How things go

So the second shot made me really sick- my fever spiked today to 102.5! I forget how horrible fevers make you feel

I felt it coming over me – that’s why I called out today. Something wasn’t right?? So I didn’t want to chance it.

Oh thank god I listened to my body!!! And then it engulfed me!!!

I was sitting there and suddenly – I started getting really cold… and nothing was warm enough!! Oh I was miserable!!

I am still weird??? Still small fever. Arm hurts and so does the right side – very bothersome – I just don’t feel good.

So the second shot sucked for me.

And then I have been dealing with all my stuff here and ignoring the news and just staying away from everything mostly – I catch blurbs – but otherwise I am living life. All the craziness is just too much for me… I like peace – nice and zen 🙏 ahhhh like that – not all insane crazy all the time with everything!! So I just really been staying away from things ?? Whatever

I was also dealing with massive death so that was a thing for me

And then I talk to my brother who lives in Texas – they have no running water or electricity! 😮😮😮 because of the storms!! Whoa I had no idea!!

They doing ok but they have no idea what going on. Or when be back. Wow! They tell me is Armageddon lol … like I say when is fires lol

But wow!! My thoughts and prayers to those without power or water

Maybe I should watch a little more news – but it is very hard. It makes me so tense…. and then I have to go deal with death – yeah no I don’t want that! Death is tense enough – news is always bad!!

So yes I have been ignoring things because I need to breathe and i have a lot right now – I have the weight of the world on my shoulders

Just for a minute cause you know court so…

Also… here is the thing – I finally have a lawyer who is fighting for me 😮😮😮 omg – he is making them answer ❤️❤️❤️

I have a good one omg he’s so amazing ❤️ so it’s like people… lawyers, doctors etc – you have to find the one you fit with.

He is amazing ❤️ I feel a terror but with him, I do feel a peace of sorts? So all the others would send me into a panic… this one prays with me and is supportive and knows his stuff

Omg I am forever indebted ❤️

Anyway. He is amazing!!!

He actually cares so that is touching – he is making my ex answer ❤️❤️❤️❤️ omg first time ever ❤️❤️❤️❤️

I picked really good ❤️❤️❤️

Thank you gut ❤️❤️❤️ check me out, making right decisions lol ❤️❤️❤️

I don’t know what to say. He is brilliant ❤️ thank you ❤️

I am touched very much with the kindness people have actually shown me. Sometimes people just surprise me… I’ve had that happen a lot actually

The lawyer surprises me – no one has fought for me before ❤️has been only me. I fight to survive.

So… yes I am forever indebted ❤️ thank you ❤️ finally!! So whatever happens now – I am ok with, because I trust this man 😮😮😮 I trust that he protect me 😮😮😮

I trust he gonna make sure I am ok. ❤️ ok so. I am at peace with it now.

I am doing a little better but that fever keeps spiking. I am drinking but I am not eating. I can not even fathom eating food! Nope! I had some crackers and that’s good

I wish I had my mom ❤️ my mom was amazing if you were sick- she babied you … chicken noodle soup, ginger ale, and toast lol … that was always the sick food lol ❤️ but it was awesome ❤️

And she would bring cold face cloths and put them on your forehead, brushing your hair away. She always kissed your forehead when leaving the room ❤️

If you called for her. Boom there she was ❤️ and she would make you laugh or make sure you ok.

She would rub rubbing alcohol on your back to bring down a fever ❤️

And she would boil water and put Vick’s in it and the smell would permeate the room lol

She just babied you ❤️ so I really want my mom. I miss her

Well whatever I was just remembering how amazing she is whenever we needed her ❤️

So whatever let’s not talk about that cause the memory is nice but it is also difficult ✌️ let’s stay away from that one, that’s too sensitive and I didn’t really realize that when I started talking about the memory

Well anyway… the second shot – omg took me down!! I am still feverish, my body feels so heavy – like omg I don’t want to move, and then I go freezing!!

The lawyer knows that I am running a fever due to vaccine – still wants to see me and I can’t miss. Bleh 🤢

Please let me be able to function tomorrow 😳🙏

Oh and my staff ❤️ I have the very best staff ever ❤️❤️❤️❤️

They check on me with the lawyer … and they check on me when I am sick… or if I have problems. They are just amazing – I do love my coworkers – they are really awesome!!

