Be safe!!

Can America not implode today please?!! 🙏🙏🙏

Can we not have crazy?… can we please fix the situations and stop killing and destroying everything

I know people upset. I get it.

Violence doesn’t solve anything and just makes problems worse.

Whatever happens – please be safe! 🙏🙏🙏

I am nervous because that could be big – I don’t have to tell you how high the emotions are in this.

Ok. So. Maybe no violence or riots? 🙏

Please let this week be ok 🙏 I feel like I am in 3rd world country with so much fighting always … stop it!!!

Can we please adult?

I wish someone was fixing these things… but obviously no one is because these things keep happening – who is failing their job ????

America creates its own drama with pretty much everything. Nothing is ever fixed so these things don’t happen!

We need to literally fix EVERYTHING!!!

Ok I won’t say anything else cause this will turn into a huge rant!!

I do think George Floyd does deserve justice here. I know he was not a perfect angel, got it… but he had a family and he was still “a person” – I don’t care what color he is – he could be purple or green… don’t care

What I DO care about is human decency and rights for everyone. I get what police have to do and go through – but that one was too much for me. I do believe officer was in the wrong.

Ok so having said that – this is teaching moment – not violence moment – teach the world… dont show them we go crazy all the time!! Rise above 🙌

And with violence does that make it any better? No it doesn’t just creates bigger problems and more

Ok well anyway there ya go. Hopefully we do not implode! 🙏 hopefully more people are not hurt 🙏

Gotta go… please be safe no matter what happens – stay safe and be smart!! Be careful ✌️

Ugh 🤦‍♀️ ok meetings seriously have to go – dragging my feet though ✌️😘

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