What is it actually? Tuesday? I had to pull my phone down just to check lol

Today was the day of meetings 🤨🙄 whatever

Morning went well… but then we broke for lunch – and I had a lot going on -grabbed lunch… blah blah blah…

And then more meetings but by then my focus was gone and all I could think of was work

I just really love my people ❤️ I really have the most amazing staff ❤️

Anyway… 🤨 also guess what? I somehow got the short straw and I have to host a luncheon on Thursday 🤨 I don’t even know how that happened – I said nothing!!!!!

Ughh 🤦‍♀️ … ok fine whatever

Is a meet and greet with some new guy 🤨

This guy is ruffling feathers 🪶?? I don’t know yet?? I have heard stories and told be careful 😮 alright then.

So whatever … luncheon on Thursday for that – ugh 🤦‍♀️ I have to hustle this week!!!

And my audit is next week omg … why do they pile??? Chill!! So much stuff!!

Today was hot…

But then clouds came in and it cooled down.

Ohhh 😄😄😄 today when I went to get lunch… 😄😄

So I ordered something from my phone before I left the funeral home… so I can walk in, walk out and be done – thank you and bye lol ✌️ no contact please

Also to avoid anything else that may happen

Which completely failed today lol …

So I’m looking for my name on the bags… did they use my last name or my first name?? I am either at beginning or end or alphabet lol

So whatever – I am looking

And some guy comes up to me and says “hey! Are you Lisa?”

Umm what? (Cause did I misunderstand? What is happening?)

So he says “are you Lisa? Am I meeting you here?”

😄😄 omg I just laughed and said “no I’m sorry I am not Lisa”

That was weird

And my lunch was under Trisha all the way at the end 🤨🙄

Was long day. Why are they so long lately?!

Oh so… you know those massage chair things ?? Well the pads you can get for chairs that massage you? 🙌🙌🙌 ❤️

Ok well if you take that and put it on a bed and then lay on it and do that – it is amazing!! 🙌 it is better than on the chair!!

Not as great as actual massage but works

I found “almost heaven” lol 🙌❤️

I love John Denver ❤️ all his music is so peaceful ❤️

Does anyone remember magic fingers? If you have to ask me what it is… then you do not remember lol

Anytime I mention that… no one knows what I am talking about!!!

I can NOT be the ONLY one who knows what magic fingers are!! I swear it was a real thing!! Someone else has to remember!!!

Well anyway – Magic fingers were fun when we were kids lol … my brother and I would beg my parents for quarters always …like all night 😄😄 it was like the best thing ever!!! Don’t know why they took that awesome invention away??

Whatever – everyone takes away all the fun stuff, and leaves me with this so called adult stuff …that is never any fun 🤨

Hmm 🤔

Just thinking (pay no attention yet lol ✌️)

That one just makes me laugh every time 😄😄❤️ I don’t know what it is? The dancing? Or the song? I don’t know? but I love that song ❤️

Alright well – I should go.

Good night 😘 💤

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  1. I know I paid my 25cents (I think it was more like $1) to try “magic fingers” somewhere.

    I have a massage mat somewhere… or maybe I gave it away. I also have a heated mat for car but my current car has that built in.

    I’d rather get massage from a mat than a human. Massages creep me out… I think it’s the partial intimacy. I prefer acupressure… no intimacy, all pain. My brain understands that better!

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    1. We took a lot of vacations when I was a kid… right after school got out for summer we took a 2 week cross country road trip to educational locations 😄😄

      At the time we rolled our eyes always – totally appreciate now lol ❤️ saw incredible things ❤️ my love of all those things still there ❤️

      We would also take another vacation right before school started … every year we all went to Sanibel Island 🏝 Florida ❤️❤️ omg so beautiful and amazing 🙌 Naples ❤️❤️❤️

      Ding Darling Wildlife sanctuary ❤️❤️❤️

      All of it was amazing ❤️

      Oh yeah magic fingers – we had a lot of vacations – magic fingers was a thing ❤️ 🙌

      My brother is 5 yrs younger … we used to just beg for quarters constantly lol … and they stopped staying in hotels with them because we kept asking and wanting the bed to vibrate lol 😄😄 it was awesome!!!

      My joke book also disappeared on one of those vacations lol 😄❤️

      I have had one massage but was with a woman – no way a man!!

      Was cause we went to Vegas… I have a gambling rule… you get $60 thats it

      You lose it – too bad

      You do good – you get to play.

      So… we got off the plane ✈️… got to the hotel – had not even gotten to room yet…

      I stuck in $1 in a slot machine and hit $1000

      Ok I’m done ✔️


      1. Woot woot!!! I never set firm limits in Vegas but always assumed, accurately, that I’d lose anything I gambled. I prefer going to overpriced shows!

        We also traveled every summer – but by trailer. No magic fingers!

        Spring/Easter was often spent in BigBasin and Santa Cruz.

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      2. I have that rule with all casinos 🎰 … there is a casino not far from where I live … and of course Lake Tahoe and Reno have casinos / those are close to me.

        I saw Carrot Top at a Vegas show … I saw Dennis Rodman with his entourage gambling …

        And also saw Seth Green (from Austin Powers) on the rollercoaster at NYNY in Vegas lol (he is tiny, I am taller – without heels!)

        We were going on but he came over with a date and they paused everyone else for a minute

        Well at least you know what magic fingers were!! ❤️


      3. I liked The Orleans in Vegas. It’s near but off the strip, frequented by locals, nice rooms but cheeeaaap! They have beginners tables for gambling. The bottle of room service rum that was $200 at The Palms, $250 poolside, was $18…EIGHTEEN… at The Orleans. And you can hop through movie theaters.

        I last went to shows La Reve, Blue Man Group, Cirque “O”, and Haze nightclub (I knew a performer). By day I took pole dance classes.

        Liked by 1 person

      4. Hahaha… I love the Bellagio 🙌❤️

        Paris was cool too ❤️

        I liked the rollercoaster 🎢 at NYNY ❤️❤️❤️

        I play …but actually play … not really gamble lol … is big giant adult playground for whatever you want lol

        There are movie theaters in Vegas? 😮😮😮


      5. I don’t know if I would think to go to the movies in Vegas – I do not think of that there lol

        I would not want to be in a movie theater missing all the excitement of Vegas lol


      6. I was there for several nights and didn’t want to lose more $$ and hang in my room.

        I think I saw Bridesmaids and hopped over to one of the Hangover sequels.

        No booze at the movie theater, which is surprising for LV!

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      7. Oh yeah wow!! They serve alcohol literally everywhere else there? Lol

        Yeah in that case I see. I would do movies then, if trying to avoid – good idea.


      1. When I stayed at NYNY, my pkg included free access to the spa. I prepped there every day. Booked a dermabrasion treatment but it wasn’t worth it… too low pressure.

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