…At last 💋❤️

Today was the luncheon I had to put on for the meet and greet. New manager person has new employee

So … let’s talk …

Do you know why it is best to be quiet and observant? Especially in surroundings you do not know??

Take a minute and learn where you are and what you dealing with. If you don’t do that, it could be problems.

People in the funeral business – ALL know each other ❤️

I talk to many of them DAILY, definitely weekly – I learn them all – we all know each other

You be outsider coming in – so learn what you are working with.

We are a corporation… we are supportive of one another mostly 🙄 there is some stuff with a few ?? Lol not with me… but some friction between few

But regardless we all still have contact lol

It’s gonna get around to not deal with him if he gonna be trying to cause any issues.

This is a job, stop the gossip shit – you are a man – don’t do that. Way to make instant enemies – careful.

See better way- would be to be observant … you are new… you have no idea

Be eager to learn the business – but is when any bullshit enters that we don’t deal with that. Don’t poison the pot!

You should take a moment – observe… learn what exactly you stepping into. That would be the smart thing to do.

So little like that – don’t be fake, don’t start shit, don’t try to be popular – that is not a thing here … just relax and don’t start shit… omg do you know how to handle people? 🤷‍♀️

We will adore you completely – if you just do not “cause” problems – I think that is pretty reasonable 😘✌️

Otherwise – you on our radar- and we gonna know alllllllllll about you lol … tread lightly noob (I’m kidding sorta ✌️ ish)

Disclaimer: lol … I am not dark and twisted ? I do not think? I think I am bubbly and colorful lol- pretty straight like arrow? Not twisted (usually) 😘😄✌️

I also do not feel like an outcast at all… I am loner sorta – I do my own thing.


Although – I won’t totally rule out crazy lol … because come step to me- let’s see if you know how lol … I’m kidding – I like to sound all scary and powerful but I am not lol ✌️😄 mostly lol (actually kidding) I am not scary or very powerful lol

However – I do have a little bit of a fire spirit… definitely strong…

All these women are same… lol

So… how you gonna step sir?

Yeah that song FITS REALLY WELL!! Lol

Ok well I am on call and it took me forever to get home tonight! I have to always pull over for calls …

And I want to get some sleep before the calls start. Hopefully be quiet 🙏

I am exhausted

Tomorrow is Friday 🙌❤️

Ahhhhh thank god – Friday at last!!! ❤️❤️❤️🙌


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    1. Well it went well, I am not impressed… lol

      But ya know, I just don’t trust him and he didn’t start on good foot with anyone 😮

      But the luncheon went well.

      I watching to see how he be. ✌️

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      1. Yeah, I don’t deal with him too often currently ?

        We all care about what we do very much… he is same… his only problem is starting problems with some.

        So we see how he does.

        It’s not an easy business. And you need tight teams “dream teams” 🙌

        And yes 🙌❤️ Friday was awesome all day ❤️

        Now is Saturday 🙌 I got some things for Saturday though 🤨😄✌️

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      2. Yup maybe 😊 it’s good to get to know the people you work with – you just have to show you trustworthy. That is huge.

        Enjoy your weekend as well 💋✌️

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    1. So he just got hired recently.. as in few months ago maybe ??

      He came to visit our office, met us maybe a month ago.

      He seems friendly and nice… he went around like that with all of us – but then goes around gossiping?? About everyone!! To everyone

      So much so, that upper management already had enough and had to speak to him about it after only being there few weeks!!

      He ruffled his staffs feathers too? I dunno what he did there but they don’t like him?

      He doesn’t understand the business because he is former insurance sales – it is VERY different – I know insurance offices – is nothing like funeral things

      Only thing that is similar are these being policies for peoples Preneeds.

      Otherwise the way run, is very different.

      Also I bet there is no manual for him either and I don’t even know if they have trained him for funeral at all? Or just had him step in?? Don’t know? That position was vacant for a long time – just like my office manager position was

      But every single person is on guard with him.

      Instead of coming in – getting a good feel for the job and employees … he has started a lot of problems already!

      We just careful.

