Many things

I don’t even know where to begin!! It is harder when I don’t do everyday!! Cause everyday is tons of stuff!! 😮

Well we just had the game weekend of all 🙌 game weekends ❤️❤️❤️

Played a game called “Danger”… which I lost because I am not the greatest with danger – hence always trying to be safe lol ✌️ … so I am also bad at the game “Danger” ✌️

Also oldest been working on this project with drawing ✍️

So when I ask him for Bday ideas weeks ago, he give me few things … I make them give me several things because I don’t like them knowing what they getting … and I also like options ✌️

One of the things he wanted was some book 📖… well I didn’t look to see what was – I knew he loved what he doing and wanted this book for that… so ok – I get that and a couple other things

Ok the book was GINORMOUS and HEAVY!! Whatever

It’s a book about how to draw the human body… very very VERY VERY in depth 😮😮

I just did not see that coming 😮😄✌️ so that was a little “😱” lol

That woke me up little bit lol

It’s like all of it. Right down to anatomy lol

But he draws constantly – he’s good. It’s very very very VERY in-depth 😳😄✌️ whatever just did not see that coming at me lol… I like some warning lol… not just general vague lol

“Book on Drawing” – hell yeah it most certainly was lol

Anyway that was funny

We played many games and also played Pokémon Snap ❤️❤️❤️ I love a game again ❤️

Gif from:


I haven’t sparked with any video games in a long time. ❤️

That was fun – we try to beat the pictures lol ❤️

❤️ thank you Nintendo ❤️


Nice job 👍❤️ … and on a sequel even ❤️

And then – ugh everything else is exhausting lol

Work stuff, work stuff, work stuff … ugh I don’t want to talk about work currently – I need a break from that.

Also I like to keep space from people because I do not like when people come barreling at me and invade my life.

Those neighbors are too much. I need space step it back!!! He continues to come on really strong and he makes me uncomfortable constantly…

And now that is hot temps – he is never with a shirt on 🤨🤨

Ugh 🤦‍♀️

I’m just creeped out whatever

And she… text me and freaked when I didn’t respond… and then tells me she was talking to all the neighbors and they all talking about how I was gone 😠

What is that?

So here let me go ahead and set this straight … I am not owned by anyone!!! … I do not have to answer to anyone with what I do or where I go, except my own self!!

If someone is important to me – yes obviously I give common courtesy …

And I am very much allowed to have my privacy – no need to be worried about me … worry about own self

So that will just make me silent more. I like my privacy – stay back.

If I am comfortable letting someone in – then I do… usually slowly…

I am not starting any shit with people with them knowing my every move – screw that – that’s creepy.

Nope. They do not need my itinerary on everything

Yeah I’m good thanks ✌️ I can handle my own self 💋✌️

I like my home to be peace – I don’t want to be bothered here ✌️

I do not want to be stressed out at home by people doing things like that. So I will be avoiding completely because no!!

I don’t give a shit – let em talk and wonder – I don’t owe any explanation to where I was or who with. My life ✌️

Anyway – is wicked late – I have to get to bed 🤨 ugh always work bed work bed lol omg

Ugh 🤦‍♀️

Ok Gnite for now… ugh I need more hours in a day!!! 🤦‍♀️✌️❤️

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