Lots of stuff

Friday at work – that was crazy

On my way to work, I had to pick up a flower van from another funeral home, outside of my own… (see I tell you we all know each other lol)

I had to leave my car at their funeral home and take their van, and book it to work!

As soon as I got to work, we had to load all the flowers into all the vans… and then we checked with cemetery, who allowed us to come set up the flowers early 🙌❤️

Then they came back, and loaded decedent into hearse… and left for burial – we had 4 people on that burial (that’s a lot – usually 1 or 2)

Anyway that went perfectly 🙌

Meanwhile I am back at office with my part timer and I had less of a day because I had to get the van in the morning – usually I am there before 8… yesterday I got there at 8:30a

Had to run all my reports 🤨 ugh 🤦‍♀️ a full day of work in less time – I got most of the big stuff handled

And I had to leave at 3:30 to return the van before the other funeral home closed.

Plus I had all my Friday reports and also that outreach 🤨 I sucked on the outreach this week!! Really bad – they got cards …just cards – it was too craZy and I have to do every week – I sent them a magnet with our home’s business card on it lol

Just not my normal things – it was too crazy of a week with that audit, the cases and this traditional burial.

So here we are May 1st 🙌 ahhh

I have a plan to make sure me and this other one help each other and make sure we pass all audits at anytime ❤️ I think my plan is brilliant!!! I will mention to her on Monday! ❤️

Just a very crazy Friday – I did not stop anywhere after work 🙌 so no crazy stories

We had a nice Friday night. They came over and started slowly we just ate and laughed and chatted about the week, like we always do…

Then oldest say he bring Nintendo Switch because one of my favorite games came out – they remade it ❤️

The kids used to tease me about this game… When we would have discussions about what favorite Pokémon game was – I would say this one, and they would tease it was not a REAL Pokémon game (cause it’s nothing like the others lol ❤️)

I always insisted WAS Pokémon game 😄❤️ it is!!!!

I knew they were doing remake, I thought they would make it suck. Usually that does happen

So he sets it up really quick and shows me:

I don’t really play games. I will watch them play. I used to be a gamer big time… but when I got cancer I gave up everything including that.

I am old school original gamer ❤️ Started with radio shacks Pong in late 70’s… then Atari 2600 🙌 … Nintendo, Sega, PlayStation all of that – but I am one of the original gamers 💋 I watched it grow ❤️ ✌️

Anyway… I usually won’t touch a controller now. I just don’t. The kids try to convince me to just do again… but I dunno – I just don’t. 🤷‍♀️

Once in a blue moon they will find one that I will… but it has to be slower. I will only do games like Harvest Moon or StarDew Valley… easy slow at my pace and nothing crazy.

They will get me to play team games with them sometimes

Most of the time – I just don’t play

But they bring Pokémon Snap 😮❤️

At first I just watch. They look at me and reach out the controller – “Here mum, do you want to play?”

No that’s ok – let me watch you

So they play more – then I just said …ok fine hand over the controller lol

Then it was all over – the rest of the night they let that controller stay in my hands lol 🙌 😮

❤️❤️❤️ I LOVED IT ❤️❤️❤️

Usually remakes SUCK!! But they got it right ❤️❤️❤️ yay Pokémon ❤️❤️❤️ I love you ❤️

So that was Friday – I was taking Pokémon pictures lol ❤️🙌❤️ I love Pokémon ❤️

It’s actually after my time… my oldest was born in 1994… he will turn 27 on May 8th ❤️😮😳 my first baby ❤️ the one who made me a mother ❤️

When he was little and in school… Pokémon cards were banned from being brought to school because caused so many problems!! It was distracting from studies.. so they banned them lol

He was heavily into Pokémon and Yu-gi-oh lol … I only loved the Pokémon – he brought that to my life lol – and been in my life ever since lol ❤️✌️

We have every single Eevee evolution plush ❤️ I love Eevee ❤️

We also have of course Pikachu lol … and I like Ditto ❤️… I like that he can be anything he wants ❤️

We have a lot of Pokémon stuff – sheets and also clothes lol – maybe some purses lol

Hey ya know lol… some like Star Wars – some like Pokémon lol 💋✌️❤️ what floats your boat?

Mine is subtle though – I don’t have it all crazy… just something I love ❤️

Anyway… that was a great Friday!!

I am still working on getting that AC fixed 🤨 … is not going very well… one of the contacts I was referred to 😳… literally just had back surgery so … next

Ugh ok that sucks – I kinda wanted that one – comes HIGHLY recommended for good work and honesty. I want that.

Too bad dating is not like that 😄😄😄 how awesome would that be?? …

Yes hi, I would like a man recommendation? Lol

Could I have their rating ? Lol

🙌❤️❤️❤️ I am sorry but that sounds amazing!!! How about some reviews??

We don’t have that, because why? I can review everything else

You wanna rate me – go for it. I just don’t really have reviews, except Satan who lies anyway.

So whatever …


Cause yeah that’s not happening until I absolutely know who someone is as a person… and how they treat me… when I am at ease and ok then fine … but until then no. Oh well – I have myself anyway and I am a whole hell of a lot more peaceful and awesome lol ✌️😄 sorry … but yes!!

