Where am I? Lol

Did I stay? Lol … actually the storm has not started yet – is moving in now. So I went home. Will be storming by morning… it will be tomorrow night and Thursday morning I care about so I just don’t wanna keep doing the highways in bad bad weather I have to leave like 2 hours before work to handle those highways in rain!!

That is too much and it is not safe!

I have so much work it isn’t even funny!! Tons and tons of work!!! That I have to finish before Thursday

And I took Friday off but I might have to run in for that coroner case ? We see!! I might have to.

It is freezing freezing cold 🥶

And the skies are looking fierce!! 😮 by morning it will be bad! So tmrw morning I will contend with bad weather commute 😩😝😝😝

Ok I have to do some stuff – I will try to be back 😘✌️

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    1. Thanks 😊 was crazy last night with wind and rain! Wind is still going nuts and it has paused raining at moment

      But this isn’t the worst of it yet. 😮 last night the wind was whipping the rain in every direction 😮

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      1. Well yes I want that really bad lol… but actually realistically, we do need the rain… or our fire season will be even worse than 2020, so we kinda need the rain – it’s just a bad storm.

        It is California winter lol wind and rain. Cold 🥶 (well cold to me – but I am in California so I am wimpy with cold lol) ✌️

        But this is how our winter is, bad storms or just constant rain lol … it was beautiful for awhile there but it was just teasing me. Making me want it more lol ✌️

        But yeah we do need the rain so it’s ok. I will take the rain over massive fires later – we still gonna be on fire but rainy season will predict how badly 😮


      2. I was thinking that actually how you have gone from the Bush fires to constant rain. How you wished for these days when it was on fire. It rains here most days or is very icy. We had snow for 5 minutes before it turned into rain haha.

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      3. Lol yes … our summers are fire & heat and winters are rain & cold lol

        No snow here for us… unless I want to go up in the mountains

        If we could spread the rain out along the whole year that would work great… but my area is desert 🏜 type… old west, dry, clay like soil

        Around me is the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range and the Sutter Buttes

        So on a clear day I can see snow on top of mountains lol

        But yes rain is only one season – fire has its own season … see California actually has seasons lol


      4. Summer is never ever cold and rainy here 😄😄 it is usually always sunny and beautiful or sunny and hot lol

        It is winter season only that we have rain and cold 🥶 🌧


      5. Well sometimes – these ARE “California” weather people – they are used to saying sunny and beautiful – bad weather is not their forte lol ✌️😘

        Is bad weather tonight though!! 😮


      6. Yes 🙌 worked out good. I will do post later about it, I have running around to do today (I took day off for that)

        Last night I thought I would post but I made the mistake of laying in bed to do that lol ✌️😄


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