Dinner and adventure

We went out to dinner “sort of” tonight ❤️

I always beg her to come have adventure or take a drive with me and she never wants to … so this morning I asked would you want to drive with me to get dinner tonight?

And this morning when I asked she said no… ok whatever …

But about 1pm she said “yes ok I would like to take a drive for dinner tonight at 6:30” lol

Ok I’m on that lol ❤️

So was ready at 6:30p – we drive and flip through songs lol ❤️ I am not allowed to wiggle in the car lol …or as she called it… she said “hey!! No grooving” 😄😄😄

So I am not allowed to groove in the car lol 😄😄🙄 (not sure of the reason why? Lol)

This song she belted out lol 😄❤️:


I even slipped a few of my old school stuff in and she belted those out ❤️ I might play songs over and over …so by now she knows them lol ✌️


She knew that one – I don’t think she listens but I guess she does ❤️ usually she does not like my music 🎶 … but she is also poppy lol ✌️❤️

Anyway… we went and got drive through and then went to watch this sensational full moon omg – so beautiful and so large ❤️ we tried to take a photo because it would take your breath away so clear and beautiful…

Daughter took that for me on the country road going home – it is very very dark on those roads home and usually there is no one on them late at night (not that 7pm is late lol… but is dark by then)

The really large brightness is probably the windshield… but if you zoom in you can see the little white circle moon lol

In person it was incredible … reminded me of this:


😄😄 yes totally reminded me of the moon like that – lasso it and pull it real close ❤️

Lol … Bruce Almighty

I wish you could do that ❤️

We had a good night ❤️

When we went to the drive through I was like what you want and she ordered so much food lol … but whatever .. so I could only eat half of my sandwich and she ate all of hers lol … and then I said I knew you couldn’t eat everything – we should not go out to dinner overly hungry lol 😄😄✌️

Anyway. I liked that 😊❤️ was little adventure out ❤️

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