Say what you mean.

I am going to do my errands shortly 🙌 yay! Sunday night when no one is out ❤️🙏

Country boy 🙄🤨… so … here’s my thing with him… he is just not in my life… other than text messages so?? And that’s all nice and stuff but so??

And I don’t mind … but I also don’t want to deal with bullshit.

And I say that because … we will talk blah blah blah… normal stuff …

And then he will always say – “I have to see you soon”

And I always just think “yeah whatever”

Cause what he says is just “words” with that. I see him maybe once or twice a year if that.

So whatever. I don’t hold my breath.

I was going to put Beyoncé and “Single Ladies” … but no … because I also do not want a ring on it lol 🤨✌️

So ya know he being all sweet sure – and when I do see him he is sweet sure… but whoopie – you can just keep saying “I have to see you”

Yeah ok 👌 sure

You gonna have to do better than words … cause I’m just done with I dunno?? Whatever

You either step up to bat, or go sit on the bench!! ⚾️

I don’t wanna just hear words

And I don’t like the words without action – don’t say the words then. If you don’t have follow through then ok. Don’t say that then.

Well whatever

He always says that. But where is he? So ya know

And then at the same time sorta … I feel little nervous because what if he did the actions 😮

And then I think about all that and we are different… really different …

I don’t know – I worry to have sadness or heavy or something? And I want that one thing

And then if he came close I would have to kinda let go? And I do not know if I am totally ok there yet. I am not sure with him

Cause I feel like don’t say things you can’t do. And ya know – whatever – he shouldn’t keep saying that if he’s not going to do that. Just don’t say anything

If wanna text me fine… but ya know step up or step down ✌️

That is why I am not sure with him because he?? Just isn’t in my life so ya know – you don’t get anywhere with distance

I like distance but careful with that – it has a peace to it. ✌️

What’s the point if he not in my life? 🤷‍♀️ so eh whatever

Say what you mean! Or don’t say that.

So ya know – he walks a thin line right there

And that is why I am not sure if I do want distance or not – don’t say words I can’t trust.

✌️ whatcha want??

Don’t say it if you don’t mean it – I hear it a thousand times – whatever

Ok I’m off to run my errands ❤️ on a quiet (hopefully) Sunday night ❤️

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  1. Sounds a heads I win and tails you lose thing. Try not to stress over it for now, just focus on you n your daughter. The rest will follow when it follows. Hopefully!! 🙂
    Good luck and do not stop for gas haha ;-p

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    1. Well no… I don’t care is only text… what I am saying is don’t go saying you wanna see me soon always and never do… so why say that? Just don’t say it.

      But yes I do take a “whatever” stance -but that certainly does not make me at ease to let go.

      He’s literally not in my life at all – so I feel like that is just to string along. I don’t need to hear that. Only say if mean it.

      Hahaha yeah I been changing schedule with that … using different gas stations ⛽️

      Trying to be elusive lol ✌️

      Gas is currently expensive 😝😝😝

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      1. Gotcha, I see where you are coming from and kinda also why CB might say such without appreciating that it might be taken literally rather than as a cliched form akin to “catch ya later”.

        I know!!! Did I hear on the news that it’s increased by as much as a dollar in just four months?? Crazy!! And I thought prices here unstable enough 😦

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      2. Yeah well maybe… but I also don’t want that. I’m not into the catch ya later ✌️

        And also … you either gonna make time or you not… and if you can’t – don’t say it – just don’t say anything.

        But you are right lol – we are very different – and we see very very different lol

        My biggest thing will be trusting what someone says and who they present to be. So kinda tired of hearing “have to see me soon” … whatever 🙄 … “words” 🙄 very little meaning – would prefer not to hear that at all. When you gonna see me then say it – otherwise 🤷‍♀️

        Ugh 🤦‍♀️ yes … my gas is about $4.20 😮😮

        It is literally up by a $1 dollar…

        Once again “the almighty dollar” 🤨

        Supposably someone hacked some plant or something and they shut it down… “for safety reasons” (they say)

        Ugh 🤦‍♀️ horrible – go back down!!