So I said thank you for checking on me ❤️

And they said… trisha we are like family right? Awwwww ❤️❤️❤️❤️ yeah we kinda are after 2020 – and I spend so much time with them lol and they are hilarious … I love coming to work to work with them.

Anyway ❤️ they are very sweet

So I dunno I am light headed ?? I am just not with it and I can only get that fever to drop but not go normal!! And it’s draining. I am starving – but oh no no!!! My tummy is like “go ahead see what happens” – no thank you … I am hungry but food turns my stomach 😝 so I will wait

I am drinking fluids.

Maybe he let me do phone appt tmrw ? But I will still plan that I will be fine tmrw – mind over matter right? I did not expect it to kick my ass lol

I just thought be fine like the first time – nope. It is not… not for me… but one of my coworkers had no reaction?? I thought I would be just like that.

So did surprise me little with that horrific fever – I did not expect it even though I knew was possibility – I expected to be totally fine like the first time .

Ok well that sucked – I do not like being sick. And it makes me just want my mom bleh

Being sick makes me just remember everything about her – she is so comforting ❤️

Well anyway I have to sleep again – I am starting to freeze so that temp is probably spiking again – it is night time

Ugh – I hate being sick- I forgot how much I hate being sick.

So for me – I got sick

Another got sick like me too

Another one was completely fine – no issues

And I have one more staff member who needs 2nd shot… so not sure how hers will go yet??

Ok well I will be functioning eventually 🙏🙏🙏 I am not doing that very well right now.

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  1. Well done for knowing your own signs but sorry to hear the fever did come on 😦 Hey, at least you have power and water though 😉 You have surrounded yourself with a good bunch and that is wonderful! Stay well and good luck!!

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    1. Ha! Yes I do have power and water!

      I am still iffy today. Still have fever, and my tummy is not good. I am dragging!!

      Yes I have surrounded myself with awesome people ❤️

      Thank you ❤️ stay well and safe 😘✌️

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      1. Thank you… I am attempting lawyers. Is important so I kinda have to.

        I am still not good but I’m gonna chance it. Lawyer is fine with that? And I don’t have covid, it was the vaccine – but I will still suit up and stuff and it’s just to his office and think he is only seeing me today?

        I think I can ? I hope 🤞

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  2. Oh noes!! I guess I’ll take that whole “either the 1st or 2nd shot will kick your ass, depending on maker” talk seriously!!

    I’ve heard the illness reaction is short lived. I’m sending you good juju!!!

    Sorry that I cracked up at “see what happens”. After more than a year of violent vomiting at least twice a week, I recently realized I’ve gone almost 2 weeks… maybe 3… without a vomiting fit. Knock on wood.

    And for perspective, all my mother did was yell at me for coughing too much (chronic bronchitis).

    Sending you virtual ginger ale!!

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    1. I am still iffy today. With Moderna for me was 2nd shot – first was fine.

      They say the first shot introduces your system to things – and the second shot has your body recognize and defend… so I guess my body fighting?

      My arm still kills, still running fever –
      Low grade but then it will spike. I can not eat yet – only fluids cause nope on food – that would be bad

      Well I am glad you are pausing from vomiting!! That is awesome!!

      Awww … yeah my mother is very loving and doting ❤️ I don’t believe she has ever yelled at me??

      I’m sorry you got yelled at for something out of your control.

      ❤️ thank you for the virtual ginger ale ❤️


      1. I have heard that difference between Moderna and Pfizer

        Yeah I did not have a choice for what I wanted … but I did want Moderna … it just happened that it was the one they were using.

        Mine was done through the Board of Health Department because of the job.

        They need to roll it out a little faster – but I suppose you have issues with the temp of product and then also supply?

        The Board of Health handled the vaccinations of all medical personnel and essential workers dealing right with covid.

        But for the health plans or anything else I do not know what they are doing??


      2. It’s still a clusterF. Biden is trying to implement Fed coordination but it will take time.

        Long Beach has it’s own system. I signed up for alerts a couple weeks ago. But I’m now hearing of people being able to walk in to CVS and Walgreens and get shots if they’re in an approved group.

