Blame it on the rain!

Alright… well I am having myself all incredible and organized {{{{{ YAY! }}}}}

You should see my organization system and files ❤️ I could just stare at my awesome system all day!! I still have more to organize but omg ❤️ everything will be organized ❤️❤️❤️

I took a mess in December – and I am almost completely organized ❤️❤️❤️ also don’t forget I was learning too!! By myself mostly!! I had to hunt people down on the phone to ask questions

So… I did that ❤️ woo hoo! ❤️

Ok so I have done that…

But then we have something called “outreach” 🤨 which I don’t like …

Ugh 🤦‍♀️…

I do one thank you…

And I do one hello 🤨

The thank you will go to someone who really helped us ❤️

And the hello is to nursing homes, hospitals, doctors 🤨 … so you remember our name and think of us.

I do not like that one… I feel like I am hunting death. Bleh

I want to do something with our name logo on it.

But what would be good for a funeral home? I thought of an umbrella ☂ ?? “We’ve got you covered in your time of need” lol (do I sound creepy? I am not sure?)

But they are expensive – so that’s a pass

Key chain flashlight – “let us light your way, in the darkest hours” ??

I want something pertaining to the business and cute ❤️ I want brilliant

I want to be better than ALL the others lol ✌️😘

Because there are those advertising campaigns that are just so brilliant you never forget them… for the rest of your life – you remember their words

I want to give things to make you see our name over and over – and then once that’s in your mind – I want some clever little saying to make you smile or impress you – and make you remember my words lol

Hmmm how to do this 🤔

Definitely refrigerator magnets – see our name everyday – and then when you need us… our number be right there ❤️ so yes on that one. I love magnets ❤️

I have a magnet collection – I collect magnets. But only certain kinds. And I do not like them on my fridge 😝

Instead I have magnet boards and they look like art instead ❤️ I love magnets 🧲❤️ (only certain ones – I only do place magnets … magnets from places I have been, loved or my friends get for me… has to be place magnets – saying the place and with some kind of meaning of that place on it) ✌️

But I always used those business card ones on the side near the phone, they held photos, and drawings lol… you see it every day … if you need it – is what you think of.

So yes on magnets – I don’t need a saying for those… they are awesome by self ❤️

What else would be a good little trinket from a funeral home?

Hmm 🤔 hand sanitizer? I could maybe do that? “Be safe, we’re here for you” lol … ok that one was little bit creepy lol

Ok so magnet… hand sanitizer… maybe key chain – I love those too… have our name dangling from your keys – yeah that ❤️✌️

Maybe some chocolate? I will look into?? “For when you need comfort, we will be there”

But none of that wows me – it only gets our name out there… I want wow – I want you to think of only us because I wow’ed you …hmmm 🤔 what would wow??

I don’t want to be creepy but I feel creepy lol … how to wow without being creepy lol …

Our box of 2021 survival lol … that’s cute ❤️

Masks are too expensive – I already looked but it could be worth it if people be wearing our masks 😷 … so I will have to think on that. That would be cool to see our name on your face lol ❤️❤️❤️

That be some advertising and stuff! I would like that.

“Like a member of the family, we keep you safe”

I’m still not being wow’ed 🤨

Hmm… I don’t know?? What is something appropriate, brilliant, clever, but not creepy… for a hello from a funeral home ?? Ugh 🤦‍♀️ lol …do you see my dilemma ? It is creepy for a funeral home to say hello lol – or at least in my mind it is lol ✌️

Hi… the death people here 👋

I have no idea what else to say without it turning really creepy!! Lol (obviously I would use our name and not call us death people lol)

“When you care enough, to get the very best, give us a call”

I hope I don’t have to be really social – I do not want to go be social. Ugh 🤦‍♀️ I really don’t want to be doing that.

I am after peace and calm – not socializing. That will bring many things I do not like!! 🤨

I socialize, but I don’t want to go places and do that lol … I socialize just fine locked away in funeral home with my funeral people lol ✌️😘

I have done this socializing before – I like not being known and I like not being out and about.

If I am known then I don’t have that privacy I want. I just want to be quiet. And then also… there are things I just don’t want to deal with ✌️😘

But whatever I think we open more this week?? 😮 ok. 😳

So country boy wants me to relax 🤨 thinks I am a girl with emotions lol … duh…

Only a real man can handle that 😘❤️✌️… I work at a funeral home … how I not have emotions???

…but what I want… is really important to me. So that is my thing. I am solid, without hesitation, with what I want. If he can’t do then there it is. End of story. Cut and dry no?

He can think is no big deal – but to me it is.

You can’t convince me otherwise – it is futile – I am solid… I will not listen to you if I am solid and you still try to change. I am solid on this. So not changing.

Not the one, if he can’t handle it.

Whatever. It’s important, so either understand that, or don’t.

I am absolutely solid

I am not sure what his whole deal is … I also do not like this in my life one minute and then not… and then back… so what? What do you want? Do you want to be in my life or not? Cause I’m not wanting stupid crap. I don’t have time for that.

So what want? Cause is always gonna be no. I want what I want.

When I find that – then that’s my one ❤️ “needle in a haystack” lol … but I don’t wanna waste my time if is not right. And it isn’t, so why waste my time? It’s not moving forward otherwise – again – I’m solid.

You give me what I want and then I relax. Otherwise nope.

And then omg… today at work… a guy calls … he is doing genealogy 😄😄❤️ (I have done this) … all he wanted was information on the cemetery.

The file would be from 1971 😮😮😮 … before I was born!!!

So I excitedly tell him let me check and call you back

We still keep those files – you should see how they did that back then – it is just absolutely stunning to see and lay eyes on and read … omg … I love history so I am a little nerdy in that area ✌️

I was able to confirm the cemetery … but the mystery doesn’t end there…

This cemetery… you can not find it?? Even if you Google? But I believe it to be the old city cemetery? I think I am right??

But now this mystery is killing me… where is that cemetery? What was the address? I’m pretty sure I am right but not totally?? I want solid proof lol I want to know exact. Not just possibly!!

This is what I think is:

So I had history today and adventure lol … plus a mystery!!

Those old files are incredible!!! ❤️ I am fascinated by them. Museum quality ❤️ totally!!

Just looking at them is amazing!! I could just sit there for days looking at those!! They are really amazing!!

It is pouring rain at this moment 🤨 …

I made it home from work, walked in the door and it began to downpour 😮😮… it waited until I got home lol 😄❤️✌️

Ugh such heavy heavy heavy rain!! Omg – please no flooding 🤨 ughhhh 🤦‍♀️ winter lol ✌️

Ok well… work and stuff again tmrw … here comes Monday 😮

Let me look at my forecast… 🤨… ughhhh 🤦‍♀️ my commute will suck… rain… I should leave early

Omg the rain is just so hard!! Just pouring

Ok well I need to get to bed. This week will suck.

March is never a good month – of course it is very long 🤨 taking forever!

Ok Gnite 😘❤️


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