        How much is your gas?

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      3. Well, as you know, there is nothing wrong with knowing your own mind and what you will and will not tolerate. Like most things in life, those are usually hard lessons to learn! Too often, we fail to heed them 😦

        Gas here is about six dollars fifty a gallon 😦 Although, we were paying four dollars back all those years ago when it crossed a dollar a gallon over there! 😦

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      4. Already had that lesson – he free to go, he knows that. But I went many years with very bad things – and accepted a lot.

        So yeah… if he can’t make just a little effort – I’m good. I don’t want to just hear it, show me. Anyone can just say words. Words mean nothing without any action or effort. ✌️

        Was a very hard lesson to learn. Definitely heeding

        I don’t want someone coming in my life and making me miserable.

        He needs to decide what he wants. I don’t wanna hear crap that has no follow through – that means nothing to me.

        I’m not going down that road again – nope 👎 I don’t want that. I want effort and someone who wants to be there not just says it ✌️

        He doesn’t have to be there if he doesn’t want to – so ya know whatever – just don’t say that if don’t mean.

        I don’t mind him texting me – but don’t say things like that – if you gonna have no follow through

        Teaching me not to trust or believe his words ✌️the boy who cried wolf 😘✌️… whatever

        I am woman 💋… hear me roar ✌️😉

        Whoa 😮 $6.50 😳 dang!! So basically you go no where lol … that is highway robbery – pun intended!!! You have to be rich to drive a car? Lol

        California wants all vehicles to be electric by 2035 🙄🤨

        Meh 😑… one of the funeral homes has an electric car and they have to sometimes not use the ac and stop to charge etc – 🤨🤨🤨🤨 – oh that would be annoying

        Whatever 🙄 maybe I be gone by then??

        Then what they gonna charge to recharge?? Again still at mercy 🤨 – just different 🤨

        That was a lame excuse though – really lame!!! Hackers ? Fricken c’mon … a major plant like that – you wouldn’t have that shit locked and secure severely? Public safety? Hello

        So yes extremely lame excuse – they just wanted some of that almighty dollar 💵

        Whatever 🙄 crooks ✌️

        Lol … I’m just kidding with the word “crooks”… but that would have been something my grandfather would have said ❤️ … so I channeled him for a moment lol ✌️

        I do believe is lame excuse though. This isn’t 1988 …it is 2021. They don’t have IT to make solid against hacks? If they don’t, that is also lame… good to know we safe. 🤨 🤦‍♀️ what makes them safe now??

        Yeah – they crooks 🤨🙄✌️

        Money – we at mercy … cause what we gonna do? Stay home? lol – we know how that goes lol ✌️

        I remember gas being .83 around 1993/1994… and then just many things happened 😳 and here we are 🤨✌️

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      5. Yup, I get it 🙂 You know your own mind and it is a comfortable position to be in! So many folk spend years in reaching that place and some never get there at all 😉

        Yes, we are taxed to hell on all types of fuel over here 😦 We are kinda used to it but still not that used haha 😉

        Weird about that facility though. Let us hope that their security acts on the wake-up call that its received!!

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      6. Yes, well I always want to have a good life now. ✌️

        I have heard your gas is outrageous before. Why taxes so high?

        Supposably they fine and back up and running now.

        So far my prices still high so we see .

        They seem to do these things every so often to make prices do that 🤨

        ** Nikola Tesla ❤️ man before his time

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      7. Lol – I don’t understand other than greed, why they do that. Taxes are fine if used appropriately. But that’s the key word – and who polices that?

        Is ok… remember the Jetsons? I’m still waiting on those cars.

        Is soooo beautiful here too 🙌 all week will be like this ❤️

        Today I am going to a hotel to discuss partnership ❤️🙌❤️ offering our families a bereavement rate if we refer them there. Many families have out of town people.

