The weekend…

Friday went well ❤️ it’s Friday – is like the best day of the week always ❤️

Work was good… I thought I would be really stressed because was last day to situate before audit?

But oddly ??? I was calm?? 😮

Just a peace? Cause ya know… bring it. I improve daily.

So we see. Plus I am excited to meet the person checking me ❤️

I know?? I don’t know what’s wrong with me lol 🤷‍♀️

Just does not sound normal ? But whatever – I am both nervous and also excited for audit lol ✌️

That is on Tuesday! So… alright here we go 😮 🙏🙏🙏 I’m pretty detailed with everything and save every receipt… have flawless records ❤️ so think I have it? 🙏

I literally document every single thing!! I am perfectionist in areas ✌️

I am same way if you tell me to plan a vacation. You might not want to do that if you like chill vacations lol … I tend to do historical or fun vacations – both of which I will have timed, and have options A,B & C … I highlight or write out important points of interest or history on. If is amusement park – I will map out the park and then see which rides are long lines – hit those first – I will have it all timed

So tiny little quirk in those areas ✌️ if just don’t ask me to plan then I won’t – but if you ask me… I’m going all perfectionist with it lol ✌️😘 details details details!!

I don’t know how to not do that?? If you plan it – there is no issue… is only when is my job to plan or do something lol ✌️


I don’t have a middle ground in those areas ?? I do not know how to be medium lol ??

Either I don’t have control and it’s chill – or you give me control and I plan 😮

I do like peace and chill lately though – have not planned a vaca in awhile? Since before cancer so been a long time.

Maybe I am more medium now?

Anyway… got home and as I am walking from my car to my door… that neighbor guy comes walking out in boxers 😮 and says hi 🤨

I said hi back and quickly rushed off because no! Yes I am weird like that.

Don’t come say hi to me in boxers like that!! Omg!!! So yes I am weird that way – highly uncomfortable

Bathing suit or shorts fine … just not underwear – k? I don’t wanna see nothin!

I find him weird and uncomfortable – very creepy – I’m sure he’s fine … I’m just saying

Kids came over – we had dinner and laughed about things…

Oldest show me this YouTube channel where they argue over foods…

Like chocolate chip cookies or Oreos 🤨… or ice cream vs cookies 🤨

Ok whatever we see… so he show me lol …

Ok well I was almost instantly bored – just 2 regular guys arguing over everything.

Ok ya know. I’m good – plus who cares? I don’t want to spend my free time listening to people argue over dumb things.

I must be very old? Because I am just not catching it??

See??? Is it me???

I have enough here listening to people argue all the time – if you turn on news is nothing but conflicts!! Over everything!! I do not need to here more on simple things.

That’s just me though, others must enjoy that for there to be so much?

But whatever – then we played this really cool game? Mangaka?

We had 3 cards with our obsessions lol… whatever the card said. We all had different

Started with 2 panels and was easy… but then 4 panels and then 6…

You got points for adding your obsessions and including trends into your cartoons

They all tried to form story lines …

But not me… I heard the instructions for earning points so I just made very random and weird comics lol 😄❤️❤️

I won with double the points of all of them 🙌❤️ lol

They all had these elaborate stories and comics that had a storyline 😄😄😄 but little points cause they didn’t hit all the point areas!

I hit every single point area lol ✌️❤️ so I enjoyed this game

My focus was the points not the comics lol – “perception” lol ✌️

It’s all how you see/hear it lol 💋

Then this morning – country boy … well let me rewind the story about him for a minute …

All week he been texting and sweet? He doesn’t pressure or anything? But just saying hi and stuff

I get the feeling that ?? I don’t know?? That he is at ease with me in bigger way?

But ya know, people have spurts …so I didn’t think much of it. Whatever.

Lately he seems more relaxed with me even after I laid out what I want?? So I don’t know what to think about that?

He’s sweet and good to me, but we are different – and we don’t always understand each other

I am a communicator – but also silent lol ✌️… he is not really a communicator but is more actions?

I just get the feeling lately … that he really ready for something? ..but I don’t know? That’s not like him… but I’m getting that feeling?

This morning even – he texts me “good morning beautiful, have a great weekend”

So I don’t know? He’s been doing that.

I’m watching his motive.

Very recently… I tried to push him away. Just because ??

I only want him there if he gonna be sincere and actually wants same – if he doesn’t then what is the point? He’s not really in my life and my life is busy… so is his.

