Historical Home

A home from back East was emailed to me this morning…

Is in the same city my grandparents lived in – just up the street.

It’s the oldest structure in the city and listed on the National Register of historical places built in 1717… before we were the United States

It was originally granted to the Flagg family by the King of England 😮

Anyway … is pretty cheap considering it’s history.

But because listed as historical you can’t just do whatever you want with it. It still has its original hearth 😮😮😮

This is located in Worcester (hopefully you say that correctly lol) Massachusetts ❤️

Have a look 😮❤️




My grandparents house is right down street from that house… my grandparents home was built in 1914, has been in my family ever since… my grandmother was born inside their house and so was my father and his 2 brothers 😮 since my dad died, is now in the hands of my uncle. Still in the family. Mostly still original but they have made improvements since 1914. It used to have claw foot tubs ❤️❤️❤️ and in the basement … every year since I was born until I was maybe 18/19 … it has my hand prints ❤️ every year ❤️ I would dip my hand in paint and my grandfather would show me where to mark… when I was a baby, he obviously helped my hand lol … but my hands are all over that lol 🙌❤️ ahhhh history ❤️

Anyway … this is Massachusetts not California – if was California would not be so cheap!!

Ok I will be back – off to run some errands ✌️ I have other stories for later 😘❤️

7 thoughts on “Historical Home

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    1. I know – house prices in the United States right now is insane!! Beyond insane!! People have lost their minds wtf

      And no signs of slowing only picking up faster and faster!

      Insane with inflation prices!!

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    1. Awww 🥰❤️❤️❤️ you make me smile ❤️

      I have to laugh because everyone messes that up 😄 I used to correct people – now I just let them lol

      I love that you know that ❤️

      My sister from Maine came to visit few years back… I was taking her into San Francisco … driving from Sacramento area… we pass a sign that said “Vallejo”

      My sister says “ohhh Valley jo” 😄😄😄

      No 😄😄 … Val – lay- ho

      So it goes both ways with things lol – it’s really funny


  1. “Sepulveda” provides tons of amusement, esp with car nav… it’s not remotely close!

    We have a “Junipero” street here. Everyone pronounces it June-ah-pear-o… even me (now). I dunno why just that 1 street isn’t pronounced in spanish.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hahaha car navigation – they never say anything right … just like the phone when pronouncing someone’s name – even simplest name lol

      That is funny Junipero is said in English not Spanglish lol

      Probably because people got tired of telling people how to pronounce and just let whatever lol 😄✌️


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