.

Country boy was texting me… he say he wanna see me…

Here we go again. 🙄

But recently… he is more adamant with it though.

Not tonight cause he is too tired and doing something tmrw, and I am working tmrw for 4 hours.

And then he says if you can get off early one day this week – I will come see you…

But here’s the thing… I have services all week, so I’m not sure if that doable. We see.

I used to be available more – but I am not anymore. My weekends are free only. If you miss me then?… then I don’t know what to tell you.

He says he really wants to see me soon. So I dunno.

You know what I think of??

It’s always this… only words

And then long time goes by…

And you don’t know if death come knocking … so ya know. I think of that.

And I can’t really work around his schedule … so he either make an effort or he doesn’t.

Hope not too late by then ✌️

But yeah… he says that all the time.

Anyway I need to cool down a minute – I swear my skin is still sizzling from that sun today – I got color… “red” but still a color lol ✌️

Also I wear shorts … I forgot that at work I keep hitting my thigh on the fricken desk … and I have a gigantic bruise because I keep rehitting it lol … I seriously need baby bumpers for the corners of the desk!!!

See I told you thousands of freckles 😝😝😝😝😝 ugh so many!!!

The funny thing is – I do not like them … they ok … I just have thousands lol… like someone dumped a bucket of freckles on me 🙄

My grandmother used to say they are angels kisses lol … which always made me laugh, because I have some in a few funny areas for kissing lol 😄 … if I would say that to her – she would say my full name 😄😄✌️

Anyway … other people always comment how cute they are … ok yes when you are 5!

Whatever it’s just funny that other people think they are cute – that is because they do not have buckets of freckles on their body lol ✌️🙄

Ok I need to get situated and cool down – I be back ✌️😘

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