        They also offering free advertising. ❤️❤️ good for business in both directions

        I’m so thrilled and excited ❤️🙏🙏🙏

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      8. Haha, yes, I do!! Flying Tesla pods 😉

        Sounds good! Hope it goes well and am really glad for you that you have landed on your feet there. Great decision to stay! You are so infectiously positive these days!! 🙂

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      9. Hahaha!! Do you see why I run away everywhere? Lol

        Which do you refer? The job or the neighbors? 😄

        The job is corporation and corporations suck and forget what is human.

        And the neighbors – no idea but was this huge big story with CHP and wife called him in 😮

        So I just like to safely be in seclusion … but evidently I need to go further away from civilization lol 🤷‍♀️

        Yeah see people all go crazy – is heating up over here and everyone is going nuts!!

        Plus we reopening 😮 June 15th 😳😮 fully 😳

        So yeah I think people are losing their minds 🤷‍♀️

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      10. Haha, yes, I see where you are coming from 😉
        The ‘WTF” was about Corporate 😦 I can’t believe how silly they are being after all the hard work you guys have put in during an immensely difficult year.

        June 15? That is not too far away and I sincerely hope that we are not too far behind you! We’ve had our first jabs this week and yesterday, non-essential shops were allowed to open and restaurants with outside seating. So, things looking positive .. finally 🙂

        Enjoy your day 🙂

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      11. Oh they don’t care – corporations are not human… they do not stop to think of that. Only the almighty dollar 💵

        Yay!! Congrats on the Jabs 🙌✌️❤️ still stay safe until fully vaccinated

        I personally chose to stay masked 😷… because I don’t know when I will need a booster? I got my shot back in Feb/March.

        And here they just gonna go by honor system 🤨🤨 (as if there were any honor 🤨) … and I don’t trust people to be honest like that . You supposed to wear mask if not vaccinated because some refuse. Now do you actually see people telling the truth? I do not 🤨

        So I will continue masking – don’t care what anyone thinks or says… if I am in a crowd, near people or indoors yes 😷

        Not gonna catch any germs 🦠

        There will probably be some kind of booster? 🤨😝

        I hope someday we just don’t have this anymore!! Can it just go away??

        Our places are open… currently they require masks still

        But June 15th everything open and up to the store or place on how they wish to operate 😳😮

        Life is coming back 😮😮

        I did not like the death part – that was insane and brutal to go through 😳 that whole time 😳

        But besides that… I loved the shut down 🙌❤️🙌 omg – that was awesome!

        I loved everyone in isolation with me lol ✌️❤️

        It wasn’t so scary to go through with the whole world ❤️

        I loved reading all the stories and people ❤️

        I luckily had just gotten a job that carried me through that ❤️

        And driving on the highway during lock down was a once in a lifetime thing ❤️

        Death held my hand for a moment 😮😮

        Now with reopen 🤨😝 I do not like anymore – too much traffic – too much crowds … people are back… now I have to hide more again.

        What exact lessons did we learn?

        Now will be back to way it was and nothing much will have changed 🤨🙄

        Yeah I miss lockdown 😘❤️✌️ I felt safe in lockdown ❤️

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      12. Yes, it has been a real roller-coaster of a year hasn’t it? Great glimpses of human kindness and less edifying sights of human selfishness. I’m not sure what we have learnt from it all. There are clearly lessons here but as a race, we are stubbornly slow in applying them.
        Stay safe and I hope you feel it too! 🙂

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      13. Yes indeed it has!!

        Yes lessons are not easily learned and in today’s world ? It’s hard to get people to change or learn things.

        Thank you 😊❤️ stay safe also 🙏

        I’ll feel safe eventually – maybe? Thank you 😊❤️✌️

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      14. Hope you enjoy your day also ☀️

        Mine was good… is absolutely beautiful out – very windy though!! Literally blowing against me trying to get to my front door …Almost blowing me over!!

        But incredibly beautiful out ❤️ I wish all of summer could just be THIS beautiful ❤️

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