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      3. So with mine – again mine was done by The Board of Health so… they sent us an email with a link that brought up locations and times for shots and you picked one.

        Only those with access to that link could get appt. and they had to verify your work to make sure you are on the vaccinated list – was all healthcare workers, fire, police and us?

        All of ours were given back in the pharmacy at Safeway’s. We go check in – I have a card with my vaccinations recorded… they will give it to you the first time, and then you have to bring back the second time. It just records your doses and proof you have been vaccinated

        I had one staff that had not gotten shot because appts went to fast – so she had to speak directly with someone at health dept to get an appt – and we have a HUGE fair ground type area called Cal Expo … they were doing cattle call shots – drive by lol … she stayed in her car drove up they do that – have her wait and then good to go.

        Now all of them been vaccinated – she still has to get her second but that is in March.

        I was told was going to be opening to next tier? But any person I talk to has no idea when they get theirs

        But I also will tell you deaths have slowed way down!! So I have no idea why – they just went silent very oddly.

        Could just be because no more Trump Rallies or people actually listening ??

        But is really nice not to be buried in death! 😮 that was insane!!


      4. Oh wow! Yeah I heard they gonna be opening it up more… they are finishing final rounds of this tier

        But I don’t know when or what they doing? My daughter is only 14, I do not believe they will vaccinate someone under 16? I could be wrong? I have not fact checked that yet – was only told

        Yeah they wanna get a hustle on getting this out to people. 🙏 it is overwhelming task… so we gonna see how they pull that off! 😮.

        Hopefully once it gets going it will just take off quickly 🙏

        Back East all shot appts were full but there was some glitch in their system and it booked 60k appts 😮😮😮😮😮


      5. One of my responses is missing to it’s prob in comments > spam. I don’t care and wasn’t looking for it… just happened across this thread while catching up on your posts and noticed it missing.

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      6. No.. i saw your response but not my comment. Maybe I was scrolling to fast. My brain’s been a tiny bit disconnected since lunchtime… tried to handle too many things, failed at all of them.

        Liked by 1 person

      7. I am foggy myself – mamma said there be days like this lol – that song just popped in my head

        I do not know the weird things WP does with my stuff!! They are annoying sometimes


      8. Oh I didn’t know – I don’t explore much and I usually only use app

        I have to go to bed for now- I have to work tmrw!! Been down 2 days 😮

        I be back tmrw – good night ❤️✌️


      9. On the app, select My Site. Scoll down to Comments and click. Drop down options are at the top of the screen

        I was wondering about you staying up so late. Hope you’re already offline and not seeing this.

        PCB climbed onto my belly so I’m logging off too

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      10. I ended up having a crazy short day – 2 hr long mtgs, an iota of msging, a call from the coworker I like and trust. She got her first real taste of what I deal with all day every day and called to apologize for “deceiving” me into the job. I laughed but she legit felt bad… had no idea I’d been understating how bad it really is. I reminded her I’m a big girl, was DESPERATE for income, and being paid VERY well while learning how to handle Cray. Also, the people responsible for this situation (and an equally bad one she’s in) are the upper mgmt who blindly trust people lying to them instead of talking with the lower level employees directly. It’s great to say you have an open door policy but worthless if employees are afraid to use it!

        Liked by 1 person

      11. Absolutely!! You would think upper management would care but they don’t and they too removed to remember or know what is like. Plus why rock the boat when they have cushie 🙄

        But yes I agree / is worthless if people afraid to use it. That is not a good way to run a business


      12. It’s been a very disappointing reality check for me after having several jobs with good and involved bosses.

        The VP at my last job was extremely hands on. He acted like an ADHD child in meetings but that was actually refreshing, esp if you knew how to handle him!

        Sadly, a turnover at Pres level left hin out of alignment with new culture (yes men instead of quality & reality) and he left between the time of my lay off notice and last day. But good thing he did, and took my good boss with him… that’s the company that was trading at $65/share in 2017 and left the stock market in 2020 at 25 cents/share. Fastest I’ve ever seen yes men collapse a company!!


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