Umm videos? 🤨

I had a long decent day today. Very long day… and then I am on call so I was trying to leave and there was a first call

Thank goodness I work late because otherwise I would have been on highway. I was still at work when it came in past 5.

But otherwise – decent day?

Hmm 🤔… so remember I said country boy texting a little more lately? Little odd cause he’s not usually like that?

And then so I asked if he would like to go out to dinner for his birthday? At some point?

And I just expected him to be busy. Because is like that… but also me too ✌️

Instead… this time he says “well we do have to hang out soon, but not just because of my birthday”

He does have a couple similarities to me …where he does understand me…

He had the female version of Satan 😮

So anyway. Goes both ways sadly.

So whatever – but we have a calm and comfort together with that. Is like empathy for each other on that? He knows what I went through, and I know what he went through. Is very similar-ish

Anyway… I used to not be quiet with him – now I am more guarded and silent… just all around with everything.

Also… when I laid out what I wanted – I said … this is what I want, I don’t know if you can do that?, and if not, I would rather say now than later.

So?? I don’t know? He’s little different lately ??

He is trying to put in effort and making time?? 😮

Normally we just really busy, and he is sorta far from me (ish)

We text hello or whatever from time to time. But we both busy – I keep a distance with him.

Just lately? Different? There is a change? Something is different?

So I dunno?

He’s not trying to keep distance with me. 😮

That’s different?

Not that he really did but we both just really busy and we aren’t close… he was in my life for awhile as friends but since I went silent – I’ve just been quiet.

I don’t really understand him very well??

I still stand by what I want. So whatever

Wanna see something really cool? Old Sacramento ❤️ check this out …


Umm ??? It won’t let me add any videos 😮 what have they done???

There is no WordPress share anymore 😮

Well see if this works ? Probably won’t – but try it 🤨

🤨 they better put that back!!

Ok well I am exhausted 💤

It’s Friday now ❤️

Ok Gnite 😘✌️

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