Have to go to bed…

I don’t have time to tell you everything … I have to go to bed.

But I have good news and good news ❤️🙌❤️

So let’s see some reminders for me…

AC things … home things … crematory things … oh the sweet elderly man who came to inquire about Preneeds ❤️

Also – some religions have these incredible elaborate funerals – with the whole 9!! Precession, limos, escorts, all of it. 😮

Is odd to see so elaborate after what we went through with covid? 😮

So many families we made cry because we couldn’t give the services they wanted – that was awful!!! 💔

But elaborate seems really weird after covid. I’m not sure what I think about it really ? I know some want that tradition closure and for some is religious thing – but after watching all of covid just bury us… it just makes me see death differently ??

Ok and I am too tired to think of the rest – I will try to remember tmrw

But tmrw I have services so we see – gonna be insane crazy tmrw 😮🙏 please go smoothly!

Ok Gnite 😘✌️❤️ be safe

14 thoughts on “Have to go to bed…

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    1. I know excited to tell the stories later ❤️🙌

      Thank you!!! Gonna be a HOT 🥵 one today 😮 …
      Ugh 🤦‍♀️ 95+ 😳😳 … I am getting so old for heat like this!! Lol

      Hope you have a great day also 🙌✌️😘

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      1. That does not sound miserable to me in these moments lol 😄✌️

        In 95 degree heat that sun just scorches – our humidity is little… dry dry dry already 😳 we in another drought

        Ugh 🤦‍♀️ it’s gonna be a long summer 😳😳

        Next week should be better?

        Are you comparable to England’s weather?

        We are like desert 🏜

        95 can also be miserable lol

        If you look at a precipitation map of California in center of state is Valley … is reds – oranges and yellow – meaning dry and fire danger ⚠️

        We are now in fire watches all the time 😮

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      2. It’s a very different heat you have in that bit of California isn’t it? I’ve lived in places where it was regularly over 112deg but never really so dry 😦 Nor , of course, with the notorious fire risks you have.
        Yes, weather here is comparable to England – both benefiting from the Gulf Stream 🙂
        Stay cool, stay safe!

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      3. Oh wow “regularly” 112 😮

        Yes this area very old west desert 🏜 type, in this Valley area.

        The fire risk was always a thing, but was not as bad as recent years… and we keep having little winter rainfall if any – we count on that winter rainfall because we get nothing else the rest of the year 😮😮😮 hence the fires lol ✌️

        Ahhh… ok I see your weather

        Lol that Gulf Stream

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      4. LOL 😄😄😄 that was really funny ❤️

        No kidding!!

        He has not been doing that lately… cause he knows I will cause a problem✌️😘

        Does he really want that battle? Chose wisely lol ✌️😄

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      5. We do have water restrictions, which you can be fined – so he’s not supposed to be doing that.

        He has not been doing lately

        I will post something I wrote last night – fell asleep while writing – too tired 💤

        I will be making it hassle free ✌️

        Hope you have an amazing weekend too 🙌❤️

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