So I laid it out – I said if you don’t want that it’s fine. But then you are not meant for me.

And then?? I don’t know??

He changed and then been attentive?

He is not used to women like me… he is used to them the other way. I am effort. So is weird he putting in the effort.

He knows about me going silent. He knows how I am. He recently spoke to me about not being so silent

He can say or think what he wants, it is not his decision to make. I have my reasons

I am not silent with him. I tell him where I am with him.

I am not sure with him. The thing that gets me with him is that he has an understanding on something that is important to me. He understands me in that one area. So even when we can’t understand each other in other areas – it is that which keeps the strong connection?

I can not have anything that isn’t what I want – so if he can’t do that or scares me with that – I can’t.

No matter the connection.

So I don’t really know what’s going on there? He’s suddenly putting in effort?!! What is that?

I look like his type – but I am not his normal type. I do not look the way I am supposed to look for who I am. Not that there is a way you are supposed to look – but my looks do not match who I am lol ✌️ (yes I know – whole other discussion lol)

I have known him for 7 years so I do know him. I know he has a soft heart and protects it the same way I do.

I am just not sure how to process him?

Ok well I have to get to bed

Just spend entire day having fun with daughter ❤️❤️

I have to go to bed though!! Very very late for me!!!

Goodnight 💋❤️✌️

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    1. Yes we had a really good time ❤️

      Yeah I did not understand this argue thing – I don’t like it normally … but I certainly don’t watch arguing as leisure or pleasure 😮😄😄

      That is very very weird to me lol … but people must like that??

      Debate I guess ? But it’s not for me. That makes me feel stressed lol

      And then I said – ok I can’t watch this… I can’t take the arguing … he went to change the video and I saw how long it was 😮😮😮 omg

      I said they spend that whole time arguing?? 😮 cause omg … it is an HOUR video 😮😄😮😮😮

      A whole hour of that – omg

      He said it’s a half hour of arguing and then the last half hour is some poll they put out for people as to which is best and then they talk about that for half hour lol … the winner is what the polled people picked 🙄

      Yeah totally not my thing … I will pass lol ✌️ hard pass lol

      Today we have to do few errands … I say “we” … but is just me, because she still does not have shots – only I do. She is 14… they don’t offer shots to her age yet. I just keep her safe. ✌️

      So I have errands to run today lol ✌️ but I be back around later

      Happy Sunday ❤️

      Oh yeah btw… thought of you the other day because you are in France and was the anniversary of the Notre Dame Cathedral fire 😮💔 I remember seeing that over here 😮 that was awful!

      I also read that it was some church helper 😮😮😮 that part I did not know. I did not know was Arson 😮

      What happened? When I google for info – it just says he confessed sometime at the end of July 2020, was from Rwanda, was 39, and had remorse 🤨 (yeah after the fact)

      I also heard that cathedral came close to collapsing completely 😮

      So what happened with that guy? What are France Courts like?

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      1. Ha, yes, there are too many facile arguments all around that I would not much care to choose to watch one!

        I think the Notre Dame cathedral fire was caused by an electrical fault? Unfortunately, last summer’s fire at Nantes cathedral (which used to be the Ducal capital of Brittany) was arson 😦 and set by the man you’ve mentioned. I don’t think he has come to trial yet, so, it will be interesting to see his sentence.

        I hope that you both have a great day!! Stay safe, the pair of you! 🙂

        Liked by 2 people

      2. Yup you are right 😮 – I didn’t know there was another church fire 😮

        Very interesting!! I will be curious how a France court does.

        Lots of church fires over there – if it was last summer, I wasn’t watching the news – I was getting slammed by covid at work 😮

        I am very curious if your courts are same as mine 🤨 I don’t like mine so I’m gonna watch yours lol ✌️😘

        Thank you ❤️ stay safe yourself 🙏🙏

        Keep being careful – shot or not – still not over

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      3. Sadly, yes, there seemed to be quite a spate of church fires in 2018 too – it was at last 30 I think.
        Sadly, before the Notre Dame fire, the Saint Sulpice Church which is the second largest in the city was set alight but thankfully firefighters got there quickly. This was the church featured in the Da Vinci Code movie 🙂
        Grim times 😦

        Liked by 2 people

      4. Why so many churches on fire? Were people trying to burn them down?

        That is crazy amount of church fires – is that some religious war thing?

