New stuff

I just got asked if I want to be a notary!!

Work said they will pay for my classes, pay for my test, pay for my license and insurance – as well as for the equipment 😮

I will work my normal job and then have that notary thing when we need 🙌❤️

Also… adding notary to me increases my worth 😊 yay!!

I am excited but someone told me pay careful attention and make sure am ok with it – cause one small mistake can be jail time or heavy fines

I will have to read up on

But I am excited ❤️ and I can use that personally too if want

😮 – I am at work – I have tons going on.. I’m headed out door at moment – they just mention to me ❤️✌️

Be back after work

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  1. A quick search indicated training can be as little as a one day webinar. The NNA also offers (or includes?) the exam and a 90-min refresher before the exam. Base web course is $179; exam fee is $40.

    There are links to doing online and e-notary but they’re not allowed services in California.

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    1. Yeah California is a butthead with everything!! Everything is issue for California 🤨🙄

      I have to set it all up still – they just say to me today and today popped off with tons of things

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