      We willing to accept him and work with him – but he has to quit the shit. You can not be in this business and have everyone on guard with you …

      This is funerals – that ship has to be tight!! You need to be able to turn to coworkers!! You can’t be worried or on guard with them. Makes really high tensions in a job that already has really high tension

      If he can’t understand that he will have a hard time in that position.

      He didn’t realize we all know each other – even if they are not in my corporation – we know them.

      And then, he ask me to put this luncheon on for him and his new employee – we the busiest and we have banquet room…

      I was excited – my first time for reception (haven’t been doing due to covid) now reopening and this my first one. All employees so no pressure for totally perfect but I still did that.

      Had it catered and got the room set up… then had to be cancelled the first time – ok no problem… so handled that…

      They rebook… ok fine – I will do that (between meetings and shit – I have actual work to do!!)

      So the day comes and he late… I get a call from another funeral home and says don’t you have a luncheon?

      Yes? Why?

      Well he is over here and has appointment 🤨

      Ok my world runs on time… we run on the clock. We have to be places boom boom boom and must be by the clock.

      I went through a lot of trouble to put together for him last minute and then he late because he forgot and made appointment.

      We started without him because again – we are “on the clock” – I literally have to fit these things in

      He did show up- and it went well, not exactly how supposed to but was ok, kinda useless… but whatever we got lunch. But I am not sure how he quite fitting in? Or if he gonna last?


      1. What an idiot!! I know most people gossip… but you at least wait till you know the players!! And you don’t request a luncheon then fail to show. I know you guys are busy but he doesn’t seem worth the investment!

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      2. Well I sorta understand from the aspect that I am not sure if they have trained him or now – or given him any kind of direction.

        My corporation seems to not train very well? They throw you into the fire and see how you do?

        There really wasn’t anyone to appropriately train him?

        So he is coming in from an insurance background. Which somewhat matches – because the Preneeds are similar to insurance for when you die.

        But he doesn’t know the business – is new venture for him – he probably got thrown into the fire – just like me….

        But he just needs to chill – learn who he deals with… careful with info…

        Don’t upset upper management lol

        The luncheon thing… was a little rude. Everyone else was on time except him and who he wanted us to meet 🤨

        I had services that day too!! So ya know I had to really fit him in – I am not sure if he understands funerals and clocks ??

        He could be worth the investment? He just needs to tone it down with pissing people off – and then understand we on clock time.

        He is preneed – before death … they are not as clocked as we are – he is not capturing that. ???

        I think ??? He is just new… but it’s very important he kinda observe for a minute – see what you work with

        Understand what walking into.

        So we see – he new, so time will tell. You either sink or swim here … even I am trying to swim. So I get it.

        I am just not sure if he does? He could do well, he just needs to chill and understand the funeral business.

        If he wants info on the business – I’m more than happy to have him come see … but if he gonna cause any problems then no.

        They threw an insurance guy into a funeral preneed position with no guidance so I do understand.

        He just needs to figure it out. He still new… so we see how he does

        He has to understand the business – this is not regular insurance

        I was shocked when he was not on time because booked appointment over own luncheon 😮

        Not only did I time that and situate all of it, catering, decor, etc … I also had to schedule with all the other employees who have same time limits as me!! Do you know how next to impossible that is?? Let me tell you… we have deaths – we working with churches and doctors and cemeteries, etc ,.. time is of the essence!!! I had to get everyone … with schedules matching at same exact time!! For one hour! And then get them all over to my funeral home for this!!

        He has not really grasped that time thing yet? You can NOT be doing that. Or you miss your chance!

        He’s still green so we see.

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      3. Oh yeah and the appointment was at a busy funeral home and he didn’t tell them he has appointment there either – that’s another thing he doing…
        We have services and arrangements – if he wants a room he needs to call and book that. We fill up – we are all busy … All the other employees do… do they not tell him anything??? – we had to tell him that!! Or does he think we drop everything to accommodate him? 🤨 cause keep dreaming ✌️
        So he’s just a handful and we already have handfuls so it’s just a lot.


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