        Or just coincidence with fires? That’s just so weird

        Liked by 2 people

      5. Sadly, mostly arson 😦 Well, some folks did say that it was part of an orchestrated campaign and, as you can imagine, the fires were used as fodder by all parts of the political spectrum 😦

        Liked by 2 people

      6. Ahh I see … well I hope they realize the historical value of these places for future generations? Church or not. Not to mention the care and details done by those who build them.

        Ahh the world 🌎… we never learn things – no matter how many years 🙄

        Liked by 2 people

      7. So is still religiously charged? Is that still a thing? In 2021?

        Your area is more deeply rooted in religion than mine.

        We are more relaxed with that. It is not a thing here, like, I imagine, would be over there?

        We are tense too, with issues 🤨🙄 ugh 🤦‍♀️

        Ours are racially motivated because evidentially we can not get past that 😡 I just hate it.

        I do not like so much conflict on things, that should not even be things!!

        Ugh 🤦‍♀️

        No – we don’t learn anything at all from the past because we think we know everything, that WE will do better?? But we don’t … and things get ignored too… so we keep suffering same things just different time periods and in different ways 🤨😡

        Is very sad.

        In religious things – before I was born – part of my family written off because we are Catholic – they were Protestant – I do not care!! What do I care about that???

        We found each other again – I pulled them back into the family ❤️ they are from Canada 😮 I have Canadian cousins ❤️

        I do not care what their religion is – they my blood – end of story. Same thing would go for race … so I do not see the point in either?

        I am not only of Irish decent – I am mixed with other things too, I am American ❤️✌️ I was just raised with overwhelming Irish lol … but that is not all I am ✌️❤️

        It is only people who make things difficult. ✌️

        It is sad because of what you miss when you shut those things off or down.

        I missed a great big family I never knew and wish I did. My family never even ever spoke their names!!! They were completely written out – I only found out because a genealogy site contacted me to say I had a military death record to see 😮

        And then all of it just opened up 😮😮😮 then I had names 😮 and dates and locations 😮😮 and then them ❤️

        They are amazing btw ❤️❤️

        I have a very twisted tale lol – I am American that will happen evidentially lol

        On fricken both sides 🤨🙄 lol ahhh whatever ✌️😘

        So yeah that is why I partly just do my own thing – because no one ever learns. I don’t see any learning. 2021 and still things 🙄

        Ugh 🤦‍♀️ so Medieval

        Liked by 2 people

      8. Well, it was all tied into extremists who had settled in France from North Africa, so, as you can imagine, a real quagmire. There are still attacks on the public or police officers. Indeed, one was killed just last week. 😦

        Liked by 2 people

      9. Yes, I am actually aware of how people corrupt religion and take to unrecognizable level … we had that reach over here on 9/11 – extremists/terrorists

        That is really awful!

        Liked by 2 people

      10. I know! Crazy to think of that amount of time isn’t it? They had been building it for a century before Brittany was annexed by the French crown! Generations of artisans would have known no other life but working on that building.

        Liked by 2 people

      11. Yes very crazy to stop and think that!! All that history in those years and how those that worked on it never really got to see it.

        Opening day must have been incredible!!! 😮

        Liked by 2 people

  1. I can’t stand hearing arguing… tv, movies, IRL… I have to get away from it.

    I also look forward to audits… I generally expect to ace them and appreciate learning if I’m doing something wrong. FDA audits are BIG deals but I know I’ve always planned and documented well and, honestly, that’s often all they care about. You can be out of compliance with many things so long as you know it and have a plan. This company has none of the above – but as a dietary supplement maker, they’ll never be audited by FDA unless they kill someone, which isn’t likely.

    Good luck with your audit and neighbor and country boy!

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    1. Yeah I don’t like arguing or anger either. I avoid when can – not watch it on YouTube for entertainment lol 🙄

      This is my first one, they gave me no manual and no training (I trained myself and asked other office managers things over phone)

      So this will be learning for me. To see if I am doing correctly 🙏 this way I will know!

      The neighbor 🙄 he is creepy… really really creepy! I get a very creepy vibe.

      Today is country boys Bday. I won’t see him or anything. I will just text in little while (too early currently)

      Thank you ❤️✌️

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    1. Good morning to you ☀️

      Over here evening is setting in … is a little past 6:30pm

      Enjoy your day – you must be in Sunday already lol … I am still in Saturday lol


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