Life adventure lol

Alright so… I am going to ask 3 different AC guys for bids. I have 2 recommendations currently and “one” I will pick out myself… so we see who wants to work and who wants business – I come with other funeral homes who listen to my opinions and use the people I recommend so… ya know … we see – better be really good! I am tough with these things lol

Alright – let the games begin lol 😘✌️ this could be interesting.

Kinda fun and exciting aspects to solving issues – sorta – I have not seen the cost of the bids yet so let’s see that first, before I go using the word “fun” lol

This is the thing… ok … listen … if you are going to own something or have something… take care of it!!!! Because if you don’t and don’t do any regular maintenance … it will break down, go bad or break. That goes for everything!!! Literally everything!! it’s costs you more all at once – instead of little by little.

But… if you take care of it… it will last you.

And then flip side of that lesson is … you get what you pay for.

So I will be looking at their knowledge fairness and honesty, as well as price – they better be on their game … they about to meet me lol 😄✌️😘

Yeah ok it’s fun lol ❤️✌️😘

So tmrw … I be doing that

… ugh 🤦‍♀️ tmrw … I have to stop at some other funeral home on my way to work… I have to leave my car there… take their van to MY funeral home…

Because I have so many flowers in my chapel right now – OMG!! Holy moly!! We need several vans so I had to call around until I found one I could borrow.

You should see how amazing smells and looks ❤️💐❤️ wow!

Those put in cooler before they left tonight.

Whew! Oh Friday Eve!!

Also remember – no dying – it’s Thursday ✌️

Oh and I stopped at small country store on way home to grab one of those chickens and a salad – I was so late coming home… I just don’t wanna be up all night cooking and cleaning before bed lol

I’ve only been in there once before. But quite awhile ago, maybe 🤔 2 months ago?

Then while checking out – the guy says the normal stuff – “hello miss” etc etc

And then says “oh wow, I love your necklace”

I completely forgot I even had a necklace on 😮 … so I had to look down at my chest to see what I wore – if I put one on, it usually stays on always lol – unless I get new one and change it lol…

I have been wearing this one for few weeks now lol

It is silver… for the chain and most of the charm.

The charm is a silver circle ⭕️ with a tree inside it… only the trunk of the tree is gold… the leaves are silver

He asked me what was

It is a family tree ❤️✌️

And he asked if I had a big family… I said no lol 🤷‍♀️ … I do not … not blood-wise…

But I have big family that is not blood ❤️ lol

Yes – I said just that lol 😘✌️whatever that’s how is.

And then suddenly he says “ are you Irish?” 🤨😮 ummm lol…

Ok… I have red hair 👩🏻‍🦰… and I am covered in freckles lol … I look extremely Irish – extremely, and when I smile is even more Irish omg lol … I don’t really think you can mistake me with that? Maybe? But that has never happened lol

So I laughed lol … and said why do you ask? Lol 🤷‍♀️ (that is a very funny and odd question to ask “me”? Lol)

And he said because he saw my ring 😮 he is noticing everything 😮 everything I forget about 😮

I wear a claddagh ring 💍 … I never ever take it off. I have always had it and worn it. It was just like my grandfathers ❤️

I love the Claddagh Ring ❤️🍀 that is my favorite ring. I also have a mother’s ring I always wear … and also my birthstone.

I am Ruby ❤️✌️ or red like heart 💋✌️

So anyway – this dude noticed everything 😮 how observant! That was interesting – I was not expecting all that!! That took me by surprise and kinda woke me up? I’m usually very quiet and don’t say too much – I am friendly but quiet? I try to get away fast lol … usually no one notices anything or isn’t quick enough and I can just be quiet and get out .

Also… I said something about having been there before and he said yes I know, I remember you 😳 oh

See all the adventures in life?!

I kinda just? Be quiet and quick. He actually interacted with me 😮 and then… He looked me straight in the eyes like he could see me?? Whoa

No no… distance. Do not make any sudden moves lol – no looking into my eyes lol / no!

😳😮 whatever – see ?? You see?? Just always odd happenings – and then I have to be careful with everything .

Oh and then …

When I got to my driveway – guess who is literally right there strolling along 😐 yes – neighbor guy.

Have you ever had someone you want to avoid so much your stomach turns? I dunno but kinda that.

Home safe and sound. Not in hell anymore lol ✌️ ugh 🤦‍♀️

Back to hell tomorrow lol 😑🤨

But tomorrow is Friday – so… ya know Friday is a day that is like untouchable. It’s always perfect on Fridays, just because is Friday ❤️ ahhh Friday ❤️

Friday is going to be pretty insane!! Please dear lord let tmrw run smooth 🙏🙏🙏 god please!!!!

The ac I can handle – do not do anything else!!! I want smooth like butter 🧈… so gonna make that happen 💋✌️

And of course like I tell you… tmrw is Friday. ❤️ I’m sorry but still makes me think of The Cure lol … every Friday I think of that song ❤️😄✌️

Ok well I am going to try responding currently – but I must warn you – the bed is sucking me in!!! 😮😄✌️ is like a cloud ☁️ ❤️ I might drift 💤 lol – I am old – those things happen lol 😘✌️

Gnite 💋❤️

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    1. I don’t even know?? Covid makes him work from home and I actually have no idea and hope not!!!??- no clue!! But he’s always right there!! Omg

      That’s what makes my stomach turn little. It makes me nervous and uncomfortable

      Anyway – yay – Friday ❤️🙌❤️

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