It’s nice without any drama or crap 🙌 ahhhh – I hear angels sing daily with that!! I love my life so peaceful in that area

I don’t know that anyone can be chill? And enjoyable a lot ?but I don’t know because my work people are 🤔 hmm

I didn’t look at it that way, til now. But I work with women and gay guys lol … so 🤷‍♀️ they are amazing lol ❤️❤️❤️

There are some regular guys too… totally not my type… but they are pretty awesome always too! ❤️❤️ I really love and adore my people ❤️

Literally through all the stress and everything – those people put a smile on my face literally every single day ❤️

So… I want that. 💋✌️

And “go”… lol kidding … I’m only playing…but I do want that – I want to enjoy the rest of my life with greatness ❤️🙌❤️ you either with me or you not.

So whatever … needed little smile and maybe laugh… saw news on India 😳😮 I’m soooo sorry 💔💔💔

You need to lock down – don’t listen to them … it’s dangerous obviously!!! I tell you this all the time!!! Please listen – I’m not lying to you…

I am not on any political or bullshit line/agenda – I don’t give a crap about politics or things

I care about humans and life. So please listen…

I know is so much crappy information and lies all around this – it’s disgusting.

This virus is no joke… is not to be taken lightly. Obviously 💔

You wear 😷 masks- face shields are good too… we will send as much aid as as we can. Hopefully 🙏

Wash your hands all the time!! Have hand sanitizer – or 90% alcohol to wash over hands

Do not touch your eyes or face- that is a hard one!! But be careful!!

Do NOT have BIG giant outings!!

Even we are still restricted but that is good – we are vaccinated but also still cautious. We still wear masks and do all the precautions

Many Americans don’t listen. They out in big crowds and do not take as seriously as should.

You can not count on anyone else to protect yourself or your family – you have to think for yourself and do what YOU believe to be best.

We were told was a hoax in beginning – don’t think I’m gonna forget that – because to me … he has blood on his hands with that statement and authoritative position.

That put us in position for where we are today.

Unfortunately you seem to experience the same according to my news.

I am sorry you are experiencing the loss and devastation 💔 my heart is with you!! ❤️🙏🙏🙏

We will never forget these moments – I am soooo sorry ❤️😢

You be safe – you do what you have to do to survive. Think for yourself

One thing I love about the blog is that you can take away the politics and the religion and everything else … all the “background noise”…

And you can hear humans ❤️ hopefully you understand what I mean by that, but if you don’t that is fine – I know what I mean.

But I am sorry for your losses and I am sorry for all those who have gotten sick!! 🙏🙏🙏🙏

If you isolate and do precautions you can make it stop!! You have to be really careful!! You can do it!!

Shut down – isolate … 2 weeks… still wear masks… wash hands … when I say isolate / I mean isolate – lock away. I’m sorry if there are any religious things – you will put your life on the line there!! Or your loved ones … so change the tradition for a moment … no gathering … there is phone or WebEx …

I know not same… not same/but safe!! Just for a moment – that does not take away your beliefs or devotion – it saves your life.

Immediate family is ok… but again all should isolate for 2 weeks maybe one month just to be safe. If you go out… be protected when outside – and when come home go wash up before you be around anyone.

No in person things. I’m sorry just for a moment.

It’s hard to get people here to listen too… we have protests and insane things that happen 🤨 and then Trump people still 🤨🙄 whatever

People will be people – you have to protect yourself and your family.

I do not send my daughter to school… she is homeschooled at 14… because she is unable to get vaccination and I am not willing to take that chance or let her even catch that!!

I am fully vaccinated and immediately change and wash up when I come home.

I am locked away and see very few usually.

She never leaves 😢💔

It’s hard. I want her safe

So anyway – I am so sorry India 🇮🇳 – my heart bleeds with you 💔😢 and you have my thoughts and prayers 🙏🙏🙏

It’s no joke! Not when it happens to you … we are humans … we are not invincible and no money or possessions can change what nature will allow. Never underestimate!! No matter who tells you!!

I learned those lessons too 😢💔

Peace be with you 🙏🙏🙏

I am so sorry for your losses 💔

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    1. Hahahaha oh that’s so funny ❤️😄😄😄 I totally forgot to go around anything lol

      Yeah no kidding on the controllers lol – you need a electronics degree to know the buttons lol … this ain’t no joystick lol ✌️😄

      Yeah was very fun ❤️ thank you ❤️✌️

      Liked by 2 people

      1. At least you had fun :-0 And it would have been unfair to gain an advantage on them 🙂 However, if they are anything like my kids, any advantage you can get over their controller dexterity would have been welcomed 😉 haha

        Liked by 2 people

      2. Lol ❤️ … yes I did ❤️

        Hahaha yes my kids are like yours seemingly lol 😄✌️

        If I can have advantage I’m going for it lol ✌️😄 ❤️

        When we used to go bowling or something – I always let them have the bumper lol … I can have the advantage – I taught them and gave them life lol ❤️✌️😄

        They are too good to play against now lol – they leave me in the dust lol

        Liked by 2 people

      3. Haha, yup, that sounds like my kids too! Gah, where did the years go?? Although, really, I could not be happier – our kids should be better than us, in every way. That’s why we brought them up! 😉

        Liked by 2 people

      4. Exactly ❤️ they have surpassed their masters 😄✌️❤️

        The years did go really fast… I used to tell them stay little stay with me lol

        But no one listened lol ✌️❤️

        Sometimes they school me now lol ✌️

        Liked by 2 people

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