Oops – fell asleep 😘

** from yesterday ** I fell asleep writing because yes that happens …

Friday was fun… was good day 😊❤️

So I had to leave hotel 😩 ah well – was good stay/workcation lol 😄✌️ very much enjoyed ❤️


Because I smile that entire video ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Chevy Chase is like my idol ❤️ I love him have always loved him

Also Bill Murray ❤️ brilliant ❤️


Literally that entire movie cracks me up ❤️ he is sooo funny!!

Ah well anyway – there is a smile with that totally ❤️

I am working tmrw (Sunday) to cover some days I might miss for court this week.

Ugh my stomach turns with that. It makes me feel sick

Anyway… moving on … the kids tell me all about this dumb “Grotto Beasts” thing 🤨🙄

Whatever – it doesn’t even exist 🤨 but whatever good little market campaign lol… just kinda dumb to me but whatever

You will just have to Google – there is just too much 🙄

Then we played this guessing word game?? I forget what is called??

There were words and we were in teams 😄

Only one person on the team knows the right words and has to say one word and see if teammate can guess what word is associated and correct.

It was fun – we won one and lost one … I was with 19.

*** I wrote this last night but fell asleep – sorry ***

Yesterday I handled few personal things.

And today I worked which I will make a new post about shortly. ✌️

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